The /nate/ War

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The Great /nate/ War
Part of /nate/ skirmishes

The /nate/ War memorial
Date11 March - 27 March 2024 (16 days total)

1st Conflict: 11 March - 21 March

2nd Conflict: 22 March - 27 March

1st Conflict: Anti-Gooner (AGC) Victory

  • Pages are reduced to 5 on /nate/
  • Multiple full wipes are achieved by Anti-Gooners
  • Gooners bunker down at /qa/

2nd Conflict: Anti-Gooner (AGC) Victory

  • Bumps are disabled
  • Thread limit removed again
  • Most porn gets hashbanned
  • TGD is achieved
  • /trump/ is added on March 29th
Gooner Forces (GF) Anti-Gooner Coalition (AGC)
Commanders and leaders

1st Conflict:

Goon Minion




2nd Conflict:

Always Goon Coomer


1st Conflict:

A Rogue Janny

HoneybunJak (Withdrew)

Both Conflicts:

Never Goon Minions

Never Goon Trump


White Square Spammer (Oekaki) [Ban-Evaded]

Bordiga Spammer

2nd Conflict:

Some furfag

Goatse spammer


Third Party Actors


Weed Girl Drawfag

2nd Conflict:

Vesnafag (Representing RWNO)
6-7 Gooners

9+ Spammers

2nd Conflict:

Several Soyteens
Casualties and losses

/nate/ gets reduced to 5 pages

19th March Ankhafag thread falls

21st March multiple threads slid, later all threads slid

Ankhafag's deteriorating mental health

Ankhafag Surrenders

Fresh goon threads have to keep being made, resulting in loss of goon material (Sisyphian)

Second Conflict:

Goon More makes a lolcow-tier thread on /soy/ (gooners are adamant that this DIDNT happen)

Most porn gets hashbanned

Bumps are disabled

Thread limit gets removed

One of them might have gooned

SeigePoster Banned for promoting pedophilia (Posted the Shoyta) He continues to post though.

Hourly thread limit

Fresh goon threads keep being made after wars of attrition (Sisyphian)

Second Conflict:

Gooners take over late mutt hours until March 27th

White Square Spammer gets banned for posting the corpse of a baby (he got da proxy doe and is back)

The Sharty suffers several hours of downtime

/soy/ gets PPHmogged by /nate/ several times

The /nate/ War was a series of skirmishes among users of the infamous /nate/, which allows all content not normally permitted in the site, save for obvious things such as ‘P. This, however has allowed degeneracy to fester inside the board, prompting users to fight for control of the catalog by spamming threads trying to slide all gooner posts and threads. Often times this results in an active front where opposing sides bump and sage threads back and forth where the Anti Gooner Coalition (AGC), and the Gooner Forces (GF) constantly spam the board for several hours at a time, sometimes even overtaking /soy/ in PPH during these clashes and at one point even doubling.


After Froot hid /nate/, a gooner posted the things he goons to, consisting of fetish content such as feet, femdom, BDSM, etc. However, spammers attempt to cattywipe /nate/ from time to time. After /nate/ was increased to 40 pages, and an hourly thread limit was instated, it became difficult to wipe everything off the catalog. On March 12th 2024, by chance, the /nate/ gooner posted the infamous Zone Ankha video (expected from him since its also femdom). This thread then attracted another Ankhafag who contributed with more Ankha porn. This soon grew into a community on /nate/, forming the Ankha faction, and populating /nate/. The OG /nate/ gooner also joins them and posts fetishistic stuff at an increased rate.


/nate/ overpasses /soy/ pph

The increase in porn threads made anti-gooners take action. Arguably, the first anti-gooner to join the battle was the Never Goon Minion. During this time, the Minionposter would fill the hourly thread limit with posts that call for the gooning to stop. This starts a drama between Ankhafags and Minionfag. During this time, a purple minion, based on the evil minions from Despicable Me 2, posts threads taunting Minionfag. Gooners also falseflag Minionfag. During this period, other anti-gooners started to spam, but they are similarly limited by the thread limit.

On March 16th, minionCHADs organize a raid on /nate/. During the raid, they bumped the non-goon and Minion posts scattered along the 40 page catty. This all occurs while the gooners are asleep. They also make a thread on /q/ asking to delete /nate/, which might’ve lead to the Janny intervention and war escalation.


Once the thread limit was lifted, a never ending spam war started, one side spamming porn and the other side spamming various other things to stop the porn. This spam war so severe that it significantly slowed down the servers. Sharty shut down for almost half a day after this, however it is not confirmed if lag generated /nate/ spam was responsible the shutdown or not. There was an unknown rogue janitor who helped the anti-gooner side. He used his janny powers to delete the and auto-sage Ankha threads. He got exposed for power-abusing and got reported to the mods. This janny presumably lost his janny privileges after this event, as the threads stopped getting deleted afterwards.

On March 19th, ROOT makes a thread asking the soldiers on /nate/ whether the pages should be reduced to 5 or 10, ultimately choosing 10 pages. The OP includes an Animal Crossing macro, alluding to the possibility that ROOT is making this decision because of the war. This change forces the gooners to bump their threads more often, which they would do for hours, due to the unrelenting spambots.


On March 20th, a spammer would go under the persona of communist Bordiga and spam gore all over /nate/, along with a variant of the communist gangster police state copypasta. Among the carnage, Ankhafag keeps xheir threads up for more than 24 hours. This level of bumo rivals that of zelligfags.s

On march 21st around 10:00 UTC all gooner threads are slid by the combined agency of Donald Trump, Whitesquare poster and possibly other, less recognizable individuals, who don't avatarfag. Any subsequent threads made by them continue to be swiftly slid as well as spammed with gore well into the lunch hours, 13:00 UTC. Waring continues well into the evening hours until the ankhafag concedes defeat and leaves the conflict. Later, Never Goon Minion capitalizes on the full wipe by shutting down thread creation for several hours, using the same thread limit that hindered anti-gooners in the past. This occurs at approximately 4:00 UTC on March 22nd.


The fetish poster on /nate/ has been there long before the war. There was at least one anti-gooner trying to slide his porn threads from time to time.

First Conflict

Ankhafags has shown a liking to both Honeybun Jaks and Never Goon Minions despite being enemies acting in a very positive manner to their rival and chatting with them on various topics. The feeling is very mutual both Honeybunjaks and the Never Goon Minion has shown positive attitude towards their own rival. Never Goon Trump has shown hostility to any attempts at a positive interaction.

Second Conflict

The second conflict was defined by a lack of relations. Banter between sides died down, and everyone became more hostile to each other. Avatarfags on both sides also appeared less frequently, with some withdrawing from the war entirely. Even the gorespammers and anti-goon avatarfags have shown disliking towards each other.

Root cracking down on spam

Thread per hour limit has been set by root due to mod logs being unintelligible.

Root calls for a flood ceasefire in nate.


Anti-goon spammers usually are manual, and tend to go for hours at night. Some of the Anti-Gooners use bots to cattywipe for example the Never Goon Trump. This is considered "dishonorable" by the gooners, compared to organic cattywiping. however their word is not to be taken seriously. Before the alleged botting the gooners were gloating and mocking the anti gooners for wasting time and being at a disadvantage, but they quickly flip flopped on their rhetoric once they started being bested. Same is true for the mod intervention, where they raised a a riot when a rouge janny autosaged some of their threads but then turn around to gag on root's dick when he puts a thread limit on the board.

The message displayed when trying to post before the anti-spam cooldown



Gooners tend to use large threads that they tend to bump in 1-5 minute intervals during catalog wipes. The reason they didn't spam before March 27th is because it is hard to defend multiple threads, and also because it was more convenient for them to make singular goon threads.

This strategy was rendered obsolete after March 27th.

Wipe Baiting

Wipe baiting is one of the last resorts employed by gooners. It was used in both conflicts, but became more frequent after March 27th, as a replacement for necrobumping. After an anti-goon catty wipe, the baiter would post a single porn thread. This is intended to wear anti-gooners down and cause seethe, but it is ultimately ineffective, beause 9 times out of 10, anti-gooners follow through and wipe it anyway.

Both Sides

Thread Limit Exploit

Before March 27th, both sides would spam all their threads at a certain time, timing bumps with this schedule to wipe off the opposing side's threads. After a full wipe, this can be used to effectively shut down threadmaking until the next window appears. This was utilized most effectively by the gooners.

Second Conflict

For most of the second conflict, gooners were dominating /nate/ again with necrobumps. These threads would survive for several hours, until euro hours, and sometimes take up the entire catalog due to well times bumps and thread limit manipulation. A gooner victory or stalemate became more likely every subsequent day.

On March 27th, bumps get disabled. The thread limit also gets raised, or removed. This is a massive win for the AGC, considering that it is now impossible for gooners to keep their threads up. (even doe it also means it's easier to make porn threads?) <- Gooners can't save their threads from catty wipes anymore, and filling them with goon material isn't feasible anymore, which previously brought gooners closer to victory. Gooners are put at a considerable disadvantage because of this change.

As expected, the gooners can't keep their threads up, but only counterspam. The counterspam fails because most of the gooners are used to necrobumping every 3-15 minutes. Anyone can cattywipe the NSFW, and the conditions of /nate/ are once again hostile for gooners. After these changes, gooners give up.

Porn Gets Filtered

While all of this was happening, the 'p filter developed by Root was auto-deleting random porn images since the start. This was noticed by Ankhaposters too. The filter has always been faulty and flagged random images for 'p. The filter seems to detect certain body parts to determine whether it's porn or not (even if the image is just a pair of feet, it can detect it.) After March 28th, the filter appears to have become a lot harsher. Currently it detects and deletes almost anything that is even remotely porn. It doesn't work on gifs/videos though.

Always Goon Coomer



-Goon More Coomer

This entry mistakenly mixes multiple people as one, some coomers just dump porn and don't interact with anything else.

After the avatargooners were forced out of /nate/, and bunkered in /qa/, a new challenger appeared. Goon More Coomer made his entrance by spamming threads saying "ALWAYS GOON" and "GOON MORE" He got a few catty wipes with his goon material, but Never Goon Trump and Co. would always push back hours later with cattywipes, spinning copypastas, and TND gore.

Coomerfag showed visible frustration and seethe as a result of these spam waves. Eventually, Goon More Coomer made a thread enlisting Chuds on /soy/ into his goon army, bringing the drama to the average soyteen's perception again.[1] It backfired, and lead to an increase of anti-gooner bumps and threads on /nate/. The thread was met with a high volume of soyquotes, and a wave of Never Goon Minions in the thread.

Goon More Coomer usually false flags Never Goon Trump, and seethes at the Never Goon army. His usual retort is "NATE IS A NSFW BOARD" because he fails to understand that gore is considered NSFW and cattywiping is encouraged on /nate/. He also thinks repeating "gooners won" will make him automatically win.


First Conflict

Near the end of the first conflict, Never Goon Trump began rotating the threads with PQTRIQT style bumps. This alone severely disrupted goon threads, and made them easier to wipe. This strategy resulted in non-Ankha goon threads sliding off quickly.

Ankhafag attempted to negotiate. Responses were mixed, but Never Goon Trump didn't amuse the potential ceasefire.

Gooners began to post in anti-gooner threads, being unable to make fresh threads, spelling defeat. Gangster police schizo also spammed remaining goon threads and posts with TND and copypastas. Despite the thread limit, the anti-gooner's strategy lead to an anti-gooner win.

Second Conflict

Following March 27th, /nate/ returned to the place it once was. Gooners are washed away by every spamwave that comes through. The availability for anyone to cattywipe has lead to more avatarfags on the anti-goon side. After the war, anti-gooners reigned the catty. The remaining gooners resorted to posting in the sticky.


Accurate portrayal of the White Square Spammer

Anti-gooners have been accused of being worse than the gooners, because some of them spam TND gore and other glowie content. There has also been infighting between Furfag and the TND spammers.

The Xitter post in question

The Twitter Incident

The Twitter Incident is a screenshot of a 14 y/o tranny's post on Twitter. In the post, vx5590 claims authorship over the thread that organized the first cross-board raid. Xe posts a screenshot of the thread as proof. The motive behind this post is questionable, but it's likely a falseflag.

In one of the threads the screenshot was posted in, the Incident was debunked, with the revelation that the screenshot of the thread was already uploaded to this very wiki, on March 18th. Furthermore, it was posted on the Shemalie before the upload.

These facts compromise the validity of the Xitter troon's claim.


See: The Dust War

Conflict continued, even after the AGC Victories, because the remaining gooners frequently attempted to take back the board. In response, anti-gooners performed more catalog wipes, which devastated /nate/ even more. Skirmishes would penetrate /soy/.

The ensuing conflict would be dubbed, The Dust Bowl, by analysts, due to the appearance of the catalog, and the diminishing posts per day.


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