The Calendarjaking

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The Calenderjaking was an event in Soyjak history from July 8th to July 9th 2023 in which in Rorr404 and an anonymous Chud flooded the 'log of the 'ru with Science Lovers that have the caption "I heart (date)" with a screenshot of the corresponding Wikipedia On This Day below the text. Originally, Rorr404 was set on making them manually before an anonymous Chud stepped up by making two python scripts, one to create the Calendarjaks and one to upload them.[1] This event marks the first time in Soyjak history that the 'ru was seriously spammed with something that was actually gemmy instead of BBCspam or dumb countrywar spam. Despite the fact that the Calendarjaks were glistening gemeralds, sadly the September 11th Calendarjak makes no mention of 9/11 at all.

The spamrald that started the saving of the 'ru.