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Your World of Text

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Your World of Text during the second raid.

Your World of Text is a website that allows anyone to type whatever they want on an infinitely large canvas. A favourite target for raids due to the ease of editing and lack of jannies or any 'nishment system whatsoever.

Normally you can't paste text on YWOT, type

Permissions.can_paste = function() {return true;};

into your browser's console to enable pasting, or use Your Hacked World of Text (linked below).


The first soyjak raid on Your World of Text occured on June 7, 2021. It was fairly minor and was quickly forgotten due to the original thread being lost to the Captain Coal incident. The second raid began on June 10, 2021 and is still ongoing. Massive amounts of ASCIIjaks and Sneed spam could be found across the canvas, invoking the rage of several Brazillians using the site, however these were mostly erased in the early morning of June 13. A rebuilding effort is ongoing, with skirmishes between raiders, a Trollface spammer, and a Ballmerposter being documented.

In January of 2024, a brief renaissance occured in YWOT raiding, with especially yourworldoftext/trans being the main target of attacks. The page got wiped by the trannyjanny owner every day, but the goal was to keep the gems up before snitches could delete them and have troons see them as they reset the page for thrembillionth time and hopefully ack.


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