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Turkey Tom

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'emson on the 'key tho[1]
Turkey Tom browses the 'arty

'Thomas Hanson 18 Schooner road Scarborough ME 04074 ', (born August 16th, 2002) better known as Turkey Tom, or Churka Tom is a Hasidic Jewish Bulgarian YouTube drama commentator and femboy sissy hypno enjoyer who killed the sharty on stream.[2]

gemmy mayo found on the 'ru

On January 30 2023 Turkey Tom confirmed that he at the very least is a lurker of the 'sharty by posting a screenshot of a thread discussing him[3]

On June 28th 2023 Turkey Tom namedropped the sharty in his new video[4] and on July 10th 2023 Turkey Tom confirmed that he eventually wants to make a video on[5]


It is a known secret that Tom is a cuck, As ironic as it sounds due to his repeated negative coverage of other cucks, He is one himself.

Commentary Youtuber Lyrix or some shit name like that fucked his whore gf "Kai" and he carved her name on his chest. Starting the very dead and not-well-known movement known as "Total Commentary Death". Most retarded slut teenagers and incel morons don't know this fact because they're too busy glazing him as he fills the void in their heart that LeafyIsHere or LtCorbis left and couldn't ever imagine their god as some sort of Adam22 clone.

You WILL research this by searching "Turkey tom cuck" or "Total Commentary Death" on youtube.

Raids on Turkey Tom

Numerous attempts have been made by chuds to make chicken chad and his viewers aware of the sharty. The fact that he has used 'jaks in numerous videos and thumbnails shows how his mind is pliant for the BSC (big soy cock) sissy hypno. He mostly streams Minecraft on his second channel TomDark. During one Minecraft stream he created a discoal server where people would call in and moderators would select them to talk to Thomas himself. The intention was probably that the first people to join the discord would talk first, luckily for 'teens the janny was retarded enough to let people that joined last go first, meaning that raiding pissbaby chudcels got in instead of actual Turkey Tom viewers. A raid thread was then started and people said nigger a few times on stream or something[6][7][8]. Some 'teens have also attempted to dox Turkey Tom in preemptive retaliation in case he makes a video on the 'party.

Admin 6 and Goonclown Video

On August 15th, 2023, Tom said that he wanted to buy the site from Doll, but would not due to concerns with doxxing.[9]. On August 30th, 2023, Turkey Tom made a video on the tranny known as Giggly Goonclown.[10] Reactions to the video have been mixed, with some hailing it as a sharty-saying gem and others thinking that it will lead to the sharty getting assraped by normalBVLLs and newBVLLs.[11]

Incredible Gassy Video & Partial Dox

On October 11th, 2023, Tom uploaded a video on his second channel titled Chud Content Is Infecting Youtube, where he reacts to the Incredible Gassy theme song as well as SoyTube Kids. Reaction to this video was overwhelmingly negative, with people pointing out Tom's boring normalnigger-tier reactions to the content ("erm... what the SPRUCE are you supposed to learn from SoyTube Kids?") and him bringing attention to Foodist deathstone like Gassy. In retaliation, many 'teens attempted to dox him. Due to Tom being a complete fucking retard and showing his email in his browser autocomplete results on stream, people were able to find his full name and his personal email address, and eventually his parent's social media accounts were discovered. Finally, Tom's old address in Maine (likely his parents) was discovered, but unfortunately the soyteens were unable to discover his current residence in Toronto along with his girlfriend.


Tom with his family when he was younger