Two Soyjaks Pointing

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This page is Dust.

Two Soyjaks Pointing

Soyjak variant
Origin/qa/, 4chan (May 1 2020)[1]
795 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromJohn Oberg's tweet

Two Soyjaks Pointing, rarely called The monster from the Kway, is a soyjak variant created on 4chan's /qa/ board on May 1st, 2020. It depicts two soyjaks pointing at something. It originated from a Tweet by vegan activist John Oberg talking about vegan fried 'chicken' being served in KFC, where in the image him and another person are pointing at the said meal. It is very popular amongst normies, often being used on Reddit, Twitter and many other mainstream social media platforms.

NAS Parodies on the Booru

An example of a typical two soyjaks pointing parody uploaded under the soy_parody tag. Note the lack of IAS characteristics. It's brimstone.

This variant is firmly in hands of normalGODS, and is used as a template for various parodies of popular media. It is also used by 4cuck's /pol/troons, especially in Ukraine war threads. Many of these dusty images are uploaded on the booru, often by YaroslavTV and under the tag of soy_parody to the disdain of many 'teens.


This jak might be coal due to overuse on twitter. The touhou image on this page proves it.


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