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Night of BLACKstabs

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All associated files were deleted.

a young 'jaker's interperitation of the event

On July 20, 2023, Max added advertisements[1] to the sharty and disabled User CSS in an attempt to prevent 'teens from blocking the ads. He claimed he did this out of necessity, and that the ads are a temporary requirement to cover the costs of Kuz's cancelled return and the transfer.

Possibly the second darkest day in sharty history ever. Captain Coal would unironically be a better admin than the kike max.

In a sticky Max broke down the supposed business expenses he had to cover:[2]

  • $50.00 - Transfer fee
  • $19.00 - Domain transfer fee
  • $10.00 - Unsightly website fee
  • $30.50 - Bandwidth fees
  • $100.00 - Time spent working on website this week in cost of wages
  • $45.00 - Risk fee for dangerous/hateful website
  • $2.00 - Cost of electricity during transfer period
  • $20.00 - Additional fees incurred from transfer of
  • $10.00 - Changing of plans fee incurred by kuz backtracking
  • $15.00 - Fee incurred by DDoS attacks
  • $21.55 - Cost of gas when transporting physical hardware during repairs on July 17th
  • $150.00 - (WAIVED) Cost of hardware replacement
  • $0.00 - Janitorial compensation

All together these add up to $323.05 without the cost of hardware replacement.

Stages of the incident

Stage 1

At first, the ads were just floating banner ads[3] provided by an adult ad network.

Around the same time, he also put ads for a Russian imageboard called at the start of every thread.[4]

Stage 2

The ads at their peak (censored on the 'ki for your health and safety albeit)

After Max saw that 'teens were using adblockers, he manually put an ad for, making it bypass default adblocker settings.

Stage 3

Shortly after, Max doubled down and put under every thread.

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Blacked ads everywhere.

Stage 4

To make it more difficult to block, Max made the ads text-only, disguising them as regular links.

Stage 5

Max's last measure was to add a second [Reply] button that leads to an ad, hoping you would accidentally click on it.

Stage 6

In an effort to damage control, the 'log was wiped and with that all the chimpout posts about the incident were deleted. This however did not stop 'teens from complaining further and posting more hate towards Max.

Stage Ϫ

Max attempts to raid the site which result in being partially hijacked. Apperently he attempts to turn the entire site redirecting to but unfortunatley, the evidence wasn't discovered. Turns out Max is planning to get the entire site raped in specualtion. No evidence or information is found of Max hacking the entire website and it's forbidden.


Approximately one hour and a half after the incident started, Max gave up and removed all of the ads, claiming that the necessary fees have been paid out of pocket.[5]