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>Though Maybe you were looking for Norwegian Soyjak, another 'jak traced from Donald Trump.?

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Soyjak variant
Origin/soy/, (2023)
Booru Posts 15 as of October 27th, 2023
Traced From(Former) President Donald J. Trump

Trumpjak is a dust soyjak variant created on's board /soy/. He has a surprised facial expression and a white placard displaying information about his nature (as in "OP HERE IM TRANS BTW" or "JANNY BEING A FAG" ). It was traced from a le funny meme of (Former) President Donald J. Trump during a supposed mugshot.

GET on /r9k/

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'umo un the lon

His only achievement in his coaly existence was that he successfully stole /r9k/'s 72999999 GET on 18th of April 2023.[1]



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