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The Frog Pond

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This is an actual ad for a non-sharty website, take everything here with a grain of salt and remind this other site's jannies that they do it for free.

The Frog Pond smells like bait.

Sharty in Ohio💀💀💀
FoundationSeptember 25th 2023
Major Boards/pepe/, /qa2/
Total posts5,000+

The Frog Pond (also known as the 'clitty in soy speak is a dead website. Originally a board on, The Frog Pond was made as a safer alternative to the OTHER frog pond. The 'pond is an actual honeypot, specifically an IP grabber. The website is basically an empty shell that gets less than 3 posts per day, with most being pepe baiting threads.


It currently has 6 boards.[1], "The Frog Pond" has NEVER gotten a wiki. It got a booru though.

  • /apu/ - Apu, which is a board about Apu, one of the main Pepe variants.
  • /bant/ - International/Random (although it's shown as "Question & Answer" on the main page)
  • /bl/ - Feels, which is a board for blogposting, just like /r9k/, where Pepe made his first appearance.
  • /pepe/ - Frogs, which is a board virtually filled with posts that are indistinguishable from the average frog bait on /sharty/. The only time they get a PPH higher than 0 is whenever the owner of the website posts a call to raid his website. Otherwise most of the posts on the first page are weeks and months old.
This post was made after the catalog was shit up with Pepe, Snopes verified that OP was bankrolled by the frogs
  • /q/ - TFP Discussion, self explanatory
  • /qa2/ - Business Inquiries. wow they finally made it (just /pepe2/ albeit)

Former Boards

  • /tv/ - Television and Film, self explanatory
  • /anu/ - Anurans, which was a board originally made for the british frog drawfag.
  • /blepe/ - made in feburary 21st 2024 and shut down 2 seconds later geg
  • /trump/ - Trump. MAGAPEDES ARE IN CONTROL

Frog websites

In /pepe/, there is a stickied thread[2] by TFP admin frog21, known as "Frog ## Admin" in TFP, which mentions the clitty has numerous "sister sites". These include:

The Frog war

Main article: The Frog War

Ever since the Frog Rain incident in September 26th, TFP has suffered numerous raids and 'catty wipes and GET steals in almost every single one of their boards done by soyteens. All in vain, since it was never meant to be a legit altchan.

Frogpond raids aren't common anymore due to the entire site being a honeypot. The clitty supposedly has an infinite catalog[ackshually it has 1488 pages or so ive been told], so catty-wiping raids are never effective. See below.


Main article:

The entire site is basically a honeypot made for datamining and collecting IP adresses from gullible, easily baited retards. Raiding the website VILL get your IP address registered on the TrumpListTM, and they VILL datamine you. With that being said, raiding the Frog Pond is a foolish act.

The Frog Pond
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