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The most recent PixelPlanet project currently being worked on by hard working 'jakkers

Pixelplanet.fun is a pixel art website similar to pixelcanvas.io, with the notable difference that there are no trannies and the cooldown is lower.

On March 15, 2022, the first PixelPlanet thread was made, instructing all 'jakkers to build a 358*358 advertisement for the sharty. Notably, the ad in the original post was reused from the PixelCanvas thread, although it was never archived.

The thread was initially met with skepticism, but the artwork was quickly completed 5 days after the original thread was created.

After completing the ad, new projects were made: a sproke ad under the first one, completed after 2 days of construction, and a thrembos ad right to the first one, which is complete. Additionally, signage saying reddit is coal has also been completed.

One Planet user accused the party of botting and got a janny to roll back the "reddit is coal" panel, but the 'jakkers eventually rebuilt it over the next couple of weeks. More recently a vertical panel featuring a troonjak hanging from a soyjak's mouth was built.

Unfortunately trannies learnt about the hard work of the chads and decided to ruin it both placing pixels manually and using bots which eventually led to two ads being protected temporarily and trannies banned.

Overlay[edit | edit source]

  • Download the image in the thread
  • Upload it to pixelplanet.fun and set appropriate coordinates

Archive[edit | edit source]

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