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The Wall of Soy (Patient)

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The Wall of Soy was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: 1020
Name: The Wall of Soy
Threat level: Critical
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soyowad

Soy Patient File: Patient 1020

Name: The Wall Of Soy
Threat Level: Critical
Description: Patient 1020, if you could call it a """Patient""" is a strange fleshy creature that resembles multiple severed faces of caucasian man with beards and glasses, opening their mouths agape, the faces are not sentient and could not be described as a human, they look more like dummies or manniqueens, the faces jaws distend in varying sizes, from 1 inch below average jaw detachment to several feet, the growth is currently been stopped in the sewer of the mental ward's high tech medical labs, the fleshy growth has attached itself to several ventilation shafts and underground elevators, the squishy human like texture of the creature's skin resembles discolored human flesh, attempts to damage it result in it regrowing back quickly then spreading further, due to this, the growth is to be left alone before it grows further, several staff have gone missing after entering it's area of growth, sounds of tearing flesh and screaming can be heard inside of it's roots

EXPERATION LOG : Subject S0Y-10020 was given a flashlight and backpack with supplies, he was instructed to enter the dark ungrowths of the medical labs sewer section, due to darkness, the flashlight only illuminates a few feet infront of subject, log begins now


SUB: i don't know why i have to go down, i can see it fine you stupid egghead
DOC: thank you, but please illuminate the specimen's growth and puply mass further
SUB: *walks down the sewer tunnel, several sounds are heard and subjects heart is beating faster than average*

  • loud bang is heard at 5:00 minutes*


  • sub moves camera into place and flashes light onto a creature disjointed with several human faces attached to it, the creature stands in places before jumping at target*

at this point SUB is presumed deceased as video footage cuts out

The creature seen in the video seemingly had originated from the mass, several limbs and bodyparts hang from it's torso holding dried containers of the product soylent and cracked nintendo switches

The attached image is of a decapitated specimen, the creature survived for one hour before expiring, the faces were speaking together, multiple different voices covering each other speaking about a bio mass and the communion of the japanese video game company nintendo[1]