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Wojak Paradise

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The person who owned Wojak Paradise is trans btw, if that matters.


Wojak Paradise
FoundedSeptember 1st, 2021; 2 years ago
CreatorAlice the Trans Girl
Total Postsmore than 10 probably
Screenshot of the homepage. Notice the amount of pure coal that pollutes the catalog of this nest of faggotry.

Wojak Paradise was a r/196-tier twitter troon knockoff of the 'ru, but for safe edgy incomprehensible wojacks like -oomers, twinkjaks, and other self insert NAS commonly used on twitter and wojak story YouTube channels. Its 'log was filled to the brim with vantablack niggerstone solely for reddit users to take and make godawful """memes""" with, and sometimes stole from the party. The nanosecond you opened the website, it loaded hundreds of catagories filled with shitty drawings of feminine men as well as a landfill of coomer-bait """tradwives""" and the likes.

The design of the website in and of itself, not even to mention it's contents, was pure dogshit. The fonts are poorly mixed and ugly, it had no homepage, site map or intuitive navigation implementation. The code felt like it was written by chatGPT, the site was littered with spelling mistakes and ESL, and finally… your """welcome""" for visiting their absolute hellsite was an angry Redditor janny pin telling you not post le heckin’ non-kike-dick-sucking redraws of a forgettable rage comic because they only wanted ones that made their feminine penises hard.[1]

The site was also known for the numerous videos that they paid fiverr artists to make advertising the site, including in different languages.

On November 25th, 2023, the sharty raided, which leads to its eventual death, #PACKWATCH.

Soyjaks created on Wojak Paradise

  • None, but plenty were copied from soybooru

November 25th raid

On November 25th, a thread on /soy/ was posted commanding soyteens to dox the creator of Woah Jack Paradise. The website had an official discord, where it was found that that the owner of the website was none other than an ESL french tranny with the username of "Alice the Trans-Girl" (Powerword: Ulysse Charrié) who was obsessed with among us. A particularly tech-savvy 'teen was able to reverse search the domain owner of Wojak Paradise and found that it was hosted in france by Alexandre Yepes. Some speculated that Yepes was the man behind the website, but further digging found that he was just the owner of the domain hosting service.

A new lead was found hours later in a discord screencap of """"Alice"""" molesting an among us plushie by crushing it between his man thighs[2]. What was so useful about this particular screencap was the fact that in the background there was a flag hung next to his monitor of Lorraine, a province in Eastern France.[3] Because of this crucial detail, 'teens had a rough estimate of xis approximate location.

Gender: MALE

And then...

They found his face. It was glorious. Not only was he estimated to be 73% Jewish, not only did he have visible 5 o'clock shadow, NOT ONLY did the AI clock him has being a biological male, but now there is a concrete proof of what his face looks like, meaning datamining is much easier.

Soon after, a picture of his hairy legs resting on his table was posted. What appeared to be a reading packet for schoolwork was found on the table, identifying the school as Le Mans Université.

His real full name was discovered when a MEGA folder containing his troon wojak collection was datamined, finding that his computer profile was named Alice Charrié.

In rapid succession, the following information was gathered:

  • He lives in an apartment next to his university, where he takes history classes. His university has an amphitheater, and is located in lorraine, france.
  • His reddit account was u/Morganfreidman72 (DELETED GEG), very active in Political Compass themed subreddits. Information from its account history confirmed that his birth/hometown is Sillé-le-Guillaume.
  • Using Javascript fuckery to datamine the information about the Wojak Paradise domain, it was found that his password is "Motsdepasse10" (Password10 in french).
  • 'teens found out that it was possible to leak the database of the paradise, this fails because Ulysse was lurking the thread and shut down the site quickly before the vulnerability could be exploited.
  • Ulysse got on the news 2 times, once for holding the french flag or whatever,[4] and twice for being second in a regional eloquence contest.[5] We can deduce two things from these, 1: he is 18-19 years old as of 2023. 2: he was in "Première ES à la cité scolaire Paul Scarron, à Sillé-le-Guillaume (Sarthe)"
  • a lot of things about his private life (like what he enjoys, how hard he works and stuff) can be found on[5] (use a translator if you don't speak french you Selfish little fuck.)

As of November 25, the paradise asks for a username and password when going on it. Nobody has (publicly) broken in. As of November 26, the Wojak Paradise owner planned to completely 'nish the 'cord and potentially the site, delegating it to a private 'cord channel.[6] The Paradise for now is still up, but all links to social media are dead, and a 'cord server for only support for the site planned. It's unclear at this time if the full 'nishment of the site will be executed or if the Paradise will remain a hollow shell of itself with no place for its fan-base to conjoin. Regardless, it's a 'sharty win. Nevermind it got completely shut down, attempting to navigate to the site will show a "account terminated" screen. The death of wojak paradise rightfully secures a victory for /qa/ and the sharty over 'jakking culture against the sovlless incomprehensible woah jacks.

With the shutdown of the site following the sharty's offensive, its likely that thousands of shitty NAS coal self-insert twitter WoahJacks are now permanently lost to time!


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