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Ein Nas, ein Reich, ein Juwel
>I look like this

Fuck plebbit. Now that I have got your attention..

I came here to inform you on leftism. I'd like to begin by defining leftism, what is leftism? To bring about social equality. Judging by the definition of leftism, it doesn't seem so bad, does it? Well to anybody who has seen our current leftist president, you can easily tell it's not as great as it seems. But that's besides the point, I don't want to focus on white privlige and what not, I want to focus on leftism and it's possibilites. That's what I will be speaking about today.

There are three types of leftists:

Liberals - I consider them to be 'capitalist' leftists. They're big fans of increasing taxes to help the issues with the world, and believe that more government power = more greater power for everyone. They are more closer to the right when talking about capitalism. They are more trustful of the big establishment around them. They are the types of people that ask for you to be tolerant of their leftist "friends", even if their friends hate them. Remember the word TOLERANT, it is very important. --For the cause of simplicity, liberals will not be considered leftists--

Communists - They trust the government, as they believe that the workers should take over the means of production and the government will aid them. They hate liberals, if you go to r/shitliberalssay, you would surprised to find out it's not a conservative subreddit, but a communist one.

Anarchists - They are unlike the two above. They hate the state, and don't want any authority whatsoever. They believe that hierarchies are naturally evil and should be abolished no matter what. They think that order is unnecessary and believe that humans can work together without any ruler, and the issues of the world are caused by the state itself. Most of them hate liberals, but many of them are often confused as to whether they should ally themselves with the communists or not, for the sake of leftist "unity".

The more you go down, the more leftist these leftists become. Now my expose will focus on anarchists, but I will sometimes mention the liberals and communists, because they are very important for learning about the destruction of the left. But before I expose them, I want to mention one thing. What is common between them, other than social equality? Well it's simple: Gullibility/Naivety.

For Liberals - They are often naive when it comes to the politicians, as most of them think that politicians want to protect them even if that's wrong. You can see this in cases like the COVID-19 Pandemic, where they falselly believe that government is helping everyone from catching COVID by masks, lockdown, and vaccines. They often believe the lies of politicians, no matter how false it is. Heck, the politicians aren't the only ones the liberals believe, as they also believe the establishment. Remember Cuties? Yeah, and remember how leftists - most of them liberals - defended the movie itself and denied that it was bad? Or what about the time some guy believed that MAPs were good because they said so?

For Communists - They are no different from liberals when it comes to the government. They too believe that government is protecting them for baddies around the world, which is why governments should be given more power! You can easily tell that communism has been very successful, just look at what happens when you give the state more power. Oh, and liberals love to defend them. Why? Don't communists hate liberals? Well yes but liberals believe that communists aren't terrible people. They often put their heads in cement and say stuff like "Communism isn't so bad", or "Communists shouldn't be censored, they aren't even rising you paranoid goon".

For Anarchists - They are very different from the above, as they don't trust the rulers, but rather have trust in human nature. They think that humans can naturally co-exist with each other with little to no trouble. Since humans have been shown to "co-exist" with each other in Anarchist Catalonia, even if there was a massacre of priests. What about the rules? Who will enforce them? They don't need to be enforced, since humans have co-existed with each other and enjoyed co-existing with each other, there won't be a need to hurt each other no more!

You can tell that leftists are really gullible, and it is very annoying. Hell, you can consider this a rule of the left in some sort: the Gullible Naive Left rule or the NGL rule for short. But why? Why are they so gullible & naive? Why do they believe that world is so nice around them? Because they are born in the 21st century. Seriously, they often whine about privlige, but they don't understand that they're living in a privileged century. This privileged century, makes them believe that the world is nice, and they take these good stuff for granted. They are ALSO led to believe that kindness can ALSO be taken for granted. Look at this world: Back then 300 years ago, you had deadly diseases that would leave you asking for death. Back then 300 years ago, starvation was very likely from famines, you didn't have these luxurious food in your table but rather dirt. Back then, 300 years ago, you wouldn't have learnt how to read or write! Was leftism very common 300 years ago? Nope, it was rather rare.

Only after the industrial revolution, where most of the issues I mentioned shrinked, was where leftism started to be more common. And even then, the leftists from 200 years ago wouldn't be considered leftists now. Let me ask you a question: Let's say you were an abolitionist during the 1859, but when approached about the issues of female suffrage, you disagreed with the notion and believed women shouldn't have the right to vote, would take make you a leftist? Never! When you want to be a leftist, you have to be FULLY leftist or you would never be considered leftist. This is known as 'No Enough in The left' rule - the NEiTL rule, as leftists will continue to ask more and more. Leftists are like the spoiled children born in a rich family, where the child of the rich family believes that money grows on trees. But instead of money, it is everything humans want.

Here's an issue that surrounds leftists today: Let's say you're for equal treatment to all people, but you're also for capital punishment. Would you be considered a leftist? No, no way. But a much better example would be veganism. Appearently you have to be vegan to be leftist. I am not lying. See below:

You have to be damn vegan to be a leftist, according to communists and anarchists. Well what about the liberals? Oh nothing, they will just tolerate these vegans even if they cause riots for animals to be freed. Note that I am not against veganism. But leftists aren't just for veganism, again see pic:

They are also 'anti-speciesists'. What the hell does being speciesist mean? Don't even look around the internet for the defintion. Speciesism is completely subjective and changed around to fit whatever agenda anyone has, but for the left it is this:

>It is the anthropocentric-favored treatment towards animals, just for the sake of them being more valuable to humans, similar to humans or because they are harmful to humans. Examples include: Treating dogs better than pigs, because dogs are more valuable/have more value than pigs to humans. Treating parrots better than chickens, because they are more similar to humans. Treating squirrels better than rats, because they are less harmful to humans.

Seriously, to leftists: It is a necessity to be 'kind' towards every creature. Just go to r/anarchism, or even better, r/vegancirclejerk / r/veganarchism to get the full picture here, and starting typing stuff like 'bugs', 'anarchists', 'leftists', 'speciesism'. It is even worse than you realize that leftists want you to be nice to mosquitoes, and bugs because they could be 'smart'. You also have holocaust survivors, and famous civil rights activists, demanding you to be vegan. Being vegan however, wouldn't have been an issue if it hadn't been for the 'NEiTL' rule. You don't just have to be a vegan, you also have to be anti-natalist too. Nevermind, not just anti-natalist but a lover of mosquitoes!

The NEiTL rule determines that leftists are often dishonest, they would just say "Hey it's sooo easy. Just be give rights to blacks/be vegan and you're on your way" but it's not just give rights to blacks OR being vegan. The natural mindset to those goals is doing those goals, but to leftists, it is much more: For you to give rights to blacks, you have to admit to being privliged because you're white, even though no sort of black guy would believe that this is what will get him his rights, yet the leftists demand this. For you to be vegan, it's not just about using animals/animal products, but also about being against using them as slurs & believing in the idea of human supremacy. Here is an example of the NEiTL rule concerning female folk:

>Cmon you just have to respect women

Huh seems easy enough

>Cmon you have to give them the right to vote

>Hmm why not

>Cmon you should allow us to gain equal pay in work

Well, I guess I should be a generous guy

>Cmon you have to allow us to abort our children if we feel like it

... What?

>Cmon you have to abolish the nuclear family


>Cmon you have to give female rights to everyone including blacks, latino, lesbian, disabled, INTERSECTIONALITY!

Oh okay, that seems easy

>Cmon you have to abolish the death penalty as they have a connection to racism and racism = sexism cause intersectionality black women


>Cmon you have to be VEGAN to be for female rights

WHAT???? Ok then, dipshit

>Cmon you have to give rights to every fucking animal including mosquitoes

I'm done with you fuckers

I'm not joking by the way:

>But let's say there's no issue giving rights to every single animal including bugs, is that enough for the left? So far this is where we get silly territory. Remember that since you're vegan, you have to be for BLM as black people are obviously human beings, and human beings apparently matter to some extent in the left.


Now since animals and humans have both been given rights, what about aliens? Aren't aliens animals? Yep, you better give rights to space aliens or you're xenophobic which is fascism. Not joking at all:

And since robots are no different from aliens, you should also give robots rights too! Even serial killer/rapist robots should be given rights, and saying otherwise is like saying that only black people deserve to be hanged. Remember that capital punishment is a hierarchy and thus should be abolished for all creatures: (If you can't the image clearly, open the image in a new tab while zooming in)

>b-b-but whats the problem with all of that? isnt that kindness? isnt kindness goood?

Kindness is good, but leftists believe that kindness is a necessity. They are so out of touch with the nature they love so much, that they believe that kindness is 'easy'. Here's a though bubble for you, when people talk about world peace, we often see it as the best thing ever. But in nature, it is completely different: If lions and deers or eagles and snakes, made peace with each other, would it be great? Imagine if lions made peace with the deers, which meant that lions would stop eating deers completely. Tell me, would that be a utopia? Or would it lead to mass starvation? What about eagles and snakes? Would that too lead to starvation for both sides? Even if the lions/eagles were completely sapient, would that change anything of what I said? Would lions becoming just as intelligent as humans make them not crave any deer whatsoever?

To leftists, they believe that everything wrong with the world is from society/humans, never nature. When it comes to diseases and injuries, they pin the blame on healthcare aka society. When it comes to disasters, guess who gets blamed? Society. Rape? It comes from rape culture which is society, not biology. Every single issue with the left is society, not nature. Why? Because they believe the leftism is possible. They think that leftism is sooo easy, but the greedy evil society won't allow it because it has taught itself that it shouldn't. They often gaslight you when ever that's possible, because leftists are dishonest even if they don't know it, and are really fragile.

>There are two rules you should learn about the left:

-NGL rule - The Naivety Gullible Left, leftists are automatically naive and gullible.

-NEiTL rule - No matter how much you attempt to please the left, they will always find something to complain about.

It concerns everyone, even if you are a minority, just know that they will be coming after you. If you're a woman, a racial minority, a member of the LGBT, you'll have to one day withstand being ultra-vegan (No killing mosquitoes), abolishing the death penalty robots who raped your loved ones because death penalty = lynching = racist and it would be very oppressive for humans to ban the death penalty for themselves but allow the robots to be given the death penalty, working your ass off for homeless space aliens who came to earth because borders for aliens are "speciesist" and "supremacist". Hell, they even coined the term 'human supremacist' if you read the pics I sent you, and that applies to all humans apparently:

That's all folks, thanks to fuckplebbit666 for sending me this.

Note: I edited some words to fit my personality of talking.


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