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The 'za has been ordered.

"OMFG stop trying to dox me you faggot"

Swaglord, better known as Jay Louis Irwin, Age 41 (DOB: February 2nd, 1983), 132 N 5th St Apt 3a, Brooklyn, NY 11249-3259 (formerly known as Jay Louis Irwin, Age 38 (DOB: February 2nd, 1983), 3004 Norfolk Dr, Austin, TX 78745), is a moderator on 4chan who is best known for being the most hated mod on the site due to his rampant mod abuse, his habit of dishing out permabans for anything, and his tendency to shitpost in mod capacity.[1] Nowadays, he spends most of his time ruling over his favourite board /s4s/ like his own personal fiefdom; this partly explains why it's just a bunch of trannies talking to each other like a discord server. Swaglord's moderation of /s4s/ is mostly pinning posts he finds palatable and banning posters who offended him in some way. Outside of 4chan, Irwin also has a substantial career as the ringleader for a sex cult involving massive celebrities.

He's universally hated and has been doxxed to the point where typing "Jay Louis Irwin" on the 'cuck results in your post being blocked and a 30-day ban being placed on your IP address.

He has shit taste in kino.[2]

Cobson #10000000 Incident

On November 21, 2021, a soyteen referring to himself as a "Keyed Brazilian" successfully avenged /qa/ by claiming the biggest /s4s/ GET ever in the name of soykind, post n°10000000.[3] Swaglord had attempted to abuse his mod powers to get the GET but horrifically failed, getting post n°10000001 instead. This made him so furious that he nuked the thread and banned and even permabanned[4] many posters in it, then went around other boards looking for more innocent posters (some of which weren't ralated to the 'party) to vent his rage on. This is one of the biggest janny seethes ever documented, and is also the defining moment in Cobson's redemption arc.

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