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Use Invidious for less datamining.

YouTube, also known as Jewtube or the 'Tube, is a service part of the jewish conglomerate named Alphabet Inc. It is a datamining website that complies with the ADL and the WEF to combat racist, conspiracy-theory shilling, hateful nazis. It is mainly an advertising platform, with video sharing being its secondary purpose.

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The coal that is killing /soy/
Sources [-+]
Symptoms [-+]

TranniesNAS ♦ Pro-tranny posting ♦ CoalpostingDustBrimstone ♦ Engaging in and talking about sharty drama ♦ Pro-pedophilia advocacyCP SpamSnitchesSpamDemoralizationPorn ♦ Altchan/4chan Raiding and Jackbox Raiding slowly becoming less and less common ♦ Märgerautismus SyndromeSelf-insert syndromeBaby botVariant:UnknownShit Nobody Cares About

Treatment [-+]

JesusAdmin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content