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The 'za has been ordered.

Stonetoss' twitter avatar
New 'toss, literally
A redditor seething[1]

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Stonetoss (powerword: Hans Kristian Graebener) is a keyed and redpilled Latinx American cartoonist best known for making based and redpilled comics about anything from politics, to bitcoin, to circumcision, to niggers, with various degrees of overlap. Usually, his works are 'jak inspiration materials. The influence of his comics cannot be understated, having a huge impact on 4chan culture and party ethos with new releases being discussed in detail on the late /qa/ (typically posted with the title new 'toss)[2] and spawning many gem and coal edits alike. His legacy is already well cemented to be among the most famous right wing political satirists alongside with Ben Garrison and David Dees.

Unfortunately, all of his comics are retroactively brimstone shit, due to his shilling of NFTs in the pursuit of shekels.


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Sometime in the middle of 2017 Stonetoss exploded onto the scene with his unique brand of witty parody and artistic creativity. His original comics were thorough criticisms of globalism and left wing lunacy, along with a couple subtle nods to the JQ. Eventually, he added color into his comics, which helped define his early, humble roots in the political cartoonist sphere. He continued the trend of making stunning critiques about social issues such as male circumcision and coons committing over half the crime while also occasionally making insightful observations about current events.

'toss explaining why 'toss is so good (even doe mocking people with subhuman caricatures is all we do on the 'rty)

Early on in 2018 he voiced public support on twitter for the American fast food chain, Chick-Fil-A™, agreeing with it's closeted homosexual views and it's commitment to observing the 7th day as a time of rest. Confirmed sources like snopes have indicated that this was a paid advertisement, but regardless, internet addicted (and possibly drug addicted) faggots rushed in droves to reply with their hateful views towards the white race and the family unit. WHITE BLOB IS A FUCKING NAZI AHHHHHHHHHHHCK

In April 8th-2021, Stonetoss's newly released comic "Guilt by Argumentation", had the hidden Amogus character from the popular video game "Among Us". This easter egg became a common staple of all his works thereafter, granting him enormous clout from zoomers. This means that nearly every new Stonetoss comic contains a hidden Among-us (spellings vary).

In January 2022, Stonetoss made a tweet hinting at his possible role as a voice actor in the animated Adult Swim show "Smiling Friends", prompting tranny seethe towards the network to almost the same degree as Sam Hyde's show did.

Some time ago, Stonetoss, or a drawfag who pretended to be him, was doing a Q&A on /soy/.[it just is, ok?]

On August 30, 'teens discovered a random 'toss generator similar to the one with Garfield comics. The thread quickly became a mine for nonsense gems.[3]

Stonetoss is Shmorky conspiracy

Bone-chilling, spine-tingling, A24 slow-burn song

This page is a TRVTHNVKE.

Stonetoss is Shmorky is a proven[4] conspiracy theory [Even though now we know that Stonetoss is a mexican BVLL who lives in Japan[it just is, ok?]] that states that my heckin' red and basedpilled political cartoonist is actually the "transsexual pedophile internet artist/animator"[5][6] (((Shmorky))).

The conspiracy goes as follows:

It is well known that Shmorky had a based and redpilled girlfriend who used to go on long, detailed rants about the Jewish Question every time Shmorky hid her meds. Everybody thought at the time that Shmorky was being a selfish little fuck and hiding them so his schizo girlfriend would just suffer through mental breakdowns, however, he was actually doing it to learn more about the truth that the Jews didn't want him to know about. When Shmorky published his girlfriend's eloquent speech on the Jews and their control of the world, he was not trying to gain pity points from Something Awful users as it was commonly believed, rather he was trying to enlighten his friends about the eternal Jew's evil. This was around the same time he started his right wing comics through his "RedPanels" persona, where he confirmed the conspiracy[7]. Sadly, his pedophilic past then quickly caught onto him and he was forced to leave his Shmorky persona by faking his suicide in January 6th 2016 through a comic where his character jumps off a cliff[8]. Only a year later in 2017, Shmorky came back as Stonetoss.



I made it the fuck up. Stonetoss doesn't exist Hans does doe