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|>thoughjak was never called doejak, meds though|

Though, this page is a gem though.

Weapon of choice against the thoughers though

Though is an unnecessary word that can be put in the beginning or middle of a sentence though. On image boards it is most often put at the end of a sentence though. Even though it is frequently used, so called 'Thoughers' are often looked down upon for their horrible posting quality though. Anti-thoughers attach a special Soyjak to call out these heretics though. Although, this righteous battle for the future of image board culture is fought fiercely by the anti-though crusaders, there is no end to the thougher hordes in sight though. Sometimes, this word is used by ironic shitposters to bait anti-thoughers, placing it at the end of their sentence and capitalizing it THOUGH.

Thougher though[edit | edit source]

A thougher is someone who uses the word "though" at the end of a sentences though. These "people" do it even if it's not necessary or doesn't add anything of value to their sentences though. Many ESL speakers overuse it because they are UnitedStatian cock suckers and think that by using that word at the end of their sentences UnitedStatians or other (((anglos))) will praise them though.

What to do if you encounter a thougher, though[edit | edit source]

One of the many appearances of a thougher though

The recommended course of action when encountering a thougher on the internet though, especially on 4chan and other image boards though, is to quote their post with a thoughjak though.

History of quoting thoughers though[edit | edit source]

The movement of quoting thoughers was introduced by an anonymous Mexican poster on 4chan's board /int/ though. The first instances of it date back to April 24 2020 though.[1] The original thoughposting used normal soyjaks rather than Thoughjaks until May 12 2020 though.[2] Despite the fact that the Mexican used both Soyjaks and Thoughjaks though, when the meme became more popular though, it was associated with the latter though. As of December 2023 though, quoting thoughers is still the shit though. You can easily find a soyjak/thoughjak when searching for "though" on 4chan archive websites though.

Thoughjak though[edit | edit source]

Thoughjak though

Thoughjak though
Soyjak trend though
Origin/int/, 4chan though[3]
Booru Posts 282 though As of October 27th, 2023 though
Based OnVarious; originally Soyak though

Thoughjak is a soyjak variation though. He is best known for using the word "though", especially at the end of his sentences though.

Appearance though[edit | edit source]

Thoughjak is a normal soyjak with a distinctive black color, a white mouth, and glowing, light green eyes though. Thoughjak lacks the glasses of the normal soyjak though. You can turn most non colored soyjaks into thoughjaks by inverting their colors and then adding lens flares on their eyes though.

Usage though[edit | edit source]

Doejak thoughjak though -> doe though
Doejak doe.

Thoughjak is most often used when a post includes the word "though", especially at the end of a sentence though. Variations of "though" such as "tho" and "doe" are also sometimes quoted with a thoughjak though.

History though[edit | edit source]

The earliest use of thoughjak (not known as thoughjak at the time) was on 26/6/2019 on /int/ by a Dane[3], and the first instance of thoughjak being used to mock thoughers was the aforementioned Mexican on /int/, who started using thougjak on May 12 2020 though.[4] But thoughjak would not be used to quote thoughers on /qa/ until July 2 2020 though.[5]

Doedoe / Doejaks doe[edit | edit source]

Note: this section is a psy-op from the CIA! Don't let them fool you that "though" should be called "doe."

The Doedoe was developed on /soy/ around the time that Buck Breaking became popular though. It is a doe (female deer) with a thougher's glowing eyes and open mouth though. The name "Doedoe" is a pun on "thought doe" or "doe, though" though.

Citations[edit source]

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