Wholesome Soyjak

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Wholesome Soyjak

Soyjak subvariant
OriginUnknown, Probably /qa/
Earliest Known Appearance/qa/, 4chan (September 27, 2020)[1]
Booru Posts 2000+ As of January 24th, 2023
Based OnGuinness World Record Soyjak

Wholesome Soyjak is gapejak smiling with a nice shave. which has evolved into Impish Soyak Ears and Ishish Soyak Ears.



Wholesome Soyjak is based off of an older, angry looking edit of Gapejak.He was turned into Wholesome by turning his frown upside down, adding a fitting pair of eyebrows, and giving him a completely new beard.

The first known occurrence of this soyjak was on 4channel's /qa/ board, on September 27, 2020.[1] The OP image featured a variant of wholesome clad with mutton chops, with the text ">you WILL have a great day", and then a reply featuring the now-famous clean cheeked version with the quote ">you MAY prefer this variant instead". This first thread received no replies and was deleted after a few hours.

The angry variant that wholesome was based on had a filename of "1597027093779", the first version of Wholesome had a filename of "1597027093780" and the mutton chopped edit in the op had a filename of "1597027093781". The most likely possiblity is that the person who made the jak saved the original unix timestamp from the unedited jak, and added 1 to the next variant. If you look at Wholesome's right eyebrow, there is an eraser cutoff, but the version with muttonchops that was posted alongside it is lacking this eraser mark. All along the beard, it seems like it was erased, especially the left side where the muttonchop used to be. It possible that the version with muttonchops is the earliest version of Wholesome, and was created during the course of making Wholesomes new beard.

The second thread with wholesome was posted a day later and followed the same format of the first,[2] with the muttonchopped version in the OP and the first reply being the normal variant, but strangely, this time the filenames represent actual UNIX codes, and reveal that they were both downloaded from the first thread. It is debated whether the first OP redownloaded the images, or if this is a different poster using the same format.

Early Spread and Identification


Ishish Soyak Ears

Ishish Soyak Ears
Soyjak subvariant
Origin/int/, 4chan (April 11, 2021)[5]
Booru Posts 116 As of January 24th, 2023
Based OnWholesome Soyjak

Ishish Soyak Ears is an arab variant of the Wholesome Soyjak with large eyes, a large nose, a small mouth, trimmed hair, a monobrow and, as the name would imply, a pair of ears. It was created by the same Swedish chud who created the original Soyjak and Impish Soyjak Ears.[5]

It's literally Impish_Soyak_Ears upside down.

The variant remained rarely used for a long time, but saw a resurgence on soyjak.party in mid-May 2021, [6] where it was mostly used to portray Muslims. [7] [8] [9] [10]



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