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Example of scummy faggot Coalposters posting shitty threads

Coal otherwise known as Coalposts derives it's name from the real coal rock. Coal is known to be the opposite of a Gem on places like, unlike the gems that are high quality and uncommon and the average post that is neither coal nor gem, coalposts are a combination of low quality and low effort and does not serve any use for the community other than occupy space that could be otherwise of a gem while at the same time getting gems out of the board to be forever lost after continuous coal spam.

Coalposters as a group and their ultimate goal[edit | edit source]

A fellow gem-appreciator calling out a filthy Coalposter
Another example of a shitty coal thread

Attempt to imagine a low human, can imagine that? then imagine someone even lower and then even lower and that's your average Coalposter. Coalposters are huge incels deprived of any sexual activity with broken dopamine receptors and their only form of entertainment is the sadistic pleasure of ruining the fun of others, they attempt to destroy any community with their techniques and leave a former husk of itself for their sick minds and jerk off to the idea after. Coalposters can emulate various personality traits and identities. Coalposters are often transphobic, they create profiles on the internet claiming to be transgender people and then push a transgender agenda on things that are not related to transgenderism, this in turn has made many people become transphobic or begin to browse alt-right safespaces such as /pol/.

As of recent weeks Coalposters have targetted in an attempt of lowering the quality of soy posts in the imageboard site with creativity-less thought-less posts, their strategy is to make the general community immitate their actions and begin posting low quality content and in turn transform what was known as soy culture as nothing but a soulless version of it's former self, making SOOT decide that the website is not worthy anymore of hosting and thus shut it down. Although Coalposters and their techniques can be hard to spot at times this one is very obvious and this has surprised Coalposters that someone finally saw through their plan as seen in the image above.

Average coal poster.

To combat Coalposters it's advised to create Gems as fast as you can or bump old gems and not let the Coalposters archive what would be otherwise precious soy culture, is at war and it needs your help.