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The Great Domain Drop

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>It's like what happened to my favorite banana ranch website or something.[a]

The event

The First Great Domain Drop[edit | edit source]

On August 9th 2023, DynaDot dropped from it's services because of the Goongate incident or whatever end of the sharty even doe it'll just change to a new domain but will probably be renamed #DropSoyjakParty. Doll quickly made an announcement in his Telegram, and linked users to, whose registrar is Epik.

This is considered one of the major events in the leadup to the Soypocalypse.

Actually, the CEO of DynaDot has been Doxxed[He just was, okay?], Though some anomynous user responded, "Tranny Hate will never win. Retards lost today". It was Jean "Sodacatxx" Reported the domain.

The Second Great Domain Drop[edit | edit source]

On September 20th 2023, dropped[1] domain due to "promotion of violence". It was probably related to the September 21 CP Incident, as well as the notorious ip grabbing link, "", what's worse is that a couple of 4cuck /v/ users or trannies are getting revenge[Marge…]. After fears of a second Soypocalypse, and the loss of all contents of the Wiki, which were dispelled by Froot saying that data was not lost, Angeleno moved the wiki to, which had the side-effect of giving Froot de-facto control of the Wiki, and merging arguably the two most important organs of the Soysphere, something the notoriously monopolistic Yuri Kuznetsov could’ve only masturbated to. A great loss for decentralisationCHADS indeed.

Although Porkbun later reversed their decision, the old domain was still abandoned and is used as a redirect.

The Third Great Domain Drop[edit | edit source]

Sometime in October of 2023, GoDaddy reported Because it's ██████████████████████████lute██████████████████████.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. kill yourself obsessed faggot

References[edit | edit source]

The Great Domain Drop
is part of a series on
The cancer that is killing /soy/
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Symptoms [-+]

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Treatment [-+]

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