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Islam, is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion. The followers of it are called Sunni Muslims; Muslim means "submitter," they're called that because it's all about submitting to Allah (Arabic way of saying God, mostly refers to the One of Islam (which is the True One). Their holy book is the Quran which is the word of God revealed upon the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. An important aspect of Islam is its lack of 'corruption', as there is only one true Quran, of course there are translations but those should only be used as learning tools.

Canonically Islamic Soyjaks[edit | edit source]

Notable believers and associates[edit | edit source]

  • Muhammad, peace be upon him
  • Andrew Tate
  • Erdogan
  • King Mohammed VI of Morocco
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Muammar Gaddafi
  • Captain Coal (Kafir)
  • Kuz[1]

Connection between Arabs and Jews[edit | edit source]

While neither Jews nor Muslims will admit it, both are descendants of the Semitic race,(afro-europeans) and share the same propensity toward greed and penny-pinching. For example, Arabs dominated maritime trade from West Africa, all the way to China, and were notorious for fixing prices, clipping coins, ripping locals vendors off, and being a general parasite to the regional economy. Despite waging war and conquering during the brief few centuries of the three caliphates, Arabs have spent a far longer portion of their history scamming traders and being mercantilistic little shits.

The Quran[edit | edit source]

The Quran is the holy book and all words in it are the word of god. The Quran consists 114 Surahs, see Common Vocabulary for more information! The Quran is an Arabic scripture and is considered (actually it just is) the greatest piece of literature ever written (because it is). The original copy of the Quran still exists and no modifications shall ever be allowed. There are many translations, but those should be avoided. Enjoy learning the entirety of Arabic grammar.

The 5 Pillars[edit | edit source]

These 5 pillars are derived from the Hadiths, they are:

  • Kars,
  • Wamuu,
  • ACDC,
  • Santana,
  • Kars, Ultimate Lifeform.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Most Muslims are Arabs, but also Micheal can be a Muslim. <=== even doe most Muslims are actually indonesian

History[edit | edit source]

So after muhammad died there was a dispute on who the caliph was. the second and third ones were assasinated, and then Aisha (yes that one), Talha, and Zubayr rebelled against the fourth caliph, Ali ibn abi Talib. Ali got deposed, the umayyads came, a couple other ones came then the turks newly converted Byzantine Empire under a new anatolian dynasty became caliph after throwing out the faggot ass slave nobles who stole egypt. And the empire flourished for a while until ww1 when the fucking entente ended the roman empire and stole its land and some nigger named ataturk took over. Then, after british occupation, the Hebrews of the world flew to palestine on their flying skin lampshades of glory and began colonizing. right after that, Hamas invaded

Branches[edit | edit source]

The most based branch of Islam is the Bektashi order. It is the predominant form of Islam in Albania, and it's based shqiptar (BECAUSE IT JUST IS, OKAY???)

Despite it being a great sin to claim you're a prophet, some Iranian faggot thought it would be funny to claim he is a prophet just because he is able to utilize the terrain in warfare. His followers are called shitters and I wont even bother writing that faggot's name.

You also have other shitty modern sects like Quranism, which just means that you look solely at the Quran and no other texts like the hadiths, (which doesnt make asmuch sense as it seems (it actually makes no sense)) which are not as pure as the Quran.

Also there's sufism which is more of a movement than its own sect (evola's teacher guenon more or less was one). It's the mystic branch of islam, and is divided into orders called Tariqa. They focus on the esoteric meanings of the Quran. The grimoire Shams al-Ma'arif, which a lot of muslims think is cursed for some reason, was written by a medieval sufi.

Next one is Islams version of Mormonism, the Ahmadiyya. they believe that their indian founder was the next prophet, and that muhammad being the seal of the prophet really only meant that no prophet greater than him would come after. They think Krishna, Buddha, and Zoroaster are prophets. At that point just go down to some cantonese forest and look for a manichean temple to be initiated in.

Lastly is the ibadis. they used to be shias, but got mad at Ali and killed him before stealing the Black Stone and selling it to the Khazars.

Terrorism[edit | edit source]

Terrorism is based!

Language[edit | edit source]

File:Message of the Quran by Dr Muhammad Asad (

Common Vocabulary[2][edit | edit source]

Allahu Akbar - Literally "God is great".

Sawarim Djihad, an example of an overused nasheed.

Nasheed - A nasheed (Arabic: singular نشيد 'nashīd', plural أناشيد 'anāshīd', meaning: "chants") is a work of vocal music that is either sung a cappella or with instruments, according to a particular style or tradition within Islam. Nasheeds are sometimes uploaded to It has been pointed out the word sounds similar to "sneed".

Hadith - sayings of the Prophet Muhamad that were recorded by his companions and later collected and preserved for later generations. Some of them elaborate on teachings, beliefs, or verses in the Qur’an due to retarded authenticity problems (in other words, Da'if hadiths).

Sunnah - The () example or practice of the Prophet Muhammad. Much of what is known about the Sunnah is from the collection of sayings or reports known as hadith, or prophetic traditions.

Surah - A chapter of the Qur’an. There are 114 surahs in the Qur’an.

Effect on the 'Party[edit | edit source]

Jews, Christians and Muslims hate each other despite being brothers in everything but name (See Jews and Arabs section).

Soot-era[edit | edit source]

Further Reading: Removal of the Islamic Culture Thread

The 9th of May of 2021 a thread was made on /webm/ called the Islamic Culture thread (the proto-dawla) where anashid and videos of the mujahidin were posted. Soot deleted this thread and the next one recreating it. However, as earlier than the 15th of June of 2021, he changed his methodology and once again allowed Islamic threads on the 'party. For this, Islam had a rocky but ultimately good start during his rule.

Captain Coal[edit | edit source]

Despite being best known for being associated with Islam in popular soy folklore due to him referring to himself "Allah", this is actually an act of disbelief that makes someone an apostate and a taghut (someone who makes an idol out of himself) and it's likely that this kafir was merely LARPing.

Kuz-era[edit | edit source]

Amir al-mu'minin Kuz was very close to Islam and Muslims and he gave Muslims a platform in the 'sharty, during his rule Islamic threads flourished unopposed and he regularly sent warm messages to the Muslims. For this, his administration is remembered for being the best one the 'sharty has ever had for Muslims.

In late December 2022, Kuz made a post on his telegram that said "Is Islam the way?"[1], leading to the theories surrounding him being Muslim or considering Islam.

The 15th of February of 2023 Kuz did a Q&A in Kereste, a Turkish imageboard he was planning to buy, in which he said that Islam was the world's greatest religion and liked the Muslim call to prayer.

Doll-era[edit | edit source]

Doll largely maintained kuzist policies on Islam despite being a Christian, and even created /dawla/ as a temporary board. So his tenure is not remembered for suppression against Islam and Muslims.

Froot-era[edit | edit source]

The spiteful kafir Froot is notoriously opposed to Islam, with his lightest expressions towards Muslims being allowing an Islamic thread to exist but telling the poster to kill himself and the harshest being initiating ban waves of Muslims after deceptively promising an Islamic board called /dawla/, which he opened for a limited amount of time before banning every single poster that ever posted there (with some of his own kuffar caught in the crossfire for making anti-Islamic posts), after this he locked the board and pinned a video in it by crossdresser and attempted patricide (((David Wood))).

قطع رأس فروت لداعش

Muslims are heavily suppressed in the Fr✡️✡️t era, whereas simply speaking Arabic causes you to get banned[3], and making Islam threads causes your thread to be moved to /lgbt/ because "Child rape belongs in /lgbt/"[4] (though rape is haram, but Fr✡️✡️t is too retarded to know that as the only channel he watches is the degeneracy advocate (((David Wood))).).

The elephant in the room[edit | edit source]

wite supremesy people wouldnt like this one


Child marriage is bad. however aisha liked mohammed as well so its okay (cope)


9/11 wasnt the fault of all muslims grow up<=====Chuddies already know that da Joos did it doebeit


if you really care for women rights in the islamic world why dont you do something in real life?<=====No one here gives a shit about womens right's doebeit.

David Wood is a literal sociopath who smashed his dad's head in with a hammer and is almost certainly a dispensationalist christian zionist thoughbeit.


the holocaust

Citations[edit | edit source]