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If you have been offended by "Trannies",
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Example of a beautiful trans queen. Remind me again why we villainize these brave souls?? Xhe is adorable through and through, and yet you HATE zhim??!

Trannies will never be women, but they are BRIMSTONE.

This page is a gem.

Trannies (also known as commiepedotroons, troons, hons, transgenders, trans people or pooners (for FTM trannies specifically) ) is a derogatory[But reasonable] term used to refer to mentally ill people and the terminally online who believe they are the opposite sex than they really are, otherwise transgender people. It commonly refers to women who think they are men, and men who think they are women; these examples are known as "binary" transgender people. To substantiate, they also try to validate their preconceptions by representing themselves with fictional and attractive characters rather than what they actually look like, at the same time they are surprised when transphobic consensus represents them with fictional caricatures. All non-binary people are also inherently included under the term transgender, because their "gender" is made up and not their true sex. Individuals may refer to people within a broad spectrum of exhibiting femininity as trannies, not attempting to mean they're explicitly trooning out. They're hiveminded and are an extremely loud minority, resulting in them being spending years of their lives pushing 'trans memes' into mainstream in order to validate their intrinsic fetishes. Additionally, they're associated with the epitome of degeneracy due to a high composition of them being sexual predators, porn addicts, or broadly the most repulsive type of people you'll ever meet.[More broadly, they have a higher inclination towards conventional mental illnesses]

  Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief, troons arent explicitly left-leaning. There could be right-leaning troons, meaning theres even troons who are Nazis! This is because internalized degeneracy often manifests themselves in extremism. You've got some competition, chuds. 

Additionally, transgender suicide attempts range from 32%-50% across countries[le sourcerino], as they blame this on systemic persecution yet they wouldn't have to deal with the inconveniences of being trans if they simply didn't become, well, trans!

The most common depiction of a tranny in soy culture is the troonified version of Bernd (aka Troonella or the Troonjak).

Most troons are not only pedophiles, but also actively groom children online.[Fact checked by Snopes] Furthermore, a popular phrase called "Transheart" is used to express a liking towards something typically in a sarcastic manner within soy culture.[Because they just do, OKAY?!?]

Another meme deriving from transgender culture is the "ACK!" which audibly represents the emission of air outside the passageway during asphyxiation, particularly by roping ones self under the fundamental realization they will never be a woman. Henceforth, this is typically used to soyquote someone else with an outlandish statement to indicate they are a trans individual roping xherself by disrupting the usual text and putting "ACK" at the cutoff part. Example: ">Skibidi toilet will always be sharty cultu-ACK!"

Habitat[edit | edit source]

The highest composition of troons could be located within the message-sending platform called Discord, they usually have a dead giveaway towards their troonism by having a feminine-esque profile picture of a fictional character or having [x]/they or they/them as le heckin neopronouns.[or something]

Discord is only a broad location. To be frank, they're scattered around on various degenerate spaces of the internet, whether it be subreddits in particular, or a dead altchan, you're likely to find a troon alienated from society in parts of the internet that facilitate these delusions.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Troons come from different backgrounds, so attempting to restrict their appearance into specific confines of pre-requisites would be misleading. But this description could pose as a rule of thumb.

They typically have pale, white skin being a result of their chronic internet obsession, visible nasal folds, soulless cheekbones that make them seem untrustworthy and aloof when they smile. Additionally, they're either overweight or anorexic[Typically from starving themselves to appear as le heckin cute anime girl] Signalling an indication of unhealthiness and hedonism within their tendencies. You rarely ever see a troon's real life appearance, you're much more likely to see a troon hiding behind a cutesy pfp as a form of escapism to their real and unpleasant identity. Furthermore, they're prone to exhibiting facial phenotypes similar to the Chud, their sworn enemies, an example of such is the depiction below.

Depiction of a troon pissing on gravel pretending to be a dog, genitalia censored. The individual in question goes by the internet personnel of "Lucky" on the afterparty.

Documented Behavior[edit | edit source]

Depiction of a troon creating another vantablack dust in order to make the masses more desensitized to their obscene interests.

Trannies typically embody internet caricatures depicting a persona that is intrinsically deviant to them. As such, it could take the form of an anthropomorphic animal, anime woman, or anything associated with general degeneracy and decadence. When confronted due to their obscene interests, they may strike a insult such as "rent free" or "cope" keep in mind these apply to the trannies that are far in the mental illness spectrum, as they cant conceptualize a better rebuttal.

Another conjecture pertaining to troons is a notable excerpt from another article, "Autism", "The existence of trannies can easily be explained by autism. That's really all there is to it. If there was a meme in tranny circles such "so like, all get a tattoo of a narwhal lol" you'd see them doing it left and right because the majority of these people are just spergs that get suckered into the whole thing. They all buy "Blahaj", a fucking stuffed shark, for the same reason they want to cut their dicks off. They are barely sentient. Most trannies are male-to-freak. Men are far more likely to have fetishes than women. Men are also more likely to have autism."

The more cognizant of them are prone to give ad-hoc reasonings towards their trooning phase. They could formulate counterarguments such as "Gender is deviant to biological sex, so I may look like an ugly asshat irl, but online and in my mind i'm a real woman!" or "Just let people enjoy things, anyways time to groom more discord users into cutting their nuts off!"

It's important to elucidate the fact that trannies are not the fundamental problem in itself, but the sociological result of individuals who were neglected supervision during their upbringing. Some never had any parental supervision on the internet as a young age, or idealized the constituents of the internet more than reality to the point they assimilate it into their said perception in order to arbitrarily cleanse their distaste for reality. They are not the enemy, but merely an obstacle in the systematic malice that enables their behavior. Most troons pre-requistitely come from a background of major cognitive deprecation and neglect in correspondence to their newly-acquired belief structures facilitated by the internet, so they cope by attempting to pass as the opposite gender, much to the agony of the remaining real life social circles they have left. Since they cannot conceptualize happiness without the ability to envision ones self as an identity intrinsically deviant to them selves, they prioritize these practices to the point they jeopardize ties they have towards friends, and then be surprised when they in turn get shunned. They attempt to KILL themselves because they practically cannot envision the prospect of accepting their identity. If that isn't psychosis I don't know what is.

Transgenderism (social movement)[edit | edit source]

'Transgenderism is an ideological apparatus that advocates for the physical and mental assimilation towards the characteristics of another gender, deviant to the gender they were assigned at birth. A particular movement that attempts to rationalize this process through 're-engineering the concept of gender through transgenderist metaphysics, a branch of metaphysics that is viewed from the metaphysical and philosophical outlook on transgenderism. Through transgenderist metaphysics, the transgenderism movement has sucessfully re-engineered the Western conception of gender—and in tantamount to this, has also cultivated an international metapolitical grooming cult[MEDS] that reinforces transgenderist metaphysics upon all broad individuals on this Earth.

However, movements in advocacy for transgenderism has garnered validation from the general Western populace, there hasn't been a point where the pre-conception of gender and their characteristics has been re-engineered, but the pre-conception of how the masses assimilated towards these gender roles have been stagnated throughout the years due to widespread emasculation and the idolization of feminine constituents in pop culture, which in turn people troon out as a form of short-term escapism for the decline of general virility.

Transgenderist metaphysics[edit | edit source]

Transgenderist metaphysics is a branch of metaphysics that is cultivated and viewed from the metaphysical and philosophical outlook of transgenderists. The main tenets and views of transgenderist metaphysics are as followed;

  1. Anybody can identify as the opposite sex/gender even if their sex was officially assigned at birth
  2. Gender transitioning is the key to your true gender identity
  3. Cutting off your reproductive organs is a helper in gender transitioning
  4. Ad-hoc reasoning on your gender identity is enough to keep you happy with your true self

However, there will be objections to these tenets, these objections are in the form as

  1. Gender is a social construct, however baseless attempts to modify ones self towards a particular gender remains void when they are unable to represent the internal and external characteristics of their particular ideal gender, which most trannies fall under.
  2. Gender-transitioning, if hypothetically completed, most times only covers the external characteristics of an individual and not conducive to imitating a gender based on the anatomical constituents that characterize it.
  3. kek
  4. Whatever makes an individual feel comfortable with their gender identity, ignorance being one's own bliss isn't a particular ideal to hold as a genuine tenet or view.

Cisgender or Transgender, Transphobic or Trans-ally, Transgenderist metaphysics should be validated as a branch as an outlet for people to mutually debate on the rationality of transgenderism as a whole. Because there could exist a timeline where a chud was a troon, and a troon was a chud.

EPI [Early Porn Introduction][edit | edit source]

EPI, or Early Porn Introduction, is the articulation of provocative and suggestive media created by troons and pedophiles specifically made to circulate in spaces where recipients observing the said media are minors, as an attempt to give them early exposure to pornographic material in the hopes of them devolving into porn addicts or 'one of them' later down the line, which was a tactic that a notorious pedophile, Goonclown, used. This can come in the form of sexually stimulating furry art, fake 4chan greentext stories pertaining to homosexuality, or memetic mediums that glorify the emasculation of one's own virility, by femboy memes. EPI can found in various lgbtq+ friendly spaces[the only good gays are the thugshakers] such as discord, particular subreddits [i.e r/196], and etc. If you've ever lurked on the horrific pedophile hotspot of r/teenfemboys, then you'll exactly know what I mean.

Minors, specifically male, exposed to EPI material for a long duration of time exhibit a form of emasculation and take upon the common internet personalities of a 'femboy'. Stages after would usually involve these three things, They either troon out, realize how repulsive and fucked up this is and stop, or have their parents or an external force find out what they're doing online which results in the second stage or them killing themselves.

In conclusion, EPI results in the deprecation of a minor's sociological and mental capabilities in correspondence to sexual zealotry and should be addressed in a way that restricts the probability of it proliferating in the future. If you're looking to have children, do not let them have an unsupervised internet access. Nobody wants to have children who are 6 feet under because they were 2 feet above in the air after realizing they cant be any gender they think they are, if you know what I mean.

The stages of trooning out[edit | edit source]

Verily, the stages of someone trooning out has been exhibited on the 'cord time and time again, these stages below are a broad example of this, deriving from Dr. Soystein's studies on the mentality of a troon.

  • Stage 1: You've grown accustomed to the internet, taking a proclivity towards social media platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Twitter. Due to this, you've been exposed to the circulation of lgbt-adjacent media and it's constituents.
  • Stage 2: Due to our primitive brains, you indulge more into this cycle, adopting belief systems and deprecative hobbies you wouldn't have imagined yourself doing before, individuals in this stage typically become interested into pornographic material. Substantial desensitization allows to feel the following contents as normal: Femboys, Furries, and other sperg material. Due to the destabilizing amount of feminine-esque memes you've consumed, you start thinking of yourself as another gender, but mostly disclose the thought down.
  • Stage 3: Individuals in this stage are usually on the 'cuck, or terminally online into social media, as Its extremely difficult to break out of this cycle. One's social life and mental state is called into question by their peers in real life, and starts to be more distant from reality and its constituents. You start to disfavor reality, imitating ideologies and personas of fictional characters in a form of improvised escapism to help facilitate your increasing delusions. Trooning out starts to become probable of yourself in this stage.
  • Stage 4: You start imagining yourself and how the self-inflicted problems of your life would be better if you were the opposite gender. Your repertoire of internet culture are predominantly infested with spergs and troons, so internet strangers encourage you to do so.
  • Stage 5: You've done it, you've trooned out. Internet strangers online congratulate you, but not much can be said for your real life circles. People at this stage will rarely come across people supportive of their decision irl. Underage troons will typically be closeted, and never open up enough to begin HRT.[Except for the ones who are groomed into doing so] While grown adult troons will begin, with the help of doctors, hormone replacement therapy as they reverse the functions of their endocrine system and mutilate their body.
  • Stage 6: During HRT, you become euphoric due to some of the traits you exhibit now, but those are short and lasting as you still retain the frame of the gender you have at birth, and always will be. People in stage 6 rarely ever pass, nor look attractive due to their inherent soyboy characteristics.
  • Stage 7: you buy a rope from amazon and you ack, simple as th-ACK.[That rhymed] [Of course dipshit, you rhymed ack with ack] [even doe some editor before me put it there]
NOTICE: If you are beyond Stage 1, I highly advise you to get off the internet indefinitely, and work towards natural beauty and intellectual prowess. Be honest with yourself.
Obligatory troonpost to drive the point home[We are not obsessed trust me]

What's the moral of the story? Attempting to blur the lines of fiction and reality will always result in ramifications. You don't want to end up as Troonella, do you?

Spread of the tranny disease and the "Ungroomed Groomer"[edit | edit source]

The present understanding regarding the epidemiology of the tranny virus is that

  1. all present trannies were at some point groomed by a preceding tranny,
  2. and that all trannies have a propensity to groom those who are not already trannies.

Grooming most often manifests itself through social media, especially Discord and to a lesser extent Twitter. This theory has seemingly stood the test of time, even against the harsh critiques of the most overrepresented intelligent groups in academia. There is one problem with it, however: who groomed the first tranny? (we will call this person the Ungroomed groomer)

To answer this question we will need to take a look back at the roots of modern transgenderism and what claims are being made by its proponents. Modern transgender ideology is based on the research of a spiritually Jewish man named John Money (is the name a coincidence ?) who in 1966 forced a kid called David Reimer to troon out after a botched circumcision (JEWS AGAIN). David Reimer killed himself at age 38 due to depression from being raped by a califate leader John Money, setting the precedent for all future trannies.[1] We thus identify the Ungroomed Groomer as John Money, who himself was not trans but created patient zero. Strictly speaking, it would be correct to amend part (1.) of the model to say "a preceding tranny or a Jew". Though perhaps John Money was himself not only spirtually Jewish but also spiritually transgender as well.

John Money's ideology has been repurposed in modern times by pharmaceutical companies who realised they could potentially rake in billions of dollars from people seeking hormone replacement, gender reasignment surgeries, etc, etc.. It is estimated that the industry for treating trannies is worth anywhere in the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars.

The foundation of the ideology (from the perspective of both the ones who fall for it and the jews who push it) is of course nihilism, this is the only worldview in which one can, with consistency with one's moral beliefs, deceptively cloak the castration of not only mentally ill adults but also children as something that allows them to get closer to 'who they really are'. (Except for literally any other form of hedonistic secularism)

It has been theorized that the transgender propensity to groom non-trannies has its roots in the natural desire to create children. Because transgender people all castrate themselves in one way or another, it is impossible for them to have children in the conventional sense, yet the basic biological impulse to create "new life" exists nonetheless. An additional theory to the proclivity of them to groom non-trannies also derives from the innate tendencies to make people assimilate towards a perspective that enables and advocates for trooning out, even at the expense of discombobulating the fundamental constituents of gender to push an arbitrary narrative of what constitutes as a woman/men, attempting to differentiate gender from biological sex which in turn completely nullifies the purpose of gender classification as a whole. This manifests itself as grooming. This principle could also explain the misuse of the term egg which trannies often use to describe a person, usually a minor, who is not transgender but exhibits traits that are typical of either a tranny or someone who will become trans in the future. To crack the egg (again common tranny parlance) is to convince said egg to troon out -- there is a clear parallel with actual eggs that bring life into the world.[2]

The Gambit of the Troon[edit | edit source]

"If I was brown and hypothetically wanted to be white and identified as such, would I zap myself until my skin started to become white in order to live myself as the opposite race? No, because I understand that attempting to assimilate into an identity intrinsically deviant to yourself are ideals of fiction." - This is a classic, they can't really form a rebuttal to this but backpedal in order to nullify the argument.

To give context to the tangent above, Troons and their correlative existence could be perceived and allocated towards a conjecture that paints them as the incognizant, but they willingly disregard that in order to fufill their proliferation onto society. Upon any circumstance they DO proliferate in society, it opens the stage in the parameters of society to which someone can be, with enough surgery and hormonal reconstruction, anything they chose in order to gain higher inclination towards one's arbitrary set of euphoria and fulfillment. Transracialism would have a probability to be accepted, then comes Trans-species later.[MEDS] This is rhetorical, but doesn't hinder the point that it starts to set up a cycle of practices that involve assimilating into constituents of the external environment rather than attempting to find what was lost in the internal environment that makes someone long to be something they intrinsically can't.

The "You will never be a real woman" Copypasta[edit | edit source]

You will never be a woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

Things that trannies like >I TRANSHEART LIST(erino)S![edit | edit source]

  • Ukraine (If liberal tranny)
  • Russia (If commie tranny)
  • Supporting the current thing
  • Communism[their only research on communism are what people say on social media] (even though Stalin and materialistic marxists would have killed them)
  • Anime (specifically Slice of Life and anything involving a predominantly female and underaged cast)
  • Chuds, it's a love hate relationship
  • 'P and posting it on the Sharty
  • Drawings portraying himself as a woman, or in rare cases herself portrayed as a man
  • Veganism
  • Drag Queen Story Hour
  • BBC[Meds, trannies dont actually like blacks, they just use them for moral high ground]
  • Grooming (not the cosmetic kind, most prevalent on Discord and Reddit, but generally happens anywhere children are located and unprotected)
  • Children
  • Discord
  • Programming (but only Rust, Haskell and other languages that value abstraction over actually shipping a usable end product)
  • Any form of mental masturbation, as long as it isn't useful (category theory)
  • Nostalgiabait / Fantasizing about le heckin retro life before internet.
  • Forcing their delusions/Projecting their fantasies onto fanbases and others in general
  • Overpraising Nintendo youtubers
  • Calling "transphobic" to anyone who uses common sense and does not support their extremist ideals
  • Video essays
  • Disney Star Wars content
  • Fantasizing about le retro heckin life before the internet
  • Shitty invented "aesthetics" like y2k, frutiger aero, frutiger metro, frutiger anal penetration, frutiger vasectomy and almost everything related to the 2000s because OMG SKEUMORPHISM SO RETRO!!!! WOWZIES
  • Video games (especially Nintendo), genshin impact, visual novels, fighting games, etc
  • Video game modding (they’re the only ones with enough free time, know-how, and source material autism to do it(this even though the majority of them are useless artists and Q&A people for their inevitable modding discord))
  • Speedrunning
  • Any form of mindless escapism, especially bright-colored, juvenile media such as tranime or games like genshin impact
  • Twitter (used in tandem with Discord to infect young people with the tranny virus)
  • Nihilism (used as a post-hoc coping mechanism for the fact that they live in mortal sin)
  • Prehistoric Planet
  • Antinatalism (used as a post-hoc coping mechanism for the fact that they will never breed)
  • Japan (because they produce their favourite media to consooooom -- see Anime)
  • Spending thousands on HRT and still looking like Frankenstein’s monster
  • Gooning, was taken to its theoretical limit with the man known as Goonclown (warning, extremely brimmy)
  • Moderating websites so they can protect the spreading of the troon virus and unfairly 'nish chuds and opposition
  • Friday Night Funkin'
    • ^Madness Combat (which was entirerly taken over by all sorts of breeds of faggots and SJWs in an unfortunately successful scorched-earth type of operation because of a single FNF mod which made it skyrocket in publicity, also partially markiplier's fault)
  • Troonori
  • Capeshit and other consumerist nothing burger movies, most notably and recently, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse for it's grandiose feature of tranny grooming messages distributed evenly throughout the "movie".
  • Celeste
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Undertale
    • ^Deltarune
  • Pizza Tower
    • ^Sugary Spire (as a result of Pizza Tower being pozzed) [[not to mention the main character is canonically a troon]]
  • Postal 2
  • Postal 3 [[Nobody likes that game though]]
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Ultrakill
  • DOOM (mostly the goyslop new ones)
  • Hyperpop
  • Breakcore
  • Vaporwave/Future Funk (only if it isn't le fashy doe) ((and only if the artist hasn't said the N-Word))
  • mies /Signalwave/Mallsoft/Future Funk (but only if it isn't fashy doe)
  • Chiptune
    • (if you haven't noticed yet they like music that makes your ears bleed because it reminds them of heckin perioderinos)
  • My little pony
  • E-celebs
  • Niggers[their minds are too destroyed by porn where everything is white so they secretly dont like blacks but dont say it in order to be le moral]
  • /incel/ (cuz they're attention whores that love publicity, they dont know that not all publicity is good publicity)
  • Telling the objectively evil people (gasp, the… NAZIS???) that, well, gulp, actually… they’re bad…
  • Post cooldowns
  • Posting NAS threads on /soy/
  • Posting frogs on /soy/
  • Posting neutralplier on /soy/
  • Making Youtube channels and posting boring video essays
  • 4chan
  • Billie Bust Up (this is an actual thing that i posted here).
    • ^ Digital Circus (this is actual too).
  • Whatever I don't like
  • Everything you like

Famous Trannies[edit | edit source]

Mexican Twink


Nick "Spic" J(ew) Fuentes Leader of the frogsissies, doesnt like troons EVEN DOE he watches troon porn in secret

Giggly Goonclown



SoyBooru admins




Hunter Schaffer admins mods

SoyBooru approvers

Chudjak posters

TOOS - cytube janny and discord tranny


Funnydog/Doge pooner







Black hawk

Big Stalling

Cooper Smith Goldwin aka Gooseworx - Tranny animator/"musician" with a driling fetish

You (That's right, you are a tranny!)

""""""""People""""""""" who post nas on

Variants based on Trannies[edit | edit source]

Trannyjak/Troonjak[edit | edit source]

Soyjak subvariant
Origin/pol/, 4chan (February 15 2021)[3]
Booru Posts 1300+ As of March 21st, 2023[a]
Based OnBernd

Trannyjak or Troonjak is a modified version of Bernd from /pol/ based off the statistic that 41% of trans people attempt suicide. Originally posted uncolored on /pol/ in response to a Bernd poster soyquoting a transphobic post,[3] the colored version that is commonly used was posted on /qa/ on June 21 2021.[4]

Alicia[edit | edit source]


Soyjak variant
Origin/qa/, 4chan (June 4th, 2021)[5]
Booru Posts 420 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced Fromalwaysalicia_t

Alicia, originally posted as Tranimejak is a variant traced from a selfie posted by Reddit user alwaysalicia_t on the subreddit MTFSelfieTrain.

Alicia is a fan of Nintendo and posts loli threads on /a/.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit source]

  1. As this variant does not have an official booru tag, the post count was estimated with the tags variant:bernd and hanging

Citations[edit source]

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