The Splicesoning

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A legendary image celebrating the thread, depicting a group of splicejaks gathering round a fat-necked version of Tabjak[1].
The accidental gem


On March 6th, 2023, a chud accidentally stumbled across a gem while looking through his tabs and created the "splice thread"[2]. This spurred forth the creation of "splicejak" or “tabjak”[3]. While splicejak on his own would have been a gem, soyteens did not stop there and began to mix together various jaks, creating the forbidden alchemic art of ‘jak splicing.


SpliceJak Histeria

The alchemy of splicing jaks is seen by many soyteens as anti-science and an affront to Dr Fauci. Out of fear of splicejaks and their potential, many are calling for their 'nishment from the Sharty.

Splicejaks also had very poor reception on the 'ru from the beginning, because of the big divide between the the 'ru and the sharty. In other words, the user base of these communities don't have very much overlap.