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Terraria Raiding

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This page is a gem.

Terraria Raiding is a new and untested, yet potentially gemmy way of trolling, inspired by Roblox Raiding and griefing in general, where 'teens connect to a Terraria server without server side character protection and chud it up.


First, a Terraria raider will need a basic understanding of how the game's character/inventory system works.

For those who've barely played before, then you'll first need to know that character inventories are not linked with a world by default, so you can go into a server without server sided inventories to smuggle in all sorts of griefing equipment that would be hard to get in large quantities otherwise, from singleplayer or servers that exist mostly to give away free items; finding these is as easy as searching for "free items" in server lists or the Steam Workshop. If you downloaded a free items world from the workshop, go to Workshop > Import Worlds from the main menu to create a copy, you can do this as many times as you need. DO NOT USE JOURNEY MODE WORLDS UNLESS YOU'RE ARMING UP TO RAID A JOURNEY MODE SERVER.

If for whatever reason you're planning on raiding a server with server sided inventories, well you're forced to take the slowburn route, which is getting the required supplies from within the server.

Once you've located your supply world/server, create a new softcore character with all white skin & clothes, with hair & eyes as dark as you're allowed to make them, give it a gemmy name (nothing too chuddy like Niggerkiller or ChudTND1488 unless you're planning to join with a mini nuke loaded Celebration Mk2 in your first hotbar slot), and then join your free item world/server of choice to start grabbing everything from this list, though you can skip items marked in italics if you don't want them.

Mobility accessories & tools (get to griefable builds faster and undetected)

  • Terraspark boots - There's practically no reason not to have them if you can obtain them, due to giving useful resistances to lava, extra flight time and the ability to walk on liquids.
  • Wings - Essential accessory that negates fall damage and lets you fly. Again, there's no reason to not bring these unless you're griefing a world that used the don't dig up/zenith seeds. Any will do, it's really not that important as to which ones you use but if you want the best just read the official wiki.
  • A grappling hook - Allows you to tether to objects without falling. Try to grab a Celestial hook for its very long range and very low travel time.
  • Recall potion stack or magic mirror/cell phone to quickly return to spawn. Magic mirrors aren't consumed on use but have a longer warmup, so it's up to personal preference.
  • Rod of Discord - Can be used to teleport to your cursor. Despite the name, it doesn't work for finding minors to groom.
  • Cosmic Car Key/Shrimpy Truffle: Flying mount with infinite flight duration, if you'd rather use a Celebration Mk2 when flying.
  • Teleportation potions - Use these to teleport to a random spot on the map as a panic button, or to look for builds to grief.
  • Invisibility potions - For sneaking past other players when on your way to grief something. Make sure to not be in a party so people can't see your nametag.

Destruction tools

Note that none of these can destroy chests with items in them, or the blocks the chests are on.

  • Celebration Mk2 - The undisputed king of griefing, it's an automatic rocket launcher that can fire 10+ rockets per second, and works with mini nukes, but not liquid rockets. Unpredictable, best used as a saturation weapon
  • Snowman Cannon - While it was dethroned by the Celebration Mk2, the venerable Snowman Cannon is still able to output a usable rate of fire of 4 rockets per second, but it's stayed relevant for flooding areas with liquid rockets. These rockets will home in on enemies, which may throw off your aim.
  • Rockets - Ammunition for your Celebration Mk2 and Snowman Cannon. Mini Nuke IIs and Cluster Rocket IIs for the former, and Lava Rockets for the latter.
  • Drill Containment Unit - Equip it in your mount slot, press R, and start flying around and tearing apart everything. Does not destroy walls, unfortunately.
  • Picksaw - For more precise destruction than the Drill Containment Unit, that doesn't lock you out of a normal weapon. Recommended over lunar pickaxes due to also doubling as an axe, which is better for surface demolition.
  • Chlorophyte Jackhammer - Fastest background wall removal tool that isn't a rocket launcher.
  • Clentaminator - Turn NPC homes uninhabitable while fucking with grass/stone/sand colors by using this combined with a colored solution of your choice.
  • Dynamite/bombs - For oldfags, wannabe oldfags, or people too lazy to download Builder's Workshop. Don't use these, it's too slow and limited range.

Mob/distraction removal tools

Just get a vortex beater/SDMG/phantasm/tsunami for total mob death, or a Terraprisma/Stardust Dragon Staff for hands free total mob death.

Other useful equipment

  • Vortex Armor - Gives a 25% chance to not consume ammo with any weapon, gives decent protection, and the set bonus lets you toggle stealth mode for more damage and pseudo-invisibility. For those who don't care about that, instead use a Chlorophyte Helmet for less ammo consumption.
  • Chlorophyte Helmet & Ammo Reservation potions- for those particularly concerned about ammo economy and want to make the thousands of rockets they brought in last longer. Use an Ammo Box for even less ammo consumption.
  • Ankh Shield - Protects against knockback and many annoying debuffs.
  • Papyrus Scarab, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace, Stardust Leggings - Gives you 5 extra summons without having to change out your helmet/torso for something that doesn't lower ammo consumption, if you want to use summons to keep random mobs off your back.
  • Super Healing Potions - Use these to heal off any damage if you end up taking any while griefing.
  • Wiring tools (like The Grand Design) - For fucking with wiring contraptions retards spent hours on. You can also use them with 1 second timers hooked up to announcement boxes to automate chudding up the chat as a hands free distraction while you grief.
  • Blocks - You don't need to bring them because you'll likely break them by the thousands while griefing, but you could use Lihzahrd Bricks to setup impossible to remove gems on worlds where the intended players haven't beaten the Golem yet.
  • Money Trough - Access your piggy bank anywhere. Useful if you stashed extra rockets, teleportation/invisiblity potions, etc. in there beforehand.
  • Black Dye - Cover yourself in it if you plan on using the Vortex armor set bonus, so you'll be less visible while sneaking past tranny jannies when using stealth mode.
  • Vanity items - Disguise yourself as a normal player and not a chud with suspiciously endgame equipment
  • Reforged equipment - generally doesn't matter but Rapid/Frenzying modifiers make your rocket launchers shoot approximately 15% faster

Finding a server to raid

Really, just go on a public server list and find something that's 1: populated, 2: not already griefed to hell and back (so being raided and griefed will shock the inhabitants), and 3: doesn't have server side characters or anti-griefing protections, so avoid tags like "SSC" or "Protected".

Or just go to /vm/ on the 'cuck and check the terraria thread there, though the servers there are usually modded so you'll probably have to download the modlist in tModLoader before joining, but that also gives you cheat menu mods for probably faster gearing up in singleplayer.

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