Impish Soyak Ears

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Impish Soyak Ears.

Impish Soyak Ears, alternatively Swedish Win, Swedish Fail, or Swedejak is a Soyjak variant that is based on an edit of the original Guinness World Record Soyjak. This soyjak variant caused chaos among the soyjak community and it remains disputed whether it's a win or a fail. Despite often being used to portray swedes, there is 0 to no evidence that swedes actually look like this or say this.

The variant has a leading role in the acclaimed Impjak Adventure webcomic.

The evolution of Impish Soyak Ears.

Identifying Swedish Wins/Fails[edit | edit source]

Norwegian Win[edit | edit source]

an example of a soyduel between a swede and a norwegian

When a Swedish poster posts the "Swedish Win" infographic, Norwegian posters usually respond with this image, causing a soyduel to break out.