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The Second Great Purchase

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This article is full of lies. Do not take anything written here as a fact - It is very likely this entire article is a complete work of fiction.

An announcement at the top of the party displaying the current highest bidder.[1]
DOLL posts the current events on the jarty.[2]

The Second Great Purchase, sometimes referred to as The Great Purchase II (GP2), The great sellout II (GS2), and the 2023 Soylection, was an event that happened exactly one year after the original great purchase, but instead involving max and other third parties.

Following the dissolution of KolymaNET, kuz planned on giving to DOLL for free, but right before that could happen, kuz had to solve his debt issue. To absolve himself of most debt, kuz gave ownership of half of his web properties, including to the former NSS director, Anton Maximov. Due to this, DOLL never fully owned the 'party or booru.

Initially, max planned to sell the 'party to DOLL for $6500, but for unknown reasons, decided not to do that and instead start an auction for it. According to lute, bidding was supposed to end on July 21st, but it was announced on July 18th that the bid had ended early due to "the price being settled" with Doll taking over as the owner of the party on July 23rd.[3]

Bidding War

DOLL's second message posted to the jarty.[4]

On July 16th, completely went down due to a server transfer. Max then officially put the site on sale. At the moment, it seems that DOLL will acquire the site, but Frenschan has also attempted to acquire it.[5][6]. This event has colloquially been referred to as The Great Auction.

Kuz's support

Kuz heavily supports DOLL in this and said so publicly.[7]

There is also strong backlash against max for doing this.[8]

Bidding History

List of bids
Bidder Amount
DOLL $10,700 (original bid was $7,000)
Bill $10,560 (original bid was $9,500)
Null (not related to KiwiFarms[9]) $7,800[10]
Benjamin Mendelberg $7,500[11]
Frenschan Never formally bid, but inquired 5,000.[12]
lute Withdrew.[13]

The Blackening

'toss of the event

For more information about this event see: BLACKout day

After reobtaining ownership of the site, Doll was waived of the $300 transfer fee that he was initially obligated to pay[14][15]. Max instead opted to raise this money through alternative methods, and on July 20th, 2023, he began running pornographic advertisements on the website, even encouraging 'teens to click the links to help the cause. This decision, made during a period of high underage activity, and the fact that one of the ads showcased was for[16], further cemented Max's reputation as a moralless jew.

Anti-Semitism and Death Threats

Max, who was already widely-hated on the sharty at this point, started receiving legitimate death threats in the wake of this campaign. Some users also attempted to doxx him and claimed that they had found his personal instagram page (though this was probably someone else with the same name). Jannies eventually had to wipe the catty.

Later revelations

According to Froot, the entire auction was faked in order to scam Doll out of 10,000 dollars, and every other bidder was faked by Max.[it just is, ok?] Doll seems to corroborate accusations of scamming, but has yet to confirm this.



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