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Tranny Soylita Raid

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A picture of Emanuele Aracri

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The 'za has been ordered.

Twitter Coal post

Emanuele Aracri (No page yet) posted an edit of Soylita , depicting her as a tranny. (I Sadly dont have a picture of the old tweet) It is also unknown if xey were the first to post the 'lita edit. After further investigation the (possibly) first post of this edit has been found, posted on the booru on february 6th.[1]

first /soy/ Post

There were several posts on raid about the tranny 'lita edit, the one with Emanuele was this one The soyteens starting by datamining or something idfk i just want this raid to have a dedicated page anyways there were a lot of derailers in the thread posting frogs

The first thread had found the face of Emanuele, and some possible locations where he may have lived it and also a chess competition[2] that xe participated in

Second /soy/ post

After a soyteen proposed making a new thread due to the old being too bloated and full of derailers, the second thread was made which contains most of the information, such as the doxx and pizza video[3].

The second thread was more sucessful at finding information.

This thread was locked by a mod, they were later punished after it was re-opened.

Angeleno asking if he should delete the thread

Angeleno also asked if he should delete the thread due to and I quote: "this thread heavily goes against my morals"

Misc Info

Emanuele privated on twitter by the time the second thread was made.

Emanuele privates his account, despite saying "Dont care" several times

xey has A10 eyes, maybe xey are the saviour of the west

First thread link:

Second thread link:

Thread is unlocked



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