Variant of the Year 2022

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The PEOPLES CHOICE VOTY (Variant of the Year) awards 2022 is an on-going[1] strawpoll to determine's Variant of the Year. Voting began on December 2nd, 2022, and will end on December 14th, 2022 (It is way past December 14th, 2022 at this point. The poll is currently still active). The winning variant "will be immortalized as the peoples choice gem and will receive the official sharty seal."

The current results of the PEOPLES CHOICE VOTY (Variant of the Year) awards as of the 24th of July, 2023.

Electoral integrity

The stickied post announcing the election stated that it is "virtually impossible" to eliminate fraud on an anonymous internet-based vote, but added that fans will group together to increase their favourite jak's votecount, thereby counteracting the fraudulence—"the Jak with the most fans and devoted followers will win".

The site hosting the vote,, only permits one vote per IP-Address; however, this can be circumnavigated with e.g. Tuxler.

Voting timeline

A Cobson supporter (theorised to be Kuz[2]) got the FPBP in the thread,[3] and Cobson subsequently took an early lead.[4] Feraljak cemented himself as the runner-up, with Feraljak supporters urging fans of other variants to avoid splitting the anti-Cobist vote by lending their vote to Feraljak.[5][6]

5 hours into the poll, Nojak went from third place[7] to first place[8] in the span of 20 minutes, gaining over a hundred votes. This was allegedly due to some nojak pedo getting the thai workers at his cp sweatshop to mass vote.[9] This development is widely regarded as a political upset, with most election commentators previously forecasting a campaign dominated by Cobson vs Feraljak.[10]

Fraud Allegations

There is an alleged video of Nojak manually changing Cobson and Feraljak votes to Nojak.[11] Claims of this have been debunked by Snopes.[12]