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>>>Rizzmaster mom so fat, when she went to McDonalds Muhammad bin Jamal bin Adbul bin Ayatollah bin Obama al-Qaeda thought she was a pig or something and caused 9/11 or whatever

>Kuz: How to write 4 in between a 5?
>Gapejak: Is this a Joke?
>A24jak: Impossible!
>’plierjak: The question's wrong!!
>Cobson: Rubbish !!
>Feraljak: F(IV)E This is the reason you find Feraljak everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts... anything to do with optimising your brain!!

>Cobson: Can u Swim?
>Feraljak: No
>Cobson: Then a Dog is Better den u because It Swims. Feraljak: Can u Swim?
>Cobson: Yes!
>Feraljak: Then What's the Difference between u & Dog… Cobson Shocked,Faints!! Feraljak Rocks!

>Soot: Y do U indians come in all colors, look at us,we R all white..?
>Doll: Horses too come in different colors but donkeys R all the same..!!!

>Einstein & a Feraljak sitting next to each other on a long flight...
>Einstein says:
>"Let's play a game...
>I will ask you a question,
>if you don't know the answer,
>you pay me only $5
>if I don't know the answer,
>I will pay you $500..."
>Einstein asks the first question:
>What's the distance from the Earth to the Moon...?
>Feraljak doesn't say a word,
>Reaches his pocket,
>Pulls out a $5...
>It's the Feraljak turn...
>He asks Einstein:
>What goes up a hill with 3 legs
>comes down on 4 legs..?
>Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends...
>After an hour he gives Feraljak $500...
>Einstein going nuts and asks:
>so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four..?
>Feraljak reaches his pocket and gives Einstein $5...
>Einstein fainted.....

>Send to all Feraljak all over the globe! Magic Missing flag in this? Don't worry send this message to only 2 groups u will shock to see all these flags will become flags Created by: engineering students Of CIT