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The frontpage on March 6th, 2024.[1] (also known as the twinky) was a splinter created on February 23th solely for hosting "twinkjaks", a wojak subvariant redrawn by femboys, twinks, and trannies to self-insert as. The site was created from a thread made the day before and a meme about it existing (it didn't exist when this meme was popular it was bait) [2]


The culture on the twinky (twinkism) can be best described as a parody counterculture to sharty culture. The culture was also very much against Porn with it being a permanently punishable offense if posted. [3]


  • diamond (gemerald) = hottie
  • gem = cutie
  • coal = uglie
  • tnd/ttd = total uglie death
  • tcv = total cutie victory [4]


This is showing when you try to access the site now.

The boards were mostly a target of raids and trollposts, with only the admin and about 20 other IPs unironically posting. Locking boards happened alot on the twinky, this was DJ's main line of defence against raiders. Since DJ only ever had experience being a discord admin xhe got overwhelmed by having to janny the site 24/7 because of his personal life, so xhe had to shut it down. The site was then looking for a person to newly host it. [5] You WILL acquire it and turn it into a sharty outpost

UPDATE: As of March 25, 2024, in response to a shemmy thread trying to acquire the site, a sharty raid was launched[6], which succesfully stole the URL and made it redirect to


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Don't trust anything you see. Read every revision in the page's history to learn the truth.

It was shilled by unoffical discord server which has been trying to force twinkjaks before, to little effect. It was a conspiracy theory, their owner, "DJ" had denied the connection on their news board saying quote "leave and report any discord pretending to be ours, we do not have a cord". It cannot be proven they are affiliated with the Afterparty. DJ was also allegled to have made a cord hating image board called and then tried to hide it when people realized he owned it. [7] [8]
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  2. Shitpost about the twinky existing before it was made
    Twinky fake shitpost
  3. Check wayback machince on the rules
  7. check the 9th line of text, he later removed it allegely
  8. If you check the first news pinned to the site you can see DJ talking making a cord hating site