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The original Wojak.

Wojak's face[spelled voyack, pronounced “woah jack”], also known as Feels Guy or erroneously Wojak, is a rage face drawing that portrays a trollface with a sad or blank expression, also on which the original Soyjak face was based on. The original Wojak lacks facial hair unlike Soyjak.

Wojak has probably originated as alternative to trollface.[1] If the evidence is true, it would mean soyjaks, which are based on wojak, are directly related to the rage comics that some express wojaks and soyjaks have replaced. Wojak is troll face theory points out that wojak's nose and wrinkles on the forehead are incredibly similar to the troll face. Additionally, wojak's earliest known file name ciepła twarz.png, (Polish “warm face”) riffs of "cool face" a common name for the troll face at the time.

Wojak was originally used as a stand-in for the author of a post to express emotions and feelings in a candid manner, but with the years have gone by it is mostly used for depicting strawmen or societal stereotypes.


The exact origin of Wojak is unknown (albeit it might've come from vichan, an old Polish IB), but it became popular around 2010 in Krautchan. In 2011, it started to spread to other imageboards. The name "Wojak" itself comes from the name of an eccentric Polish poster on Krautchan's /int/ board, who'd originally posted the image there.

The first known post that features a Wojak.
The first known post that features a Wojak.


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The original soyjak

Soyjak is widely considered to be the best wojak variant [2] and even as the true successor to the original wojak meme. The original soyjak was a classic wojak with added glasses, a scruffy beard, raised eyebrows, and a gaping mouth. Since the original soy wojak, many other 'jak templates have been created, most of them traced from images of real-life Soy Boys. Soyjak posting and soy quoting have exploded in popularity all over the internet and, along with Gigachad, have become a ubiquitous way to comically depict one's own opinions and mock those of others.

Popular Wojak Variants

Wojak Paradise

Wojak Paradise is a site with library of wojaks and soyjaks, sometimes having chuds that aren't even on soybooru[3]. Wojak culture is slightly different from soyjaks, with soyjaks becoming autonomous from them. As well as soyjak culture originally being forced by trannies on /pol/, before becoming what it is today, whatever that even means. For example, chudjak is called poljak, soyjak names are different. If soyjak becomes IAWC (Isawojakculture) , then it is possible it will be burnt by normies and might end up turning to dust.