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The post by the supposed furry artist.

The furry artist conspiracy theory, also known as the furry falseflag,[1] is a deboonked[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] myth[9][10] on the origin of soyjak which falsely alleges that "over 100+ wojak edits" were commissioned by a "massive diaper shit loving sperg", and that, by extension, anyone "spamming" soyjak should be considered to be him. This conspiracy theory is extremely dangerous to our democracy. It was debunked by Snopes[11] and it scored a "liar liar pants on fire" on PolitiFact.[12]

History[edit | edit source]

The false post appeared near the end of a wojak thread on /v/ on 4 October, 2019.[13] It was then screenshotted and disseminated as fact, despite providing no evidence. By 4 November, 2019, it had already been debunked "weeks ago".[14]

How is it a hoax?[edit | edit source]

A soyjak artist defending his honor.

Whenever this image is posted, users frequently come out and say that a one or more of the soyjaks in the folder are their OC and weren't commisioned. Beyond that, would you really stop doing commissions for someone who's paying you thousands to make simple MS paint Wojak edits? It's very easy money. Besides making a soyjak folder is very easy, like getting a bunch from a Mediafire folder. Beyond that, calling the supposed Soyjak poster a diaper furry scat fetishist makes it even less believable in a way, these are obviously disgusting things and saying someone is them is an easy way to try and ruin their reputation, there's no effort to make it realistic and it's just an attempt to make their enemy seem as disgusting as possible.

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