The Amazing Digital Circus

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The Amazing Digital Circus is CONGOLESE VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIERY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!

The Amazing Digital Circus is darker than coal...

The Amazing Digital Circus, also known as The Amazing Reddit Circus, The Autistic Tranny Circus, The Amazing Degenerate Circus, The Brimstone Tranny Circus, The Niggerdrilling Fetish Circus, and The Niggardly Nigger Minstrel Show[I say these btw] is a A24-inspired, genre-redefining, gender-affirming series lead-developed by Gooseworx (also known as Cooper Smith Goldwin). The show features mostly satanic themes and is about some jester and xer Discord friends being sent to another dimension where they can spam 'p and racebait on the sharty without getting the feds to arrest them or something like that idk I'm not watching 20 something minutes of that absolute NAS brimstone. Soyologists have concluded that this cartroon is a forced Discord meme, millennial goyslop, and part of the cancer that is killing /soy/. If you see one of these threads that unironically praise the show, be sure to soyquote OP as a 'cordtranny and report the thread so that jannies can clean it up.

To be researched: What was, and who made the decision to remove and bring back TADC 'jaks from the 'ru?. Can (You) help us?


Upon even the FIRST TRAILER coming out for the show, smut creators immediately took to making pornography, likely leading to a build up that eventually resulted in TADC becoming the big EPI generator it is today. This can likely be attributed to the show's creator who is a degenerate (which you will see later in this article) and those kinds of people likely having a network. Noose xhemself has even expressed how delighted xe is to now have a large audience of children xe can now "influence" (there is a quote like that some where, easiest way to find would be in the comment section of Carl Sama's video). Someone like Cooper is not to be trusted with children (you) can help by telling parents about xis degenerate behavior.


This show looks ugly as FUCK. As none of the people who are behind this show have any sort of talent, they've decided to go with a "HECCIN EARLY 90s CGI/PSX GAME" aesthetic. This aesthetic is very popular among Troon media (see Ultrakill, Bloodborne PSX, etc.) as it allows you to make complete and utter visual vomit while being able to handwave it away as "the style," even though games and CGI from those days were made by skilled individuals (usually White men) who tried to do their best with the limitations given to them and weren't trying to make absolute rubbish. This show was also made with Unreal Engine, the hit gaming engine that is responsible for a majority of the vidya 'slop being released today.


  • Pomni - A selfish little fuck who keeps whining about how heccin scared she is and how she doesn't even remember her name or whatever. Nothing is revealed about her life before the tranny circus but you can bet that she's gonna be revealed to be a dude before xer life in the circus and the circus is some sort of metaphor for xer coming out as a Troon. And a inspiration of Poopson
  • Jax - Gay retarded Tumblrbait character who acts like a prick to everyone around him just because he can. Spergs also like to self insert as this character, claiming he's "LITERALLY ME"
  • Ragatha - Some stupid gay doll who acts like everything is fine even when xhey're in complete pain. Probably another allegory to being trans for obvious reasons.
  • Gangle - Crazy BPD lady who gets easily offended. Literally just a mask. Probably also another metaphor for being trans. This entire show is probably about being trans. Trans people are vile. They always insert their insidious agenda in everything they touch. Fuck them.
  • Bubble - Gay and retarded, looks like the enemies from MUH HECCIN MARIO GAMES :OOOOO
  • Zooble - Some gay retarded millennial written snarky faggot, he swears and that's like le cool or something! This show, despite being black comedy, isn't very funny. (Also a self-insert for Gooseworx but that isn't very surprising now is it?)[1]
  • Kinger - IDK he's retarded or something IDRC (the name sounds like nigger kinda)
  • Caine - The admin of or however the polygons are modeled. Lives like a jew by sitting at fancy diners while giving the characters nothing.

wtf is up with all the hostess snack cake sounding names?

The creators


bro looking like he be straight out of Ohio 💀💀💀
This Person is trans btw, if that matters.

The creator is some tranny[2] named Cooper Smith Goodwin, who was already known as a hecking indie animator and music composer before his current role of being the creator of The Amazing Reddit Circus. His twitter page is filled with drilling fetish art, and becomes very irritated when asked about it.[3]

Fetish art

The following contains material that some may find disturbing

Viewer discretion is advised.

Nooseworx has a private fetish account on twitter named Gooseworse. An archive of art posted to it can be found below, the contents of which include vore, weight gain, inflation, feederism, and more vile Goonclown-tier degeneracy.[4]

One particular fetish that Gooseworx has is a fetish for drilling female characters heads, because the Internet allows psychopathic sadistic tranny autists to propagate their insane sexual desires.


Along with the fetish art that Nooseworx produced, he is also a pedofaggot due to one piece of evidence from the 'Cord.[He just is, okay?]

We need TTD (ironically this character looks like a tranny; possibly self hatred and a desire to ACK OBVIOUSLY xer selfinsert; down to the moles on xer face. Last part TSMT, doe)


TADC is also being produced by a company called Glitch Production[5][6], which is ran by SMG4 brothers Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul,[7] who before founding their studio made spine-tickling, fastburning, mind-rotting, attention span shrinking, and trope subverting videos of Mario being retarded. They ended up creating classic gemeralds such as "Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass Of Milk",[8] "Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door",[9] "Guards N' Retards: the butt ninja",[10] "Mario goes to subway and purchases 1 tuna sub with extra mayo",[11] "chinese elves and gay cashiers",[12] and "Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In Car Door".[13] Nowadays they have been trying to move away from the series and are now also picking up indie animation projects to produce alongside SMG4 such as Murder Drones and TADC. (NOTE: Peer reviewed studies have confirmed this to be semi-accurate. SMG4 is still active, thoughever they went from comedic gemeralds from 2012-2016 to being redditor coal starting in 2017 when they added tranime women and brimmy story arcs.) They and a team of some other people nobody cares about are behind most of the animation, voice acting, and the other production thingies of TADC.[14]

In relation to the Soysphere

You SHOULD post 'jaks related to TADC on soy/, as they are allowed there and WILL NOT be deleted. Soyjaks of this show are NOT restricted to /qa/ whatsoever. In addition, you SHOULD post any soyjaks of TADC characters on the booru as they WILL NOT be deleted instantly regardless of the context. No seriously, why can't I post the Pomni version of Alicia to the booru? I know that this show is only enjoyed by absolute faggots but why should that extend to even mocking the show and its characters? It's not like this show is even some sort of weird obscure thing that's only enjoyed by some malicious 'cord server this piece of shit "show" has millions of hits on YouTube and its not unexpected that some people might try to make soyjaks based on the characters. 'jaks of other brimstone are allowed so why is this show singled out

Parlo video

His dox(Outdated Though[15]):

On November 15 2023, controversial 'blox commentary 'tuber Parlo made a video discussing all the drama surrounding the pilot. The first segment is about how le bigot incel chuds are harrassing and doxxing innocent tranxqween nooseworx and shows TADC related 'jaks at 1:23. He blames 'worx's dox on "4chan cavedwellers" (4cucks are cavedwellers doe) and UTTP trolls, but no mention of the party >yep issa anotha #ShartyVVin.

iox video

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
Really well meme'd my friend!

Exact same thing as Parlo video but still no mention of the party >#ShartyVVin Again. However, 'teens decided to do some digging into the creator of the video, ioxalt, and found his reddit account where he moderates more than 15 PORN SUBREDDITS[16]. What makes this even funnier is the fact that he not only downplays Gooseworx's drill fetish while serving as an admin on multiple raceplay subreddits, but also the fact that he made a subreddit for his 'tube channel with less than six (6) members. Furthermore, he moderates an FNF porn subreddit as well as the most popular 4cuck subreddit (r/greentext). He has also made fanart for Pyrocynical's (known fat fetishist furry crossdresser) merch store[17], as well as individual porn subreddits for minor characters from helluva boss, each with single-digit user counts.

Ayy Lmao video

At Youtube short video that cover Partial Raid, But with million views and no party mention. >#Huge ShartyVVin.

Carl Sama video

The video itself is a TRVTHNVKE, Cover Controversy surrounding TADC and The Gooseworx Fetish art.

MetalBit video

Showing off more of gooseworx's depraved posts.

GlitchX "raid"

Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.

The Archive:

Main article: Snitches

An attempt to gem up the GlitchX youtube event (essentially a broadcast of a panel including youtube's biggest and most famous EPI/LGBTQ virtue signalling "web shows") was made on 11/9/2023. The plan was to send a few 'zas to the stream members, though 'teens couldn't crash into the stream itself, a 'cuck on thread about the show, some twitter threads were also shat up. Despite what many say, it wasn't really a failraid since it got LOTS of people mad, so much that entire discord servers and a 4cuck thread were mobilized to derail the thread and ruin the fun as much as possible. Froot[18], Root[19], someone from the FDL[20], and a General ## Mod[21] posted in the thread. The thread was stickied. Since the "raid", 'teens have been looking out for falseflag raids and snitches, and look forward to more potential raids in relation to Glitch Productions and Nooseworx in the future.


The subject of this article is about as real as the jarty is alive.
Take everything below with a grain of sproke.

These dox were made by UTTP Before The show's beginning, Though the address was outdated, and you can't use it to order 'zas.


t. taken from Doxbin[22][OUTDATED Though.]

Name: Cooper Smith Goodwin

Birthday: Oct 11, 1994

Email: [email protected], [email protected] [email protected], [email protected]

Password: superthumbini

Phone Number: (509) 279-3022 (I've heard that another phone number of his could be (509) 927-1256)

Residence: 14412 East Everett Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99216-3004 (although new tweets indicate he's around Seattle, Washington.)

Coordinates: 47.705952,-117.211612



Name: Lizzie Freeman (No relations with Gordon Freeman, the gem that saved Black Mesa)

Usernames: missbunniswan, LizzieSplatoon

Birthday: 2 November 1992

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

IP Address:



Name: Alex Rochon

Birthday: July 30 1990

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Address: Ontario or Stony Plain, AB

Phone Number: (780) 963-4532

IP Adress:



Name: Michael James Kovach

Birthday: June 17, 1995

Email: [email protected]

Address: 312 N Maryland Ave, Youngstown, 44509 Ohio

Coordinates: 41.3271,-81.4513

Phone Number: (330) 782-6351, (330) 270-0380

Vehicle: 1984 Chevrolet Chevette, 1988 Chevrolet S10 Blazer


A few observations

Main article: Shit Nobody Cares About

It's quite obvious that the target audience of these shows (and similar media) aren't really adults per se, but rather young adults and people under the age of 18, and it's evident considering the rather juvenile humor, tropes and other aesthetics such as child-friendly design, while they also curiously display questionable, near pornographic content mixed with LGBTQ+ pandering stimulating socially unsanitary behaviour[23].

Notably, those pieces of virtual entertainment also seem to follow some sort of a formula: Furry/anime-esque art containing atleast one character whose sole purpose is to be coombait, LGBTQ+ virtue signaling and juvenile tropes mixed with adult content as mentioned before, and themes about mental health, social acceptance et cetera. It's also worth noticing that the creators seemingly are into odd, outlandish fetishes, and they always make sure to express them in their creations in some way or another.

Whether or not this is one big FAGMAN plan made to politically indoctrinate young people, introduce them into made-up phobias and social anxieties and expose them to EPI (early porn introduction), consequentially turning them into weak-minded, anxiety-ridden consumerists with pornographic and virtual addictions (turning some into trannies, making them throw thousands at big pharma products), in order to create a generation of weak and mindless drones is up to the reader's interpretation[or maybe, you should just stop noticing things, chud.]. Late-stage capitalism and mass-cultre at it's finest.



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homestar runner is better though