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This nigger has Assburgers Syndrome

Please remind him to breathe deeply from the toilet bowl.

If you couldn't tell, this page was written by the man ximself

Black Hawk !jKMrjhSa7M (!61UCILkwc2 on is a soyjaks user that posts black bird drawings and sometimes works with soyjaks party, although not much is known about how he reached 'party. His affilation is pro-jaker stance, although he mighte be Admin 6 level antichrist personality. For example, he helped on pixelplanet and then sometimes he posts Negev, images of jewish girl from Girls' Frontline that make many chuds seethe. He is mysterious, he also happens to have Telegram.

His drawings reminisce black bird. Some believe into the fact that he might be a part of shadow organization, like NSS or the Mossad.


Negevism is a cult of worhsippers of Negev. /qa/ has been demonstrated to possess negev worshipping, as well as boards. During Soypocalypse, when 'sharty was down, Black Hawk posted Negev photos /soy/ at From then forward the Negev cult spread to the party, ressembling anime jewish girl from videogame, it became popular with some chuds who say Negev is bwc white girl, which is so true.

Anon's explanation

Average member of Negevism religion.

Black Hawk is believed to not post Negev nowadays, sitting mostly on /raid/, /soy/ boards.

Example of a negev cult worshipper forced.

Negev worshippers habitate to this day throughout the 'party, kind of like the Chosen people after banishment from Israel in Hadrian reign, which fits the character. Although it is diagnoised as tumor by community and no longer appears as often as other forced posts like zelling and pony.


negev is bwc


Black Hawk drawings and biography

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit D.

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