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Adventure threads are threads on imageboards such as 4chan and in which creative Anons/Chuds tell a story based on instructions from other users, creating a Choose Your Own Adventure-style experience. These stories are typically depicted using both text and images.

An earlier, separate tradition of adventure threads called quest threads were also developed in /qa/.

Differences between adventure and quest threads[edit | edit source]

The quest thread tradition of /qa/ is very similar to later adventure threads on, but still has quite a few differences . For example, soy adventure threads often feature a variety of different authors all under a certain haze of anonymity, while /qa/ quest authors always namefag, but mostly for writing the story and telling when the next edition will occur. The original author, Questmaster, occasionally posted with his title in early 2021, but has since reserved it solely in his quests and in others’ quest threads. His influence in the quest scene is so great that all other authors adopt a derivative of his name, such as Questmaster’s disciple and Questapprentice.

previously stated Soyjak Trio

Unfortunately, /qa/’s endemic spammers and necrobumpers leave little time to create much OC. Authors typically use older ‘jaks related to the situation, such as Pirate Quest #1, which uses a classic Soyjak Trio of pirates to introduce its three swashbucklers. The fast speed of /qa/ forces authors to use first reply in most scenarios, despite larger reply counts being more common in /qst/.

Notable adventure threads and quest threads[edit | edit source]

denotes threads that no longer exist on due to catastrophic events such as waves of Coal, conflicts between groups of posters, or cyberattacks.

Header image for first Meds Quest thread

Meds Quest[edit | edit source]

Links: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Meds Quest is the first soy adventure/quest thread ever created, with the original /qa/ thread beginning in 1/11/21. After spilling his antipsychotic Meds down the drain one day, an old voice in the protagonist Schizochad's head alerted him that he would gain godlike abilities as long as he was med-free for 24 hours. Schizochad’s adventure creates a surreal blend of more typical /qst/ threads with both ‘jak and /qa/ culture, which gained it minor notoriety in the /qa/ mythos. The final installment of Meds Quest was concluded on 1/20/21.

Pirate Quest[edit | edit source]

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Pirate Quest is Questmaster’s second quest thread, with the first installment beginning on 1/25/21. The story picks up at the end of Meds Quest, with Schizochad going through the now dead God’s old movie collection and popping in Pirate Quest. Söyjak sparrow, Smee, and Neckbeard embark on a quest on the Söystromo in search of relics with all matter of puzzles, riddles, and battles. These additions, as well as even a greater amount of emphasis on /qa/ culture and little to no cherrypicking, make Pirate Quest a noticeable improvement on Meds Quest, despite being as of now unfinished. The last post was on 5/19/21, the many hiatuses between the start date and now being explained by Questmaster’s fear of repeating the same jokes.[1]

Pirate Söyjak Sparrow

Impjak Adventure[edit | edit source]

Main article: Impjak Adventure

Link [archived version] + Part 2 [archived version]

Impjak Adventure is a popular adventure thread featuring a variant of Impish Soyak Ears as its protagonist. It started with no existing story whatsoever, simply a picture of its eponymous protagonist Impjak accompanied by the text "The rules are simple. First one to reply decides what our impish friend here does." When the original thread became slow to load due to a large number of replies, a second thread was created to continue the story.

It reached its conclusion on 2021-06-14.

Flandre Adventure[edit | edit source]

[archived version] + recreation [archived version]

This thread's story began when its protagonist, a classic wojak-style soyjak (aptly named "Soyjak") awoke in the middle of the night to find that his wife/girlfriend (the exact definition of their relationship is left ambiguous) Flandre has been kidnapped. It features high-quality, full-color, custom-drawn art and many original characters as well as characters from the Touhou franchise.

For unknown reasons, the original thread no longer exists on, but it has since been recreated.

Soot Resistance Adventure[edit | edit source]

(original thread) [archived version] + (Part 2) [archived version]

After the Roygbivsloweddown incident, an anonymous Chud created a surreal thread featuring a winged goldfish soyjak as its protagonist. This thread had by far the most complex story setup out of all the adventure threads, taking inspiration from the true events of Operation 'Plier. The unnamed protagonist is a user who was banned after repeatedly "shit[ting] on the floor" in protest of Soot's banning of Roygbivsloweddown. After being both "kicked out" from by a moderator and subsequently banned from it for attempting to assassinate Soot, the protagonist joins a shadowy group called "Soot Resistance", a gathering of dissidents planning to overthrow Soot.

The Soot Resistance Adventure thread was lost after the Captain Coal hack incident, making it the first major adventure thread to cease existing on Soot's method of restoring the site to its pre-vandalized state was to use a backup made five days before the incident, which led to the loss of the thread due to its being under five days old. Soon after the incident, however, it was recreated by its original creator, who reposted all replies. Unfortunately this recreation was unintentionally deleted, apparently by Soot when he "wipe[d]" a Tor node that was being used by a spammer, deleting every single post made under that IP. [2]

A third thread was created on 2021-06-15 which began where the previous thread ended.

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