The Powder Toy

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The Powder Toy is a gemmy slowburn sandbox falling sand game made by a POLISH BVLL[1] named Stanislaw K. Skowronek

Relation to the Sharty

there used to be a save on TPT with a bunch of 'jaks, including Cobson, Perro Rabioso, Classic Soyjak, and more, however, this save mysteriously disappeared one day, and all of the shining gems were erased from TPT history, the creator of the save was called XDeleter (at least i THINK that's him, there are other soyjak saves on TPT, one of them has the classic soyjak and nordic chad in it, the soyjak in the save was credited and it said it was made by XDeleter, so i assume that's the guy who made all the other 'jaks)

on the 17th of october 2023, a user named "catchphrase911" made a save called "Assorted meme faces", this save includes the classic soyjak (bottom left) and chudjak (bottom right), aswell as a bunch of other NAS memes, like trollface and pepe, the save's id is 3047005 (when you open TPT, click the little paper icon with the arrow next to it, this will open the saves thingy where you can search for and load other peoples saves, click on the search bar at the top and type "id:3047005" (without the quotes) into the search bar, you should see the 'jak save, click on it and press "Open", another thing you can do is press the S key to stamp things, this allows you to basically copy and paste things, also you need to drag it over and select the thing you wanna stamp and when you do you wanna stop holding the left click and it will stamp the thing you selected, also you can press the K key to see all your stamped things)

Links -- this is where you can download the 'owder toy -- wiki where you can learn what all the elements and stuff do