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>Though Maybe you were looking for Yurijak?


Soyjak variant
Origin/soy/, Soyjak.party (November 2023)
Booru Posts 33 As of November 18th, 2023
Traced FromLars from Metallica

Yurjak also known as Larsjak is a fairly new 'jak variant sporting an aggressively excited expression and an outstretched arm, best known for his unnatural ability to make objects (notably soylent bottles) levitate; he is also commonly portrayed holding or presenting objects, which has led to him largely replacing an inferior variant.

It is associated with Brimstone Winter 2024 despite being made sometime in November. It has dozens of original edits that don't just boil down to flagging or countrywars; due to the exploitability of the pose in the image, many gems have been made using this template, usually being used to show something.


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