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The Coffin of Andy and Leyley is darker than coal...

The 'za has been ordered.

The Brimcest mindset

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley (abbreviates to COAL), also called The Doxxing of Tranny and Coally is a spine-tingling, character-driven, slow-burn RPG depicting a toxic sibling relationship -that for some reason involves cannibalism, satanic worship and brother-sister incest.[2] Discord troons love this game because they're degenerate millennialslop consoomers. These are the same people who love tranime (in particular evangelion and that one other tiktok anime), tiktok le incomprehensible woahjack slideshows, silly cats and hyperburrito being edgy or something. The game was made by an autistic inbred satan-worshipping female chinksect pervert whore from Finland named Nemlei (she prefers to be called "Sini Lumimarja Meskus-Moore" or simply "Sini Meskus") who probably got raped by a sibling when she was young which is why she has an incest fetish. Nemlei's supposed Husband and avid Jefre Cantu-Ledesma fan Jared Moore, the founder of "Kit9", got doxxed, and nemlei decided to delete everything off her page, and had the game taken over by Kit9.[3][1] Kit9's management of the brand is very controversial among fans, copyright striking fan projects and merchandise,[4] further cementing this as a sharty win.

Nemlei gave us a face reveal!

Doxxing Attempt

Satanic edgelords tend to be the most sanctimonious of all people

On October 23, 2023, a thread in /raid/ was created attempting to dox COAL creator Nemlei. Soyteens at first were unable to find any accounts associated with Nemlei, due to the account not having any accounts attached to it. When they tried searching for any other account names under the name Nemlei, they mistakenly targeted fan accounts.

Nemlei Deletes Email

Nemlei admitting to browsing /v/, officially making her a 4cuck

After realizing that they were targeting the wrong accounts, a soyteen discovers an old Jewtube account on the Internet Archive. Using the information present on the page, soyteens were able to find the gmail connected to the account, [email protected]. A soyteen then attempted to contact Nemlei using this email. That email was then deleted by Nemlei, after a soyteen sent an email asking personal questions. The soyteens were unable to cross-search the email in time to find other linked accounts, because of this, it was believed that Nemlei was too hard of a target to dox.

False Lead

On November 1, 2023, a soyteen finds a post on Twitter, where the user claimed to be Nemlei and expressed xer frustration over having their """""art""""" re-posted without credit.

Upon further inspection, there is potential that it could be a random troon, self imposing themselves due lack of the presence from the actual developer. Further research is needed. Can (You) help us?

November 29th revelations

After 1000 replies of mostly /v/niggers and schizoteens barking at each other in the /raid/ thread, a 'teen unearthed an old DeviantArt account owned by Avencherus named shisho2k. On archived pages of the account, a journal entry can been found documenting his art trade with a Finnish woman under the alias ruismandariini. After thorough data mining it is discovered that she is in fact Nemlei herself, as snapshots of her dA page contained her Formspring account in the about section - rottenrui, a known past alias of hers.

From 2017 to 2019, Nemlei, who went by the alias @thekattiapina, and another developer named Avencherus formed the game studio Kit9. Some information can be inferred from its operations:

  • Nemlei is Finnish. Her full name is Sini Meskus.
  • Kit9 Studio was established on 4/20/2018, with the registrant being Jared Moore, who was soon discovered to be Avencherus himself. This is verified as the credits of a game they published listed the name Jared as the owner of the Avencherus handle.

Avencherus / Jared Moore's Dox:

Name: Jared Michael Moore

DOB: March 06, 1982 (Age 41)

Home Address: 1824 W 38th St Lorain OH 44053

Phone: (614) 222-8053

Company Address: 11811 SHAKER BLVD STE 204 CLEVELAND OH 44120

Email: [email protected]

Note that Jared's parents also live at that address, so either he takes care of them or he's a manchild who lives with his 70 year old parents. There is also proof that Jared is married to Nemlei, meaning that Nemlei possibly lives with him, click "Expand" on the right to see.


*>This is a collaboration with my wife, kattiapina

*>Oh cool! Your wife is Finnish? Just noticing the name

*>Yes she is. X) We do much adventuring together. She tells me that there is a differing dialect the further you go north.

*>Haha well there are a great many things about Finland she doesn't care about. XD I have much the same attitude about my city. 

*>Whenever I look for things to explore when I'm in Finland, it's basically the same as throwing a dart at a map on the wall. I find things, I don't. Mostly don't. So I am quite thankful for suggestions.
I still find it too big of a coincidence that there was a company named nemlei registered in finland from 2019-2023 that was specified as making 'idya and 'sual arts and this is not actual proof that they are married in the real sense of the word
also if jared mentions visiting finland its possible that they did/do live in different countries regardless


*>newest deviations

*>finnish rowanberries

also just noticed



considering alfa art listed their studies duration as 3 year (minimum) and the earliest mention related to that so far has been from 2012 art gallery exhibit this would also align with that



kit9studio also listed here as early as 2018

The first iteration of her dA account confirms her DOB: October 18, 1991. Data breaches from these accounts show one of her many emails - [email protected], her (possible) home city - Lahti, and her full name - Sini Meskus.[5] An interview of her during that period also reveals that she has been making incest art since day one: (Admitting to making Crash Bandicoot incest art, lol)

According to, Nemlei's full name is Sini Lumimarja Meskus-Moore, confirming that she is married to Jared.

Searching for "Sini Meskus" brings up a few social media accounts of Finnish women. None of these accounts have been confirmed to belong to Nemlei, but they are being recorded for investigation purposes.

More info: It's below, chudcel, click "Expand" on the right.

snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
snapshot 3:
snapshot 4:
snapshot 5:
snapshot 6:
snapshot 7:
snapshot 8:
snapshot 9:
snapshot 10:
snapshot 11:
snapshot 12:
Looks like the account was deactivated sometime between July 27th, 2013 and September 6th, 2013. There were 6 more snapshots on the wayback machine, but they were all the same thing. telling you that the account is deactivated.
snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
snapshot 3:
snapshot 4:
snapshot 5:
snapshot 6:
The last two snapshots from the wayback machine said something about an http 302 response time and I couldn't archive them. Now it did say that the page did not exist, so it may have been deactivated around the same time as the shisho2k account.
snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
snapshot 3:
snapshot 4:
Similar deal as ruismandariini. 8 snapshots, but some of them were basically 404 pages. This alt seems to have been deactivated sometime between May 9th, 2014 and September 7th, 2015.
Interview of ruismandariini:
Some more digging on the deviantart accounts reveals an account that interacted a little more with the ruismandarini account than others. The name is MurderDuck and surprise surprise, she's also a finn and a "fujo".

snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
snapshot 3:
snapshot 4:
snapshot 5:
snapshot 6:
snapshot 7:
snapshot 8:
snapshot 9:
snapshot 10:
snapshot 11:
snapshot 12:
snapshot 13:
snapshot 14:
snapshot 15:
snapshot 16: decided to sperg out for the last 6 snapshots.

Account was deactivated sometime between June 28th, 2016 and July 6th 2018. If you look in her bio in the earlier snapshot you can see she was best friends with the ruismandariini account. Even had a comic with her and ruis/nemlei's OCs. She has a girlfriend named RaatoRotta. Her and RattoRotta were selling prints at Desucon 2015 in Finland.

I did find a video link from murderduck about filming some video with her classmates.
also backed up just in case:

<MurderDuck's Webcomic
snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
snapshot 3:


Archives of MurderDuck's "girlfriend" might not be too useful in finding Nemlei, but you never know.

snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
There were 2 more snapshots but they just had an error 403. She also has a cosplay account named missukeman

snapshot 1:
snapshot 2:
snapshot 3:
snapshot 4:
snapshot 5:
snapshot 6:
snapshot 7:
snapshot 8:
snapshot 9:
snapshot 10:
snapshot 11:
snapshot 12:
snapshot 13:
Rest of the snapshots were 403 and 301 errors.

There are also socials linked in Nemlei's deviantart:

The [email protected] email from earlier yielded some results from a 2019 ArmorGames leak:

  • gender: Female
  • usernames: c927be31cd84c74f788eb31a4987416b,rottencats,homoninja44,,Female,Hell,NULL,NULL,user,NULL
  • line: 1176537 c927be31cd84c74f788eb31a4987416b rottencats
    • [email protected] 5a3f181cf7f055f3fbda4561b7ec35972601756d 15 0000-00-00 Female Hell 1294496325 1294496666 0 0 0 1 1 0 6 0 Y NULL ** Y Y 0 0 0 0 NULL 0 user NULL
  • city: Lahti
  • country: Finland
  • continent: Europe
  • latLong: 61.0047,25.5906
  • accuracy_radius: 1
  • asnOrg: Elisa Oyj
  • asn: 719
  • ips:
  • source: ArmorGames.csv

The coordinates lead to a street: Mahlakatu, 15950 Lahti, Finland

Going off an old Steam community reply:

The account was created on the 25th of April, 2023. This can be found out by getting the account's steam3ID ([U:1:1539099507]), and, since the account seems to have never been public, we search for the account that was registered right after this one ([U:1:1539099508]), which, lucky us, is public, and was registered on the 25th of April, 2023. This is definitely Nemlei, since showed an older cached name, nemlei_dev, which, by looking at the formatting, could even be the account's login, since Steam uses the login name as your nickname when you first register a Steam account, although there's no possible way to state that this is indeed true.

Searching for the Steam ID on different search engines also reveals other information such as post history

And a Danbooru account

Sini Meskus is on a page about an art exhibition in Helsinki, Finland called Perhosvaikutus (Butterfly effect) by an institution called Galleria 4-kuus (the "group show" lasted from 28 June 2012 - 25 July 2012), listed as one of the "Participating Artists":

It seems like she studied at a school called Alfa art and took part in that exhibition when she was a student.

This page states that:

>Sini Meskus is a female artist.

>Sini Meskus’s only verified exhibition was Perhosvaikutus at Galleria 4-kuus in Helsinki in 2012. Sini Meskus is exclusively exhibited in Finland. Meskus has at least no solo shows but one group show (for more information, see biography). Sini Meskus has been exhibited with Tytti Tyrkkö and Silja Liukkonen.

  • >Kuvallisen ilmaisun koulutus on kolmen vuoden kokonaisuus, jonka opiskelija suorittaa vuosi kerrallaan tai tarvittaessa opintoja voidaan pidentää.

Training in visual expression is a three-year course, which students complete one year at a time or, if necessary, the course may be extended. Also aligns with the earlier information that she might have been born in 1991 considering she would likely have been a student back then and it also seems likely that she has been living in the Helsinki metropolitan area/capital area for at least 10+ years.

Sini's linkedin also lists her as a student at alfa art from 2010-2013:

Sini is also listed on a page about some event organized by a ski resort gym called Levi Wellness Club Oy. The event took place at the ski resort area called Oy Levi Ski Resort in Lapland Hiihtäjänkuja 10 99130 Sirkka, Kittilä, Finland, and took place on April 17, 2018. Sini is listed as one of the "Event attendees":

There is even a YouTube video of the event, and it's likely Sini is in it:

Apparently there has been some sort of registered company in Finland with the name Nemlei that lists its activities as:

  • >Kuvataiteen, kirjallisuuden ja animaatioiden tuotanto. Videopelien kehitys ja kustantaminen.

Translation: Production of visual arts, literature and animation. Development and publishing of video games.

It was founded on 04/05/2019 but shut down in February of 2023. Could also have something to do with the whole kit9 studio thing.

Click "Expand" to view more info on the company

These two sites confirm that the home place of nemlei company was Espoo as of 16th April 2019


Didn't notice this earlier because it doesn't show up on the webpage (purged?) but google still reveals a proper address in Espoo for the nemlei company and it aligns with the postal address that is still visible

*>Kivenlahdenkatu 6f 65
It's a rental apartment and it seems to be currently rented, however no confirmation that she still lives there, it's on the 4th floor


*>Huoneistoja 24 
24 apartments in total in the building she lived in according to this site:

Also includes a list about when apartments from this building have been listed as available to rent but possibly useless because I couldn't find a price history for the apartment in question, earliest visible info here is from 09.10.2019 and neither could I find how many 62m2 apartments the building in question actually has but at the very least it's highly likely that this is a past address of hers.

Nemlei's Soycological Analysis

>if you spam CP on someones website, that website becomes evil or something
>it doesnt matter that the CP is instantly deleted and the poster gets banned
>You WILL NOT investigate the amount of CP that commonly gets posted and shared on mainstream social media sites!

Due to Nemlei's lack of presence online, a behavioral profile is being put together in hopes of identifying accounts that share similar behaviors to the developer. If (You) encounter any account that shares any characteristics described below, create a thread on it so then it can be looked into.

Finding Patterns- Where To Start

For redditors, this is a heckin' wholesome 100 keanu chungus uncanny trans rights in the backrooms moment! (this lump of coal was taken from reddit)

Assuming that Nemlei isn't another psyop to normalize incest or cannibalism. One can figure out exactly how one thinks by dissecting what they create vs how they interact with others. KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

If (You) want to start looking into Nemlei, here are some places to start.

  • Interactions with comments on most of these interactions were saved onto the Wayback Machine.
  • Examine how the developer writes their games and their characters.
  • Look for tropes used by the developer.
  • Look at common subject matters in games.
  • Look out for any similarities in the art styles

Motivation behind the Dox

While many outraged people throughout the internet attribute the dox as a means to stifle creative freedom, in reality it was most likely done because inhabitants of /qa/ were angry about "The of The Coffin of Andy and Leyley" threads being posted. It is difficult to pin the blame on any faction, although some believe the zelligsisters may have been involved. While most soyteens find incest and satanism distasteful, it was almost solely the possibility that the game was made by a troon[6] who taunted people to dox xher that motivated /raid/ users to join the dox thread. Further research is being conducted by expert 'teen archeologists and soientists to uncover the whole truth.

Seethe caused

>NOOOOOOO you're only allowed to dox Scott Cawthon and J.K. Rowling!
new 'toss
Mr. Graves, a second Cobson has hit the page

Main article: Literally Who

On November 27th, some subhuman on Twitter posted the /v/ thread regarding Nemlei's retirement and brought more exposure to the sharty, amassing 12k likes within half a day[7]. Even though barely anything about Nemlei had been doxxed other than she's a Finnish woman, people both on xitter, 4cuck, faceboox, and also r/196 have cried their asses (a huge understatement BTW, this BTFO'd moepedoshitters) with some even threatening to dox back the infamous hacker known as "its sharty." What's also hilarious is how quickly the pedos outed themselves even when pedophilia was never mentioned. Almost like tranime and pedophilia is one and the same.

One user, @RevenantFicus, notable for the particularly violent and unhinged seetheralds he produced was found to be a lolicon[8] and a
""""Kindergarten teacher"""" (not real)[9] Also he found himself on the wiki.[10]

Kuri Rinji video

KiwiFarmer Moment:

Some 'tubers also made some videos namedropping the party as well. Kuri made another video later on about Rev says desu getting doxxed in which he describes "the soyjak people" as "the very definition of bigotry".[11]

Frapollo94 video

He open Der'cord and his First time hearing of the party has no idea what to say. >Get him the rewards. Also getting Doxxed when the video is released.

Name: francesco fiorello

Email: [email protected]

DOB: 2001-11-12

IPs:, (milan italy IPs)

Der'cord: /frapollo94

Poor man

Sharty won, 'offin lost.

Ronaldo was fond of the situation

Rev video

Main article: Rev says desu

12 min video with no mention of the party >ez #ShartyVVin.

'Teens have doxxed prominent vtuber and tranime slop consumer Rev Says Desu, who most notably is an avid defender of lolicon 'p. In fact just by pointing out how lolicon is litterally just 'ild 'rn, it would trigger a Lee-like responce from Rev who would tell you "YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE CULTURE!!!!", kek. Anyways, Rev is also getting married on December, 1st, 2023 to a ASMR streamer named Darling Strawberry (also going by Shy, who likely cucks xim with Tyrone when xe isn't looking). Though at first 'teens couldn't find any information on Rev, xhey were able to get a lot out of Straw's accounts, such as tracking down using various local stores (like Ingles, Zaxby's, QuikTrip) to narrow down Straw's location to be somewhere near Charlotte, North Carolina (or at the very least in North Carolina). It was also discovered that Rev moved in August of 2021, (leading theory is that xe moved in with Straw in xer apartment, based on other irl posts and the fact they share a recording room). Pictures of a house tour from November of 2021 were found on Straw's patreon.

The pizza is ordered Rev.


Some 'tuber made a video about this and at 2:39 refers to the sharty as "Snarky Snappy" KEEEEEEEEEEEK.

>snappybros, did we get too snarky?

Hero Hei video

First one min talking about 'tubers model on his private account (Is he on-topic?) Anyways no mention of the party >yet another ez #ShartyVVin.

Khyo video

Exact same thing as Kuri Rinji video, Party mentioned but not going further (nevermind IT'S PRIVATE)

Asmongold video

28 min video, Big ass XQC Clone reaction rev video on top and leave ass Opinion, Anyways no mention of the party >Huge #ShartyVVin.

Later getting doxxed on Christmas, it took 3 Hours to find exact locations.[12]

Zawie video

Using soyjaks on this topic. (Posting Coal)

Carl Sama video

Party fully mentioned even the wiki, TRVTHNVKE on the last part. Also keep in mind that most of information in this video is a week old and more discoveries and events had happened since.

MetalBit video

Same as Carl Sama video, TRVTHNVKE But quickly went Coal Because MotherFucking 'teen haven't Fully Finish up![Marge…] There's LOTS of seething twitter trannies in the comment section, it's almost as if it's like Sini paid them to defend satanic EPI grooming incest game with tooth and nail[THIS IS LIKELY THE CASE DOE!]. One of them even went as far to say that we gave up the search. According to independent fact checkers, this claim has been proven to be COMPLETELY FALSE.

Hi MetalBit.

Nux Taku video

tl;dr Starting at 43:41

He also mentioned a commentary Vtuber being doxxed, (no Rev name has been mention on the video.)

The Last part was blames Twitter, no party mention.

In the news

Apparently The Mary Sue published an article on the game, and the doxing was mentioned:

Funny enough the article was written by:

Ana Valens (she/her) is a reporter specializing in queer internet culture, online censorship, and sex workers' rights. Her book "Tumblr Porn" details the rise and fall of Tumblr's LGBTQ-friendly 18+ world, and has been hailed by Autostraddle as "a special little love letter" to queer Tumblr's early history. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her ever-growing tarot collection.

KEEEEEEK so much for muh based incest game, /co/fags BTFO.

Seethe Gallery

Also, check out this R/196 thread, TONS of seething comments from reddit trannies about the sharty itself and the dox:

See also


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