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left can't meme is a website created by Kuz and Lolwut on March 3rd, 2024. The site serves as a statement on Kuz's opinion on's admins, Doll and Froot. Make up your own mind on whether or not Kuz's words are fact or fiction. This page is meant to be a historical archive of all the pages on the site as all the archiving sites only capture the cloudflare Trumpflare page. Linking (or even just talking about) this website on the Sharty gets you permabanned, do NOT try it

Main page

Welcome to TheKuz.Win - the Kolyma lobby!


Welcome. This is a semi-satirical website maintained by the two administrators of the Kolyma Network, "kuz", and "lolwut". It contains various articles about, its owners, and its former owner, kuz. Below is his message:

Fisrtly, I find it important to state that we have absolutely no ill-will towards Doll or his owner. This site isn't meant to be a mean spirited jab at him, rather, an explanation of the evidence against some of his conjecture, as well as a little bit of trivia about the owners of This site ultimately exists to poke holes in the retarded things he is saying, and share a laugh over the ludicrousy of the situation he's put himself in. Is it immature? Yes, is it necessary? No, not really, but is it funny? A little. It's mostly sad, though I'll try to keep an jovial tune throughout it.

My personal end goal with this, is not to bring back anything, such as my adminship, or any involvement in the soyosphere. We want to be left alone, however, I will not allow a man who called me his closest friend and brother to turn around the moment I leave and lie about things again and again. We are not asking you to like us, to trust us, or to take our side and denounce doll, and we welcome the many valid criticism that we face. We do, however, invite you to read through this literal library of information, just to look at the honest facts, the undisputable facts. In our eyes, if the current owners of soyjak party want to concede that they were wrong (or maybe, lied) about the topics discussed here, we will amply forgive them, and never breathe a word about them again. However, even though we left them to their own devices after selling our site to them, they refuse to afford us the same kindnes, and have not only made one of the worst accusations you can make against someone, but have made vague, disturbing threats about what they will do with my supposed dox. As you will soon find out, we have some questions about Carter, and ask doll to exercise restraint in doxxing him, assuming he didn't just make it up. I deeply pity the man who gets mistaken for me, especially if that person may be an innocent teenager.

This site does not promote, engage in, or encourage anyone to stalk, harass, dox, or otherwise intimidate anyone, including Doll. We also are not trying to take back the soyosphere, gain money, sympathy, or anything else. If you read this and realize that you agree with us, don't spam We aren't behind any such activities and explicitly condemn them - even though the man on the other side of the fence regularly makes searches on our website for child porn so that he can report it. We will refrain from doing that, though not due to lack of ability. The amount of CP on Doll's site would make Jared Fogle blush. Doll loves to larp as a wholesome family guy and forklift driver who just wants to be left alone! Is that even true? We'll see.

Hostility? Attacks? What are you talking about. - When I use that language, I am reffering to the claims that Doll, and Froot, the owners of, made stating that I am actually a 19 year old pet store owner living in Tampa Florida named "Carter", and that said Carter runs a child pornography ring, and spam(med/s) CP on their site. That got grim pretty quickly. I am going to address, with as much as respect as possible, the sickening idea that doll puts forth, using the evidence available.

We'll let the rest of the site speak for itself. If you are interested in learning about our side of the story, click some of the links in the header menu to read more. We genuinely wish you the best, well, most of you anyway.

I'll see you around,

-- Carter, 19, he/him


Some redpills about the current administrators

Lets stop talking about me for a moment. How about we examine doll? Doll's main shtick on the sharty in 2024 is his para-social relationship with his "little buddies", which, sometime include himself. But what isnt there to love about him? Afterall, he's a pretty funny guy, and ultimately, he doesn't have anything to hide, he's just a wholesome forklift driver from Ohio right? Let's take a look at what he's been up to. I gave him several thousand dollars, went to bed worrying about his wifes supposed ovarian cancer, and even let him in on some of my most private, sensitive moments. But now, like everyone else, I am starting to wonder what is really going on in Ohio.

Redpill: Doll made searches on kolyma websites for child pornography

Let me first state, that I am not accusing doll of any crime. I am simply stating the facts, and I'll be doing it with alot more context than he bothers to give when talking about me.

Throughout the past few months, doll has made searches on various Kolyma-owned websites for rather strange topics. Since I do not know the context in which he was searching them, I cannot provide an answer as to why. That is known only to him. The behavior is certainly suspicious however. Based on access logs and KNIRP data, during the months of December, January, and February, doll made the following searches on our websites using our search features:

      "host": "(Censored)",
      "matched-query": [
        "", - URL shortener used for sharing CP links, spammed often -

What do we take away from these searches? Well, I am not saying that by literally typing in "child porn" into the search bar, doll was actually seeking these materials for nefarious means. If it seems a little to on the nose, your misinterpreting this. Now, I can't actually think of any reason why doll would make these bizzare searches on my sites, but I'd like to believe they were for the cause of research. If I had made the same searches, I imagine he would not be as hesitant with context as I am being here.

But, why make them in the first place this? and why search only for these topics? Not only is this behavior utterly strange, but it should serve as an excellent example as to why you cannot take things at face value. If you are to apply the same logic he does when making claims about me, well... the picture it paints isn't pretty. I hope, and I really sincerely hope, that the man who proclaims himself the e-daddy of hundreds of children online, has a valid excuse for making these search queries on our site.

I really don't know what he expected to find on them by searching this. Max, however, puts forth the interesting theory, that he seeks out CP spam (the same kind that plagues all imageboards) for the purpose of reporting our domains. I do not know if this is true, however.

Redpill: Doll and Froot openly permitted, and still at times permit the sharing of necro cp.

This is not a paragraph I am going to joke in.

"Dead N*gger Babies", a/k/a/ DNB, are pictures of deceased or dying toddlers, infants, or children, with the qualification that they must be black. Since many of the pictures, including nude ones, aren't technically pornography, they may not even be illegal in US law. However, the fact that they not only allow, but post "DNB" themselves is one of the most sickeningly depraved things I've ever witnessed - coming from a man who claims he gets sick when he sees child porn.

Not to make comparisons, but is an image of child being sexually assaulted really worse than one being tortured or murdered, especially infants? Do you think this is a retarded question? Well, its an active debate on the sharty, and the current administration is of the opinion that its perfectly fine to post it, with the precondition that said children are black.

How can the same people who post such things turn around and tell me I am such and such because I host lolicon hentai? They are both sickening, yes, but I am going to step out and make the bold claim that lolicon hentai is slightly less bad than "DNB". Make of this what you will.

Redpill: It's a big grift.

Though he struggles to provide an explanation as to why I would engage in the activities he accuses me of, we do not have such challenges, as its clear. Froot, and to a much lesser extent, Doll, are in it for the money.

  • "FNAC" was made using largely stolen assets, some copyrighted. The actual soyjaks were of course all made by the users of the site, many of whom never would have consentend to Froot packaging it up and trying to sell it to the public. Not that this actually matters, legally speaking.
  • Doll recieved thousands of dollars in credits, benefits, and gifts from KolymaNET and myself, yet pretends he somehow suffered greatly to host the site, especially during the soypocalypse.
  • After max auctioned the sharty, it was nearly bought out by another bidder from Germany. After doll reached the $7,650 mark, he said he could not go higher. Thats when I told him, privately, that I would help him cover the remaining costs, so he could keep bidding. In the end, I paid over $4,000 dollars so he could own the site.
  • Doll signed a 1 year long contract with max to rent servers from kolyma at a fraction of retail price. He later broke this contract, incurring a fee. He never paid this, and demanded a refund when he forgot to cancel his automatic payments. But only after disputing the charge with his credit card company, a dispute which he lost.
  • Doll donated to himself during the donation drive to make it look like he was recieving more money than he was.
  • Doll, who was supposedly struggling with bills, and while supposedly paying for his wifes ovarian cancer, still saw no issue in putting himself in debt to buy
  • Doll originally asked me to pay him to be a mod on soyjak party, asking for over $20,000 a year. I politely informed him that it was a volunteer position.
  • Doll continues to grift froot out of money by pushing a likely false sob story about his family.
  • Froot, repeatedly asked max to ship posters to me so I could sign them. When I declined to do this, max and froot both got angry at me.

If you think I am being cruel to him, I am. To be honest, it hurts. I still considered this guy a friend. I looked past his issues and helped him, and he repays this kindness by lying about me. I don't want things to be like this with us.

Redpill: Doll: "We both have skeletons in our closet"

The context of this conversation, which he made with an unnamed individual, was the ongoing discussion of whether kuz uploaded cp or made self incriminating comments with his own IP address. Doll concludes that he doesn't believe that, and expresses regret that he no longer views him the same way. In response to this later retracted accusations, he excuses them, saying he is flawed.

And of course, he mentions to this individual, that they both have skeletons in their closet. I wonder what he's talking about?

Do you remember the goth accusations? That is, the assertions made that kuz and goth were friends? Doll doesn't believe that either. He calls them fabrications, and says he is doing a similar thing to him. I wonder if these unreleased leaks really do contain something that would send doll to prison. He certainly seemed worried about it. Are these his skeletons?

True, or false?

CLAIM: There are IP addresses from the state of Tennessee, where kuz formerly resided, that belong to kuz, and that illicit materials were uploaded from.


Doll claims that that a IP address originating from Tennessee, and belonging to kuz did a lot of things, such as post cp. He also claims that Max and Kaguya (Though in recent times, he only claims max), used this IP address as well, which proves that they are actually kuz. He also claims that these IP addresses wrote defamatory insults about kuz (i.e., kuz wrote them himself), and accused itself of posting CP (i.e., kuz mocked himself, and accused himself of posting CP on his own IP address).


Kuz lived in Memphis, Tennessee, and owned multiple IP addresses from Tennessee. However, the majority of these were from Maryville, Tennessee, a small town on the other side of the state, where kuz ran servers.[1]

Max and Kaguya, as well as multiple KolymaNET developers, several staff, and doll himself had access to using these IP addresses. Why? Because this is where kuz ran servers, and the only way to authenticate many of the programs, including SSH, at times, was to use a VPN. This is called IP-based access control, and is a common system administration practice.[2] Footnote: Doll never used the IP addresses, though he was offered to, the reason for the offer never materialized, and it wasn't brought up again, as he had no other reason to use the server.

Multiple kolyma employees have confirmed the fact that the IP's are indeed accessable by many people. This establishes the fact that the IP was indeed a VPN, that multiple people used. So, what actually came from the IP?

In the context of these accusations, several things were indeed posted on the site, such as hentai. Though we cannot account for every post, kaguya, a former kolyma administrator, later admitted he had posted lolicon hentai on it. However, the claim doll makes, is that CP was uploaded on it.

This simply isn't true. For one, though two seperate people have at times, leaked the entire post history of all the mods, including kuz's account, neither of them ever reported that kuz had posted CP, and their dumps never showed this. This is an entirely new claim fabricated by doll months later, and has never been substantiated.

To those who criticize kuz for the stuff that WAS posted on the IP address, your criticism is valid. However, we ask you to remember, that doll, too, allowed bad apples into his team, such as Red. Why is the man known for having multiple rogue mods, some of which were exposed as pedophiles, criticising Kolyma for allowing lolicon hentai to be uploaded from its IP addresses? In any case, kuz has denied that this was him, and apologized for the conduct of the employees who used our IP space for posting hentai.

Doll recently claimed on Kiwifarms, that he saw kuz posting on the party recently, and uploaded an uncensored picture of an IP address that he claims is kuz. Unbenknownst to him, kuz was not even in the US at the time.[3]

CLAIM: Kuz is a 19 year old, who lives in Florida, named carter, who works at a Pet store, and is in college.


Doll and Froot claim that kuz's real name is carter, and that he is from tampa florida. These are the only details of their story that have remained consistent.[4] They at one point claimed that Carter is 19, but later retracted this after questions arose as to how a 19 year old working a minimum wage job could buy so many sites and spend so much money on them.[5]


This is not true. It's difficult to disprove this claim, as no evidence supporting it has ever been put forth in the first place. Doll and Froot likely gained this idea because doll says he accessed KolymaNET billing information, and found that it traces back to an adress, which he then investigated, believing it to be owned by Carters father.[6] Though we are not entirely sure which of the several addresses, in Tennessee, and in Cyprus, that Kolyma affiliated sites have in their billing sections, we can confidently claim that kuz's father owns no home in the United States. In addition, an address listed in a whois can be completely made up. As for billing information, the address does not need to be the actual address of the registrant, only the zipcode needs to be correct. Though kuz will not disclose his past residences, those of his associates, or other sensitive information, we leave it up to the reader to ponder on the logic of doll's reasoning. Doll too, gave a fake address when he registered for KolymaNET. The practice of lying about ones place of living for the purpose of OPSec is a somewhat common practice, as well.

Again, since very little assertions have been made about carter, we have little to pick apart other than the idea itself. Such as how could a 19 year making minimum wage afford to purchase a $12,000 video sharing site? Or pay for hundreds of dollars a month in servers? Doll's response is that we did not actually buy Vidlii for $12,000, but blackmailed its owner into giving it to us. This is another lie. Doll claims we used "illegal means" to obtain both the sharty, Vidlii, and other sides. Strangely, soot repeatedly volunteered for Q&A's on the sharty when kuz was owner, and never mentioned this claim. Jan, the former owner of Vidlii, can also confirm the validity of the purchase, though since it was made with bitcoin, we do not have receipts.

Finally, doll has made no explanation on how carter, who he claim(ed/s) is only 19, made this purchase/seizure at the tender age of 17, or why a 19 year old minimum wage employee from Florida went to Turkiye and the United Kingdom. Or why he is currently IN Turkiye, despite Doll's claim that he is Florida. When confronted, he says that there is an ongoing police investigation going on with carter, this, however, is rather doubtful. Since doll claims carter was posting CP for over a year on his own IP, one wonders how none of the dozens of other volunteer mods ever noticed or reported this, or why doll himself never mentioned it. It also asks the vexing moral question, of how doll justifies the idea that he protected, paid, and defended a supposed pedophile for an entire year, all because he didn't want to "cause drama".

CLAIM: Kuz and KolymaNET's histories are full of fabrications and lies.


This is true. We do not dispute this fact in and of itself. Lolwut and Kuz are private individuals, over the age of 21, and may, or may not choose to disclose whatever they wish about themselves. You are free to apply this to any claim made about the history of kuz or Kolyma, in our own time, we will be forthcoming about this.

CLAIM: Kuz and other Kolyma members use stunt doubles, and fake pictures to obsecure their identity.

Partial truth:

This claim has truth to it. For example, Eduardo Folts, a man widely claimed (at times by kuz himself) to be kuz, is in fact, not. Kuz said in August, that those pictures (the ones that depicted a solo male) were not him. 2023.[7] However, he has been present in photos before.

CLAIM: Kuz's post history contained lurid things. / The Tennesee IP isn't a vpn


As explained in the first claim, the IP address widely reported to be kuz, was a shared IP address, used by multiple people. This IP does not belong exclusively to kuz, and thus, individual threads can not said to be definitely made by him.[1] Several kolyma employees have been seen using the IP, and have unanimously confirmed their usage of it. In addition, the IP address was active at all times of day and night, active when kuz was doing livestreams (wherein, any typing would have been obviously heard), active while he was on airplanes, and sometimes, making active requests to the site at a rate faster than a human could possibly make by themselves. It logged into kaguya, max, kuz, and the override account.

Since the soot era, people have been accused of kuz because of the association. One user of the IP, even posted a picture of his european-type outlet along with a timestamp.

CLAIM: Kaguya and/or max, and/or lolwut, are kuz himself


The source of this claim is from doll, who says that because these people only used Tor, or, the Tennessee IP address, that they are all actually kuz.[6] He later retracted the accusation that kaguya and lolwut were kuz, on account of their extensive histories, predating their association with kuz, though he maintains that max and kuz are the same person, because Max does not have a readily apparent internet history.

Also, until relatively recently, doll defended himself from claims that he faked the wire by repeating over and over again that max was indeed real, and so was the auction. This was long after kuz left, so he has no excuse about having to avoid pissing him off to keep the domains. Doll wrote, under his own authority, that max is real. So which is true? Is he lying then, or now? Maybe he hadn't made up his mind yet, since he puts kuz's name in quotation marks, and later filtered it to pedo.

Update: They have progressively backtracked all these claims, and have finally given up on it entirely. But they definitely aren't lying about everything else.

CLAIM: Kolyma hosted lolicon hentai, guro, and animal abuse


KolymaNET's terms of service restrict the sharing or dissimination of materials that are against the law. All other things are openly allowed.


Some people claim Kolyma encouraged the spreading of "BMT" - baby monkey torture, a sickening online phenomenon of animal abuse.

Animal abuse was and is explicitly banned in the Terms of Service. However, claims persist that because, for a incredibly brief period, there were channels on Vidlii which uploaded such content, kuz and lolwut directly propagated/allowed such content for financial gain.

First of all, these channels were a phenomenon that came into existance about 6 months after Vidlii was purchased. We were not aware of them until it was pointed out to us. Since most of the channels were only a few days old, and we were still wrangling the massive, new site, they slipped past our moderation abilities. Since animal abuse content did not violate the law of the Russian Federation, no immediate action by KolymaNET could be took, but the following day, the ToS were updated to forbid animal abuse, and all channels spreading it were banned. Because various stragglers continued to slip past the ban for a few weeks, Vidlii unfortunately earned the incorrect title as a "Hotbed" of such activities, or even as a site which encouraged them.

Secondly, Vidlii does not produce any profit. We would gain absolutely nothing except the scorn of outsiders, our own users, and our own employees if we willingly chose to allow it. It benefits us none, and costs us greatly. The idea that we allowed it for the sake of ad revenue is naive, Vidlii does not have ads, or monetization of any sort.


What do you want, kuz?!

The purpose of this site, presently and in the future, is to debunk some of the baseless claims that Doll and Froot have made against kuz and other KolymaNET admins.

We only seek this one end. We outstretch our hand to doll if he wishes to admit that he was mistaken or lied, if that is what he did. We do not want to harm his sites, nor buy any of them, nor attack his personal character. We are genuinely trying to clear up confusion, if that is the source of these claims, or to debunk vicious, and horrific lies, if that turns out to be the true reason he made them.

Please keep in mind this is merely a response to something doll began claiming a few months ago out of the blue. We did not seek to start anything again after Kolyma ceased involvement in But now that we have resources available to us, we will set the record clear.

Letter to Doll

My letter to Doll

Doll, I wanted to see you as a friend. You certainly wanted to see me as one to in the immediate aftermath of our seperation, since you kept asking max about how to get in contact with me.

This makes the words you have said to me all the more saddening. Were all of our phonecalls, late night chats, and shared drinks really supposed to lead to this?

Let me make it clear, I no longer want anything to do with you or your sites, and I didn't after we had an argument about whether or not soylita should be banned, as your reasoning, I found disturbing.

But I did not want to do anything against you. I assumed that us two adults could amicably split over our disagreements, keep our drama between ourselves, and move on.

I need not go into detail about what you did, and what you said I did. Thats been done in this site already.

I did not really want to air your dirty laundry either, which is exactly what I am doing here. - however,

I did not do this because I am petty and vindictive, even though I often am. I do this because you chose to cast the first stone, and strike your friend while he was walking away from you.

I still have my hand outstretched, even if my metaphorical forehead is still bleeding. I want to be on good or neutral terms with you.

Whether you want to do that is up to you. You have valid reasons to dislike me, and I have to you. I am not asking you to like me.

I am asking you to retract your claims, and apologize. If you do this in private, I will never tell a soul, and you will not be publicly humiliated.

- kuz

Deboonking Responses

(New) counter arguments, deboonked

Doll, since you have given multiple lackluster responses to our site, I am inviting you to a public, livestreamed debate held by a neutral party. We can both join a discord call (Trooncord, I know), and debate this sites contents. A third party can be present to verify and livestream the event elsewhere. Since you have apparently read this site yet are not backing down from your claims.

Doll's Response to the Site

Welcome back.

Lets deboonk what Doll has responded. It's not much. In fact he's been incredibly silent on the fact. A few days ago he was posting daily on kiwifarms and /q/, now suddenly he hasn't said a word, and has banned hundreds[8] of people for mentioning or talking about this site, ostensibly for being an "off site community", though this site is merely text, it is not a community site. This site also reached its 2,000th unique visitor[9] as of a few hours ago, less than 24h into the launch. Doll's silencing attempts have not been successful.

Here was dolls response to being questioned about the site, responding with this statement on his new personal echo chamber,

This isn't actually a response, its just him seething again, but we'll go through it anyway. Doll claims I am untrustworthy because of I claimed to be dead, left the internet, etc. Just read it for yourself. Here are the facts:

  • I never was a pedophile
  • I never left the internet forever, nor said I was
  • I never claimed to be dead (he cites a telegram post from a channel I do not own as proof of this)
  • I never claimed I was back from the dead
  • I didn't start a new company
  • I didn't fire max and kaguya, they simply did not return. I am in contact with both of them. I did not cut them off for being "controversial".

You never talked to the cops about me bud.

>but other sites admins claimed you spammed CP, too!

Nope, just you. Soot said I was innocent of that, and I haven't bought any other imageboards, besides, which I don't even speak the same language of. The owner of that site came to me asking to sell it.

>past ownership of lolicon/shotacon sites

Says the owner of a child porn/DNB/doxxing site. I do not represent the sites I host, they are my customers, just like the bad people on your sites do not represent your personal opinions, because they are not you. You also wanted to be a Heyuri moderator, lol.

>the police will say the rest

The police wont say shit because you are lying. The fact that you are lying about this makes me wonder if you were lying about other police investigations, since, even though they have been going on for over a year, you never got a single CP spammer arrested.

Froot's Response to the Site

root says a few things, such as that the pictures I uploaded of my servers were fake, because he "saw me using" a different type of server. Interesting. I never gave froot access to any of my servers and he never met me in real life. But the picture of the servers i own, that i uploaded here(see first image in citations), literally have "" written on them, which is the name of a kolyma-affiliated advertising network owned by max.

Froot also backtracked on the claim that max and I are on the same person, meaning I got to cross out an entire section of this site. He then said that I post on his site "regularly", which he provided 0 evidence for.

But (You) Hosted DNB too!

CP and DNB were explicitly banned on the site under my rule. I never once posted it or encouraged it, unlike Froot and doll. I also explicitly deleted it when I saw it, though doll, the guy I made manager, and at the time, the guy who deepthroated me the hardest in public for kuzpoints, did not actually enforce my rules very well. This is also why his insults about me leaving BMT up for too long are retarded. You were in charge of almost all the moderation!?

(You) Just Want Attention, and (You) Just Want the Site Back

I do not want the site back. I was perfectly content living in private for months until doll accused me of being a CP spammer, then when I respond, suddenly he says I am stirring up drama.

(You) Let BMT Stay Up on the Sharty

The site has always been poorly moderated. I never let any illegal material stay up willingly. All site admins have had instances where rule breaking material stayed up for a while. It's an imageboard. Some guy made a livestream where he had doll on speeddial and kept mentioning this while trying to skim over this website with his 4th grade reading level. It's a stupid argument.

Your Timestamps Are AI Generated


Oh my Fauci he used the power of Science™ to frickin' BTFO Doll!

Your Timestamps Are Fake, They Aren't (You)

Nope. Literally exact same piece of paper next to me logged into my kiwifarms account.

>but your finger isnt in that one

...what? Why does that matter? I saw someone saying this, but I don't get how that disproves anything. It's the same piece of paper. Logic would reason that its the same person holding it, unless I, for some reason, gave the piece of paper to someone else to take a picture with.

Turn a light on you troll, you'll get pale skin

Click here to see Doll's response:

New site

Sometime around Doll's retirement on March 17, the site changed to display the following message:

I am working on a new site to go here. It's going to be a blog about the things I care about. Please consider following me on Gab. Campaigning for a christian america and advocating to protect american rights God bless. Not involved in anything about imageboards anymore. Just a man trying to spread the good word.

- "kuz"

read my telegram post:

Beware of people who said I became such and such or joined some sect or religion. You can only find reliable information here. Not on imageboards, facebook, VK, twitter, instagram, etc Since a fake image circulated recently (which accompanied the image I posted above) saying I became a Muslim or am a Turk, thats not true. I am in Turkiye, but I am a life long Christian and proud supporter of some organizations that me and my colleagues are a part of. In specific, during my dark times, I joined the «Family Federation for World Peace and Unification», a wonderful christian organization in the USA which is supporting Americans god-given rights to liberty, 2nd ammendment, etc. And I consider myself an American since I spent alot of my life there, even if I am not technically an American by blood, its a spirit, and I have the spirit. 🇺🇸 I love jesus. Don't let people deceive you about my intentions. Again, I am not following the imageboard world anymore, but I did recently write some stuff on a website about things doll said. Ultimately, I may take it down soon because I dont want to start drama with him, no matter what he says. I honestly was just surprised to see it. I reiterate my position about recent things, I am a proud christian. And I extend my warmest gratitude to Reverend Min who brought me into his wonderful church. Thank you again to him and the Unifications Church, you have my sincere, whole hearted support, whatever that means. I also extend gratitude to various people on Gab who introduced me to the truth about America, Qanon, Donald Trump, etc - I am so surprised and learning more and more every day. God bless. 🇺🇸✝️ >

Need any more proof that Kuz is Trump in disguise?


  1. 1.0 1.1 You can peform reverse DNS searches on many of our IP's and notice that they have FQDN's, something that a residential connection couldn't offer, they also hosted websites. Though not all of them had this. You can also see pictures of our servers here
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  5. OH MY FAUCI KUZ WAS ACTUALLY A 19-YEAR-OLD KID FROM FLORIDA NAMED "CARTER" AND NEVER EXISTED, IT WAS SOME 'CORDTROON AND HIS FRIENDS PLAYING A LONG LARP (even though everyone with more than one braincell already knew that “kuz” wasn’t real)/ARG!!!!1
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  9. Cloudflare stats
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