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'nishment-evading tranime namefag gets a 'teen's home IP permabanned from 4chud because he used tuxler

Tuxler is a "community powered" VPN that allows you to ban evade on 4chan using residential proxies. The catch is that your IP address also joins the botnet, thus allowing others to evade using your IP as you done to them.

You get 10 IP changes per day, which resets at about 6:15 pm GMT.[1] To bypass this restriction, simply uninstall and reinstall the Tuxler extension, no need to uninstall the helper application. Also, please be nice to your residential proxies. At the end of your proxy is another janny dabber or clueless favela dweller, just like you. In theory, you could get a small country rangebanned by abusing Tuxler enough. You will NOT test this theory out[even though you can get kikes rangebanned in one fell swoop this way].

Be sure to tell your friends, as to promote the good health of the Tuxler network. If you're feeling devilish, don't tell them about the botnet.

How to use (Windows):

Step 1: Install the Tuxler extension and the helper application. The helper application is what turns your computer into a botnet, so take precautions against it to keep your computer safe.

Step 2: Once you've installed the helper application, check Task Manager and go to Startup. Note that Tuxler has been set to launch on startup. DISABLE IT. You do not want Tuxler to start unless you're actively using it.

Step 3: Locate ExtensionHelperAppManager.exe, which should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\TuxlerChromeExtensionHelperApp. Create a shortcut to this. You will use this to start Tuxler when needed.

Now to use Tuxler.

Step 4: Get another VPN that you can't use on the 'cuck. I'd suggest using ProtonVPN, which is free(albeit limited and has a sign in), or any of your choice. This is so faggots can't spam CP on your IP.

Step 5: Click on your new shortcut, then open the Tuxler extension menu in your browser (it might take a few sections to register you started the helper application.) Switch to Residential, and pick a location.

Step 6: Do a bit of trolling on your choice of imageboard. Pretend to be Lee, post 'cado on /v/, the possibilities are only limited by your ~50 kB/s upload speed.

Step 7: Close the Helper Application in Task Manager once you are done shitposting. Make sure you do this, otherwise someone will pull off Step 6 on your IP.

Choosing A Country

Good countries to evade with include nearly every developing country, as they have a high population of clueless users who just wanted a VPN. Brazil, Argentina, and the Philippines make good choices.

There are some countries which you should avoid for evasion, either due to them being impractical or having a high concentration of banned IPs.

Bad countries to evade with include:

  • Any country that blocks 4chan; the captcha will not load, let alone the site itself. even doe it can be bypassed with an alternative DNS
  • Any country that 4chan has rangebanned directly, most likely due to extensive proxy abuse combined with a low amount of allocated IPs in that country.
  • Countries with maybe 1 Tuxler user max, ex. Burundi
  • Canada
  • Israel[even though it lets you post with a kike flag on boards with flags enabled]

Side effects of using Tuxler

If you leave the helper application on while not using Tuxler, the following things are likely to happen to your IP:

  • Captchas will get longer, and Google products like YouTube will get fussier and ask if you are a bot.
  • Wikipedia will temporarily and automatically block you using state of the art proxy detection, something that jannies anywhere else would kill to do.
  • You'll get banned off 4chan, likely some of the non-english chans like Dvach too. Given indefinite time, you'll be banned off every imageboard to ever exist. After all, you're here to evade, aren't you? And so is everyone else.
  • Eventually, someone could upload illegal content using your IP. There's no proof that this has ever happened to anyone. A Canadian soyteen supposedly got tuxlered on December 16, 2022[2]. Whether this was a false alarm,[a] or what had happened after the investigation remains unknown to this day. Still, good luck explaining it to the police when it happens to you.
  • Expect your bandwidth consumption to increase greatly. After all, you're letting third worlders cum all over your home network.

Tuxler Premium

Tuxler Premium is a subscription service that allows for 100 location changes/day, 4x the speed, unlimited bandwidth, and exemption from being a Tuxler node. Peer reviewed studies suggest that if you really need to pay money for Tuxler, you're better off choosing Mysterium anyway[3] nvm, 4cuck banned 90% of Mysterium residential IPs, useless if you want to dab on jannies.


  1. the 'teen did not post his 'nishment message, nor any paper proof that he was visited by a federal entity


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