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Studio Massa

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Studio Massa
OccupationAnimator for public broadcasting
Years activeAt least 2018 - 2023 (ongezellig only)
Best known forCreator of Ongezellig and other shitty memes
IAS?Dutch therefore yes
"Just looking at Soyjak Wiki makes me feel sick."

Sam Tollenaar, known online as Studio Massa, is a Netherlands-based animator known for creating YouTube animations and memes about Dutch history and culture. He was born on March 21th 1994 and is very known and popular in Dutch internet communities for creating memes such as "Stille Willem" and the famous "gekoloniseerd" meme. Internationally, Massa is known by fans of the Ongezellig episodes, and solely that. Massa has expressed dislike of his english-speaking fanbase, probably due to bigoted and Soyjak Wiki users and contributors (this has been debunked by his best friend, Foenkie).

Studio Massa's name is derived from that noise the slave makes whenever he whips him, "NO MASSA, MASSA PLEASE!"


Stille Willem - Fijn Uitgedoste Barbaar

This is Studio Massa's most popular video with just under one million views as of August 2023[1]. The video depicts William the Silent, the main leader of the Dutch revolt in the Eighty Years War, as a rapper using a text to speech program for the voice. The content of the rap is unknown because it's in a language that nobody speaks and there are no captions.

de VOC (voor idioten)

Massa's second most popular video, it is the origin of the "gekoloniseerd" meme that is popular in Dutch internet communities. The 40-second animation shows an "in a nutshell" summary of the Dutch East India Company, with a VOC official sailing to a tiny island with a single coconut tree and a nigger on it. He asks for spices even though white people don't spice their food and proceeds to buck break the nigger when he gives him a coconut.

Adolf Hitler (voor idioten)

Another short 40-second animation in the same style as the VOC video, this one being a parody of Hitler. It starts with Hitler dancing to a Pokemon theme parody about himself that is interrupted by the guy from the VOC video giving a news report about something to do with sausages. This causes Hitler to kill himself because he realizes he won't be able to grill 6 million bratwursts in 6 years and the guy on the TV starts dancing to Fijn Uitgedoste Barbaar for some reason.


Main article: Ongezellig

This is the main thing that Studio Massa is known for in English-speaking communities. The animated pilot, separated into 6 parts or "deels", depicts a day at school for three adopted sisters. The main characters consists of Maya, an incel pissbaby from Belgium Brabant who watches tranime; Coco, a popular dumb blonde from South Africa; and Mymy, a Japanese girl who is obsessed with Dutch cock. The first video, containing deels 1 and 2, is the sixth most viewed video on the Studio Massa channel but is quickly gaining views and is close to overtaking the Hitler video. The show is the main source of Massa's growing foreign audience and is one of the few videos to have captions in languages other than Dutch.

Studio Massa's old channel also has multiple videos with over a million views.[2]

In Sharty Culture

Ongezellig gained some popularity on 4cuck, mainly on /co/[3] but there are also some mentions on other boards including /pol/[4], /int/[5], and /tv/[6]. It also has hundreds of mentions on /qa/, leading to its role in sharty culture. As one teen found out by digging through archives, 'zellig posting started on /qa/ around late 2020 and started getting popular in early 2021[7]. 'zellig posting became popular on the sharty and gained controversy over time, leading to the Third Soyvil War and a temporary ban from /soy/. Today 'zellig posting is most common on the sharty's /qa/. There is currently over 477 posts with the tag "ongezellig" on[8].



Studio Massa has a Discord server known as the Massadonië. It consists of both Dutch fans and English-speaking fans, mainly 'zellig fans. and to dilate

the first thing you see when searching Ongezellig

Massa has a page on, the Dutch equivalent of Patreon. Here he uploads extra content related to Ongezellig that has been leaked before. Supporters on the Petje page helped fund Ongezellig, although Massa has said that he didn't get enough funding to continue making it and for some reason he can't use Patreon like a normal person. Kuz at one point offered to fund it but that never went anywhere, According to Massa, he is trying to pitch the project to get it funded by an actual studio and some say this will never work either because it's too niche or because its reputation has been tainted by the farty, with the page, in all its offensive Nigger word glory, being one of the first things that shows up when you google it even doe when i search it i dont see the word "nigger"

Deviantart leak

On January 20 2024, a user on's /soy/ board leaked Massa's full name and his old deviantart account (and his youtube channel), revealing that he was into furries and drew furry art, and was also a brony (somebody call Lee right now).[9]

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