You look like this and say this

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The Mystical Arrow

You look like this and say this is one of the core tenets of 'jakking. By using an arrow, and selecting a 'jak from your 'jak folder, you can attempt to make the appearance of your chosen quotee. If you choose a potent and relevant 'jak, you may convince others that he does indeed look like your 'jak. Entire soy duels occur to determine who really looks like this. If a Chud forgets an arrow, then he looks like the 'jak he's posting.

You look like this and say this is also a secondary characteristic of a Soyjak. Typically, NAS cannot be used successfully in this manner, while IAS can. For example, you can't really soyquote with a wojak. It also constitutes an instant fail within soyduels.

Speech Bubbles

Speech bubbles also stem from the phenomenon. The image below you is saying what you say, therefore you look like this and say this. Speech bubble spam is a frequent sight on the 'ru. There were also astroturfed speech bubble wars between countries, but it was so fiesty and erotic it got banned. Speech bubble spam is also a frequent sight on various Discord users, as they can't into proper soyquoting/dueling due to the fact that Discord users are retarded trannies. These two facts are not related in any way whatsoever.

Quotation Marks

You say this.

Self Insert Syndrome

You want to look like this jak you post. Common with Neutralplier bloggers.

Disrespecting The Arrow

If you remember the arrow, and your quotee tells you "Nice selfie"[1], they are a coaler of the blackest order. Kill him on sight.