The jarty leak

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On November 6th, 2022, a user on claiming to be a janitor from created a extensive leak[1][2]. This incident also coincides with the samefag leak

The Samefag Leak

The Samefag Leak was an incident that occurred on November 6th, 2022, in which someone from jakparty samefagged, trying to get people to work on the jakparty art on PixelPlanet. This led to a mod to partially leak his IP showing his samefagging[3].

The Jarty Leak


The images posted in the OP showed that Lute directly asked mods to be hostile to in an email. The user goes on to elaborate that Lute had instructed him several times to "defend him" from negative posts on the sharty, as well as participating in anti-sharty raids and made a thread complaining about how he wants to kill Kuz. Finally, he claimed that Lute would dox him if he were to ever leak anything, as well as stating his intent to delete the Minecraft thread.


Sometime after the post went up a message appeared on the jarty saying: "One of our janitors went rogue and has been dismissed we are currently under a DDoS attack". This is further reinforced with a news post identifying the rogue janitor as "luckyjakker"[4]. The message is later changed to read as follows:

"I have, up until this point, refrained from directly threatening you, I am no longer doing that. I am telling you right now, that if you do not immediately cease your (or your users) nightly raids on the 'party, I will. And I will use any and ALL means necessary to do so, I will spare no expensive, I will risk all collateral, and I will eliminate anything or anyone who tries to prevent me from doing so. The ends justify the means. Your activities which, if your story is to be believed, at the very least borderline on illegal must be stopped. Assuming you are lying, which I can and will find out, I will not only destroy your website, but I will work with the police to forward them the necessary information to end your illegal activity. I have that information on standby, and I have already prepared instructions on an operation to put an end to the attacks on my network which originate from your website. Make a wise decision, do not underestimate my willingness to act on every word of this email regardless of any collateral damage suffered in order to eliminate people who threaten the safety of the network. Spitefully, Y. Kuznetsov"

Shortly after, it was once again changed to "soot wash my dick".