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Soycraft is THE Minecraft server for

This page is a gem.

An incomplete map of the server as of november 11 2023

The rules of Soycraft[edit | edit source]

  1. All the rules of the sharty apply.
  2. No malicious unwarranted griefing or continuous unecessary aggression. All disputes and cases will be settled in an in-game court.
  3. No chat flooding. This is very tolerant, just dont send like 50 messages a second.
  4. No ban evasion. Bans are shared, so you will be banned from the sharty if you ban evade on the 'craft.
  5. No stealing, as with number 2 all disputes will be settled in an in-game court.

Pre-History[edit | edit source]

There was never going to be a minecraft server, do not investigate further. No such plans were ever discussed. Do not investigate further. There was never an attempt at a new official 'craft. Let me repeat. Do. Not. Look. Into. This. Further.

After the shutdown of the official Sootcraft server, which died in darkness, the sharty was left without an official server.

the 'craft. One of the only images of the server to exist.

On August 4, 2022, the 'craft was created, a shitty non-cracked 1.16.4 server. The server itself only lasted a day before being shut down due to someone loading loads of chunks.[1]

Very few images of the server exist, and according to Kuz, it cost him 300 dollars to repair everything.[2]

Later, an unofficial server called Kuz's Waiting Room existed as a temporary server that would exist until the official server came back. There was an average of 0 players online at any time there. Per the server's name, it was shut down right before the official server was to start and the world was archived in full.[3]

A l33t haxxor joins the Soycraft server on November 2nd.

Take Two[edit | edit source]

On November 2, 2022, an announcement with the text "The Minecraft server will return on November 4rd[sic]" was made. A poll was attached to the announcement to determine the version. Although 1.5 won by 40% of the vote, another announcement was made with stating "Since you selfish little fucks spammed the vote its going to be 1.19" [4]

The server was later changed to 1.18.2. We do not talk about why this change was made. In fact, the paragraph above doesn't exist and never existed.

Although the server officially opened on November 4, 2022 at 9:00pm EDT, the server itself was joinable since November 2nd if you were to connect to

After the release of 1.20.1, the server was updated to that version.

The World[edit | edit source]

the 'eed is cracked

Sneed: 6450862790848946979

  • NOTE: Following an end reset, the end now uses a different seed.

On the very first day the server came out Chuds managed to both kill the end dragon and reverse engineer the seed

Click to be brought to a seed viewer so you can see where all the 'tructures are.

To use maps, use

/tomap [url] resize [size of image in blocks. Ex. 1 1]

Important Locations[edit | edit source]

Location X Z Dimension
Spawn 0 0 Overworld
1488 Base 1488 1488 Overworld
Chud HQ 8888 8888 Overworld
Brittania 131 -284 Overworld
Chudville -200 80 Overworld
Chudlandia -410 -84 Overworld
Mount Coal Ice Boat Racing 324 98 Overworld
Chudgard 630 150 Overworld

How to join using a cracked account[edit | edit source]

Use PollyMC for that, a fork of PolyMC.

If you're using Windows or Mac, you will get some warning about the program being from an unreviewed publisher. You can ignore that.

Once, you've installed it, you'll need to click "add instance" and 1.20.1. You need to make sure that your Java Version is set to 17. Pollymc may try to automatically set the Java version to 8.

After that's done, you can create your account. Click "profiles" then "add account." Then click "add offline" and choose any name you'd like.

Finally, just add like any other multiplayer server, join then register! Just make sure to follow the rules.

Common Errors[edit | edit source]

It is asking you to add a premium account, then you may have downloaded the wrong program. Make sure it's Pollymc.

If you are being told that your java version is incorrect, you will need to make sure it is Java 17. Head to Settings>Java>Auto-detect. See the relevant gallery photo.

NEVER USE TLAUNCHER (maybe sometimes)[edit | edit source]

Tlauncher is spyware, proprietary malware, other forms of "ware" and is russian government tracking software used to track innocent children with no brain. Wrong! Tlauncher IS spyware but was a ripped fork of the original Tlauncher (now called Legacy Launcher because cunts who forked Tlauncher have copyright of it, beware cuz the fags have set up fake Legacy Launcher websites to bait people into downloading their shitty malware).

How to join using Android[edit | edit source]

If you have an Android, you can join Soycraft, and play the Java Edition, by using PojavLauncher.

To use it, download PojavLauncher from the Google Play Store or from GitHub.

Then, create a new profile, but under the "version" box, click the "SELECT" button to the right and choose 1.20.1 (which is located under "Release"). Finally, at the very top, tap where it says "Add account" and then click the "Add account" button in the dropdown menu. Clicking "Microsoft Account" will allow you to log in, while clicking "Local Account" will allow you to play cracked.

If you have iOS, you can also use PojavLauncher, but it is less straightforward to install.

Notable Landmarks[edit | edit source]

Spawn[edit | edit source]

A rare depiction of the withercobs

The server's spawnpoint. Was lavacasted at a point. A signular nether portal, ruined aquarium, and a train station used to exist here. It was later griefed down to bedrock by a 12 year old with the name "nigger." Kuz cleared his inventory and his chunks, which were filled with duped TNT. Don't ever go here. Go far-far away. Today, the spawn is somewhat survivable, although it is filled with "god tier wojack" and "HWABAG" withers which make escape difficult. There is also a large obsidian wall along the north side, and the surrounding terrain has been decimated by war and lavacasting.

Downloads[edit | edit source]

The spawn area on the very first day.

Old spawn after a minor grief (a missing chunk is located at spawn due to a bug in the scraping program):

Chudtown[edit | edit source]

A ruined village which was burnt down by kuz on the first day. After being rebuilt, its notable landmarks included the Church of St Chud, which was used to burn items that were stolen from other players as well as a stonecutter. The village was destroyed when a wither was summoned there.

It was later partially rebuilt and had a train line from spawn.

Chudtown was then griefed again, all that is left are the ruins of the once vast town. THOUGH, a new altar is being rebuild unknown location.

Efforts to rebuild Chudtown as it used to be are now underway as part of the project to restore the area around spawn. These efforts were later cancelled in order to work on New Chudtown instead.

New Chudtown[edit | edit source]

A village located near the cob hotel and concentration camp, which is meant to be the successor to the original Chudtown. The city's lore is very similar to that of Chicago's.

1488 Base[edit | edit source]

A base located at X1488 Z1488. Was later griefed by trolls from splinter sites who were enacting a one-sided war.

Chud HQ[edit | edit source]

Chud HQ
Chud HQ Being Griefed

The Chud HQ is the new megabase of the day 1 soyteens who built the very first 1488 base. They left because some offsite selfish little fuck set fire to the base, which was 95 percent wood. The base was reduced to little more than a foundation with chests and glass panes floating above it. Leadership of the group of chuds and slaves who settled 1488 naturally came from Fwambaby who was already planning their next base, Chud HQ. Chud HQ is a base planned by Fwambaby. It consists of a commendably large castle of stone bricks, with floors of fireproof spruce slabs. Much of the chuds time in the first week was spent gathering stone and fuel to build it. The castle itself is quite empty, all activity is in the courtyard. With all the necessities such as a storage building and vaccine dispensary. It has been raided once by an Italian larper, who destroyed all of the items in its storage with lava, leaving them only what was on their person to go on. The chuds then shifted to an enderchest based personal storage system for each of their valuables. His attacks were put to an end when he waltzed into the courtyard naked, in front of several chuds, who proceeded to inflict TND on the intruder. Much work afterwards was dedicated to finding his bed and destroying/bedtrapping it. For this reason chud HQ has grown wary of sharing its location, though it still always welcomes teens who manage to make their way to it. There are a couple splinter builds which are around chud HQ. Goob1488's tower is across the river from the castles front where it is lined by swastika trimmed hedges. There is a police officer statue as well as an Israeli flag on the sides of the entrance. There is also a temple to Moloch by the path to the castles gates and a domed TND temple deep underground in dripstone lava cave. A small acacia house is to the left of the castle and is of unknown ownership. Looking down on the castle from its right is the Giant Nigger, who stands above a submissive cobson snowbunny who's so horny that he'll wet himself at the press of a button. Somewhat adjacent from the base is Goob's own, where there is a raid farm. There has been great effort to set up an exp farm in the end from chuds. There currently is an ongoing effort to fix and prevent further damage to spawn which is expected make more newteens join.

Griefed by eggdings, who also went by Red, on December 17, 2022.

Restoration project was completed in early April 2023.

A version of Chud HQ from before the grief can be found here: (ChudHQ was located at X8888 Z8888. This world dump leaves you at a nearby jungle castle. You can easily get to the main part of ChudHQ by switching your gamemode to creative and flying over there or by just teleporting.)

Spawn Island[edit | edit source]

sunset at the 'cado coinslot

As of November 20, 2022 spawn has been "cleaned up" by teens, who created a large obsidian platform topped by one layer of grass. A couple days later, a player named Soyjakparty traveled to spawn and elected to remain there, to situate newly entering players with free diamond gear. Note that this only happened because a new user (abucobson) serendipitously logged in for the first time just as Soyjakparty arrived at spawn. With a newteen helper, Soyjakparty committed fully to developing spawn.

The shrine

The first building erected being "The Temple" or "Soylimpus". The temple is a a quite large stone brick pantheon with quartz pillars, large beams of wood in a diorite ceiling, and a tower domed with copper on top. The back of the building looks out from the edge of the platform with a pulpit in front of a giant stained glass window painting of Nikocado Avocado's coinslot. The sun rises through the doorway, and sets in the coinslot. There is also a secret room within the domed tower, accessible by a discreet staircase to the right. Within this tower is a shrine to Saint Crusius himself. Bathed in a militaristic red are watermelons, swastikas, a tithing box, and pictures representing Chud and that which he fought for, all surrounding a candled alter with his likeness placed at its heart. Soyteens are encouraged to tithe at this shrine at least once for good luck. The temple itself is quite roomy, the church congregation being at the end, and an enchanting or vaccine brewing station set at either side of the entrance. Brilliant banners of the Nazi and Israeli flags drape the pillared entrance. Said pillars are decorated with portraits of significant sharty figures such as Nikocado, Kuz+Soot making love, Cobson, and Frognigger (dead). Spawn is in a small unbreakable house, while a larger storage shack made by the initial renovators was reappropriated as a storage for newteens. On one side is a small grove filled with beehives (buggies are sacred in shartyspawn culture). An extensive farm dominates the eastern end, as well as a pile of coal with a sign stating it as "the sharty", and a super science powered automatic compostor... or something. On the other side there is also a "cobby on the 'log". A few small structures/houses are built on the spawn island too. Beyond the garden is the big waterfall teens use to get down from spawn. Beside it is a soysand science powered elevator, which carries players up it surprisingly fast. At the base of the waterfall is a growing pod village made by Soyjakparty by vaccinating villagers, to provide a source of the diamond gear needed for newcomers. Above the village and spawn float an obsidian tyrannosaurus skull and a mysterious red building... as well the word "nigger" written in the sky. Spawn island's only permanent inhabitant is a zoglin named "whiter than u".

Spawn island was griefed on November 21, 2022 and was later restored until it was griefed and lavacasted around the same time Chud hq was griefed in December. The lavacast was removed and most of the island's buildings were restored around late February.

Spawn island was later demolished by the spawn restoration crew to make way for new spawn. Buildings that were on spawn island were relocated. This was due to spawn Island always being a temporary structure until actual spawn could get restored.

New Spawn[edit | edit source]

Gravestones mourning the lost builds of spawn island.

On May 3, 2023, an aggressive effort to restore the area around spawn to exactly how it looked on the first day of the server started. Most buildings around the area, including spawn island, were either consensually demolished or moved. A museum was placed where the pyramid was and where Chudtown used to be.

Kuz Visits the ‘Craft[edit | edit source]

Kuz came onto the sharty mc server (which has existed for 7+ months) for the first time since the server opened. He said very little, built a giant pepe, and when he got down a bunch of people surrounded him and he signed some books. He shitposted a few times and then made an arena for people to fight in. Then he left. I think it was the first time most soyteens have seen kuz shitpost. After he left some guys built a protected area of the base where kuz had spent 5 minutes AFK.

April Fools Building Competition[edit | edit source]

On April 1st a building contest was held on the 'craft, with the mods setting up a build plot for players to use. They had two hours to build and were limited to the resources they brought.


  1. Fishjak (PostSootEra) - won a Lifetime KolymaVIP subscription.[5]
  2. Soy in a Cage (CHUD) - won a BBC (wooden sword).
  3. Restaurant (NoID_eas) - won a bunch of coal.
Kuz gives the winner of the contest, 321913, a signed book. Nobody knows to this day what that book was.
Kuz posts a gem.

The world was saved here:

Server Wars[edit | edit source]

Chudlandia V. Argentina[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the full restoration of Chudlandia, a settlement built by an Argentinian newgod was spotted at the edge of the Chudlandian suburbs, right at a spot where a road was being built for future expansion. Seeing the Argentinian base as a threat to Chudlandia's prosperity, the Chudlandian leader Usnutt set up tnt cannons pointing at the Argentinian border checkpoint as a threat.

A day later, the Argentinian joined the server and the case was taken to the Chudville courthouse. After it was found out the judge didn't even know what the conflict was about, the Argentinian base was blown up and the territory ceded to Chudlandia.

The former Argentine territory now hosts a communal super smelter and a spleef arena along with some houses.

Chudlandia V. Chudistan / Sproke City[edit | edit source]

A few weeks after the founding of Sproke City, a partially recognized state on the restored land north of Chudville, Sproke City's leader Carbonatorr built small settlement consisting of 2 gypsy caravans wason formerly Argentinian land, which has been under Chudlandian control for months by that time. After Usnutt enacted TGD (TOTAL GYPSY DEATH) on the two vans, a skirmish between the two dramafags resulted in both Chudlandia and Sproke city getting griefed. During the grief, Usnutt commited a suicide bombing on Carbonatorr in the leader's palace which killed both even doe Carbonatorr got to the items first which made the suicide bombing meaningless. Later that same day a ceasefire was declared by a janny but the skirmishes continued for a few days until the case was solved in the Chudville court. (CZECHGODS WON)

Brittania, Chudville, Chudlandia and ScalyHQ V. Zelligtown[edit | edit source]

This was more of a gangbang grief then a war, but it should still go here. On the 17th/18th August, CHUD, EngineTheCommie, baritone, Usnutt and a few others went to the abandoned city of Zelligtown and bombed the fuck out of it. EngineTheCommie quoted: "I watched 4 minutes of ongezellig, wanted to murder myself and possibly everyone who worked on it."

Court Cases[edit | edit source]

Chudville V. Barrier Block[edit | edit source]

Chudlandia V. Chudistan[edit | edit source]

On the 21st of April a court session took place to decide the fate of Chudistan, an exclave built within Chudlandia's borders. Carbonatorr, the owner of Chudistan, claimed the land was unused by Chudlandia and thus it was free for him to build on. Usnutt retaliated by saying that although it was unused it was not unclaimed. As evidence he displayed a map[6] of the region which showed the land left of Chudlandia to be its sovereign territory.

The court ultimately ruled in Usnutt's favour with the condition that he dismantle the dirt shacks he had built in Sproke City within 24 hours. Both parties agreed to these conditions and Chudistan was relocated by the mods to a new location.

The People V. cobcloudy[edit | edit source]

On the 22nd of April, cobcloudy stole one iron pickaxe, one iron sword, and some building materials from Carbonatorr, who planned to use them to build Sproke City. In retaliation for the theft, Carbonatorr and several other server members repeatedly killed cobcloudy, as there were no mods online to rectify the situation. After three hours of repeated killing, a mod eventually came online and held a court session to determine the fate of cobcloudy.

The court ultimately ruled in the prosecutions favor, allowing the execution of cobcloudy, but also stated that the hours of vigilante justice made up for the thefts, and thus the stolen materials would not be returned.

Carbonatorr V. Salienaut[edit | edit source]

On the 25th of April, Salienaut stole a beacon from Carbonatorr and baritone. Three days later, Carbonatorr filed a case against Salie, seeking retribution for the theft. In court, Salie insisted xhey never broke the beacon, but the logs provided by the jannies said otherwise.

The court ruled in Carbonatorr's favor. For his crimes, Salie was executed twice and enslaved to Sproke City until he completed the construction of a low-income apartment complex. Rather than complete the apartment, thoughever, Salie griefed Sproke City and was banned.

Soycraft V. 0x4D616E61[edit | edit source]

On the 30th of July, 0x4D616E61 griefed the Socialist Republic of Brittania, stole from the nations leader, spawned a wither, attempted to Chunkban players, evaded multiple bans multiple times, along with murdering baritone the night prior and stealing his sword named "griefcord L" which is a wooden troll sword tone uses while afking some farms for when da cord tries to murder him. Following his crimes, he was detained in the Chudville jail by EngineTheCommie and ChuddyChuffy before others arrived. During the court case, baritone represented soycraft "despite EngineTheCommie doing most of the job for him" with a jury of a total newfag and cobson.

The court ultimately ruled 0x4D guilty, the jew was executed by baritone using the griefcord L which was recovered by ChuddyChuffy earlier that day. When asked for a quote about the situation, the plaintiff baritone replied:

我们需要快速运行游戏来悲伤卡通秃头眼镜我的世界服务 - ACK

EngineTheCommie V. Spas[edit | edit source]

On the 28th of September, a drama that had been building Since mid September had resulted in a court case. The drama begun when spas randomly started insulting EngineTheCommie for being a janny, resulting in Spas being stabbed a few times. The night before the case, Spas had complained about Engine to Doll, who didn't know what was going on and told law to deal with it, who also didn't know what was going on and Engine was banned and deopped until it would be resolved..

The case resulted in Engine regaining op and a settlement where Engine would stop harassing Spas and Spas would stop complaining about Engine every 10 seconds "which was broken 5 minutes later on /craft/."

Chudway Transit System[edit | edit source]

The beginnings of the Chudway illustratet by adolf_nigler sometime around febuary 2023 with a station from Chudville to Chudlandia. At some point, a 2x1 rail line was dug to chudgard, prusumably by one their citizens. In late may player DripvsMaximvs decided to furnish the rail line to be the same as the Chudvile/chudgard line. On 6/7/23 Dripvs made the first map to illustrate the subway in a similar way to the London Underground. It was at this time the Chudway name was born. As time went on more stations and revisions went by. In July Dripvs took a 2 month vacation to go make pipebombs in the woods (real and true do not investigate). He returned in August and made some progress and then took an unplanned break. for a month. Currently, the Chudway is undergoing another expansion phase to cover new spawn settlements. The Chudway currently has 7 lines serving 25 arrangens. Currently, there is ongoing construction to connect Cobgrod, Sidson, Feral Port, and Goyslopetrovsk to the network. The subway is free for all users and towns who wish to have a station. To get a station reach out to Dripvs and arrange your station. The Cudway's maximum reach is around 1k, any outside station can obtain a charter to connect themselves to the network.

Brittania[edit | edit source]

Brittania is a very large settlement north east of spawn. Founded on the 12th of June by EngineTheCommie, they are the largest spawn region on the server, stretching from chudgard all the way to Engine's old jungle base. They also like to do a little thing called "Enslavement" and have slaves in their territory of Afric building a statue of the leader along with giving their superiors materials at a moments notice, which is why the Africs still use iron gear. They have a history of crime and violence with multiple fights breaking out in random streets along with multiple players such as CHUD and REDbannana7519 being jumped, a large contributor to the crime is the local drug cartel, ran by REDbannana7519. A brutal fight broke out between the leader EngineTheCommie and REDbannana on the 24th of august due to REDbannana scamming Engine in a drug deal.

A brief depiction of EngineTheCommie

Buildings[edit | edit source]

In Brittania, there are a variety of government buildings such as the Kapitul and The Chudville Embassy. They also have many buildings under construction such as the previously mentioned Kapitul, The Hotel, The factory and a few more. They also have the Intersoy Cummy Bank and 38 residential homes, only 8 of which being completed and 4 of which sold to various players. Current buildings planned for future construction are: NHA HQ, COB, MOB and POB

Brittania is still after months in the phase of construction, please be patient :)

Newfag Housing Association[edit | edit source]

The Newfag Housing Association, also known as the NHA is a branch of the Brittanian government founded by EngineTheCommie on the 25th August. It was made while Engine was building some shelters for newfags next to the Chudville farm area and is designed to provide temporary refuge to newfags in various spawn regions instead of giving them a permanent place to live due to the problem of newfags settling then never coming back. There are also plans for an NHA HQ and construction will begin once a suitable spot is found.

Brittanian Rail Network[edit | edit source]

The unfinished Brittanian rail network, also known as BRN or Brittanian rail, is a railway network funded by the brittanian government. It is currently under construction and was made due to poor design of the Chudway. There are 3 people working on the project, EngineTheCommie, baritone and Fowlware. Unlike the chudway, the BRN has high speed rails and is designed for efficiency(.

(Outdated) Labelled faction map

Chudville[edit | edit source]

As of January 2023 A spawnbase called Chudville was started by user CHUD with total of 15 residents among them CHUD, Kogger1, Waterburgr, cobson, and newestGOD being the most active. It hosts various building like the Hall (also known as the Reichstag) with the secret TND bunker (YOU WILL NOT RESEARCH) a hot air balloon (now restored), the soyunity and a prison. There is also a variety of farms

Buildings:[edit | edit source]

Inside Chudville there are a variety of residential, government and commercial buildings. Notable buildings include the communal Soymunnity Center where resources are shared, a short metro that leads to Chudlandia (with a planned second stop to Chudgard), two embassies and a variety of new builds being worked on.

On the hill beside the main town resides New Little Dixie IT WAS NEVER CALLED THIS. It is the current home of CHUD.

There is also an area just outside of Chudville known as “KFCtown” named after the Kosher Fried Chicken restaurant that was built there. It is only partially completed due to the grief, with the only interesting thing remaining being the gravestone.

History:[edit | edit source]

AzzyTheAngel caught griefing chudville. Hacked clients were used which made stopping them impossible.

March 17: Due to a popular thread on /soy/ about the 'craft a tranny griefer joined to destroy the server. However he was so unbelievably incompetent that only a few wooden houses and the red amogus were damaged

Match 18: GeorgeFloydDotExe wanted to grief the server because he wanted reparations. He was later banned because 90% of people on the server would leave if Chudville and Chudlandia were to be griefed. On that day NO 'P Mysteriously appeared in the chests all throughout the Spawn region

Griefed completely by AzzyTheAngel on March 19, 2023. The reason was stated simply as "i was bored." Banned unceremoniously by the janny a few hours later on March 19, 2023.

LunaMedia is trapped

Saved here:

March 20: Janny installs the CoreProtect plugin, which means any griefs can now be undone, to the dismay of grieftroons.

On March 26, 2023, kuz and some others filled the area with frogs.

During an attempt at expansion of Chudville's borders, a piece of land north of the city was restored by CHUD, Carbonatorr, and several other players. After the full restoration, Carbonatorr declared the independence of a state called Sproke City on the restored territory. Both players then skirmished for a while until CHUD tried to jihad both of them with a respawn anchor. After he died he respawned in a far away base and left the server with his final words being "So this is how it ends" and "it's over". Most of CHUD's items were salvaged by Usnutt and burried at a discreet place. For weeks Chudville was left without a leader and the place has become an anarchic shithole once again. Not long after the Chudlandian V. Chudistan/Sproke City conflict, a prominent player named Waterburgr took power of the city in a majestic speech with the support of Chudlandia. Sproke City was later wiped off the map of Chudville under a janny's oversight and moved far from spawn.

On the 26th of May, LunaMedia (real name Gavin) gets encased in obby. The entire server celebrates. LunaMedia later escaped the trap and the users that trapped him were told by Angeleno not to trap people. LunaMedia was awaiting trial, but never showed. Gavin was later banned.

Journey to the World Border:[edit | edit source]

On the 26th of August, chudvillean citizen Der_Chude took upon an epic journey on the nether roof, consisting of hitting the AutoWalk and Flyhack keys and afking for 20 hours.

Three days later, he arrived at the X=5'000'000 mark in the overworld, where he built a soyak pixelart before getting itself mauled by a polar bear because respawning was faster than flying all the way back.

Propaganda commemorating the defeat of the griefertroons.
Easternmost 'jak in Soycraft with its builder, come and visit at X=5000000 Z=0. You WILL NOT grief it.

Chudlandia[edit | edit source]

Chudlandia, founded and lead by a CZECHGOD named Usnutt, is a neighbouring city state friendly to Chudville. Most of it's structures were built after February 2023 despite being founded in the middle of November 2022, making it older than Chudville. The state's population is distributed into various casts, the leader, the governors, the army and the slaves, most of which work in the Silesian coal mines. Chudlandia is well known for it's focus on expansion and forcing less developed settlements into their alliance which is LE GOOD since it benefits both parties or something.

Chudlandia is one of the more architecture-focused cities leaning more on an unified theme throughout the city. The leader's temple and the Chudlandian square, inspired by Greco-roman architecture form the centre of the city with the suburbs for newchuds to settle in the east. In the south lies the autonomous Silesian region where a big part of the state's industry is concentrated and where future expansions are planned. There is currently a reward for any Turkish person being captured in Chudlandia.

Most notable landmarks are the leader's temple, the Chudlandian square, Chudlandian spleef arena, and the Chudville Embassy. Chudlandia is separated from Chudville by a cobblestone wall to prevent too many refugees flooding the place. Right behind the wall are the Silesian coal mines for newly captured slaves to work in.

Battle of Chudlandia:[edit | edit source]

On February 4th, a player by the name of OskarDirlewanger attacked Chudlandia's suburbs and it's surroundings with a flint and steel but was quickly stopped by Usnutt and lavatrapped in one of the houses. Later that day he tried to free himself using alt accounts which he eventually accomplished while everyone was distracted by a 2b2t tranny setting up a lag machine.

Oskar was later killed in the morning of February 5th and ultimately gave up. The same happened to the 2b2t tranny when xe was found lurking around the Chudlandian border.

March 19th incident:[edit | edit source]

Chudlandia was the second base to be griefed by Azzy right after Chudville, but due to the lack of resource planning from the griefer it wasn't damaged as badly as Chudville and the reconstruction of all the damaged buildings was possible.

The aftermath was the diaspora of most residents of the two cities. Chudville and Chudlandia were shortly abandoned, then, not long after, restoration of the cities began.

A river dividing the Chudlandian suburbs and land taken by Argentina

The Silesian Uprising[edit | edit source]

The Silesian uprising was a conflict between the Silesian separatists and Chudlandia. After a declaration of independence, the leader of Silesia captured rapeson's forest, the Chudlandian border checkpoint and a border bunker. The Chudlandian beer hall was also griefed in the process. The Chudlandian leader has quickly stepped in and buck broke the uprising's leader forcing him to work for him as the governor of the newly established Silesian autonomous region which was put under Chudlandian oversight and was mandated to pay war reparations in coal.

After the uprising was crushed, there were multiple attempts by another separatist to liberate Silesia from Chudlandian rule but all of those were crushed almost immediately.

Relations with the south[edit | edit source]

To the south of Chudlandia's region Silesia lie the two towns of Brap Farm and Goyslopetrovsk, both of which have full support from Chudlandia in the conflicts they may find themselves in.

Westfallen[edit | edit source]

The Despotate of Westfallen, founded 3/11/2023 by theserialrapist, is a newly-estabilished, developing, neutral state with it's only current city and capital placed on an island. Currently, it's only notable structure is the Grand Palace of Westfallen. As of now, it has a population of 3, led by it's founder as an absolute monarch (despot).

Westfallen's Grand Palace, residence of the despot and his court, currently under construction

Other Settlements and Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Chudgard's Reichstag II seen from Chudgardstrasse

Chudgard: A medium-sized settlement east of Chudville, in the foothills of Mount Coal. There is currently a Reichstag building similar to the one in Chudville, though Beit much larger, and contains offices for all prominent soytizens. Dr. Soyberg and his intern, Dr. Cobstein have a health clinic in town. Chudgard's main export product is flowers derivative dyes.

Zartytown: A small settlement near Brap farm that is currently under development. Founded by Zaryans[7]. As it is still a work in progress, there are no interesting locations yet. The Zaryans (inhabitants of Zartytown) become hostile at the mention of BBC. Has good relations with the lawmaker of Goyslopetrovsk (Spas)

Silesia: An autonomous region under the control of Chudlandia, located next to (formerly) Rapeson's forest. Interesting locations include a large mine, a keyed kike-free bank and a bar where the drinking age is 11. The currency of the town is copper. There's also an unfinished Citadel from Half-Life 2 and classic "Kamienica" block.

One of silesian propaganda pieces "Head not rock"
"Welcome to silesia" a welcoming poster

Coaltown: a jungle base founded by NoID_eas, a Chudville rapefugee who fled after his shit got griefed. Has a lot of coal deposits, hence the name. Landmarks include the OCEC[8] headquarters and a museum. It currently has four members as well as Usnutt who often visits. In addition to its core territories in Coaltown they also maintain a protectorate called Acaciaville (a small acacia village) which has a canal leading to the ocean.

Frogtown: a solo base built by a frogposter. It is also Coaltown's closest neighbour with the two having a road to one-another's bases. Their iconic landmark is a massive Pepe head.

ScalyHQ: The base of user baritone, has a large dinosaur statue along with many farms and a large villager area. Its nether portal has a defense mechanism that can be disabled for baritone to go through to the nether.

Soob HQ: An underground base located in the ruins of spawn. Used to be the only city state with a "democratic" government on the server but was abandoned during its construction phase. After a failed coup attempt by a frogshitter the place was put under Chudlandian protection for preservation.

Sproke City: A livable, walkable utopia where everyone owned nothing and were happy. Later annexed into Chudville and destroyed by mob rule. Sproke City was moved somewhere else by request of Carbonatorr, the owner, later on to prohibit any more aggression with Chudville or Chudlandia.

Brap Farm: A Romanian medieval style village inhabited by two gypsies located south of Chudlandia. The farm has the highest number of livestock in the region as well as a good amount of crops. Due to its location, the place came under Chudlandian influence not long after its founding.

The fur museum.

Fur Museum: A museum that was heavily talked about by some users at the time. Built March 23, 2023. Contained a large amount of obscene furry porn images. Was griefed by Carbonatorr less than a day later. Saved here--minus the paintings. Was considered to be the worst build to exist on Soycraft.

Croaktopia: A small settlement founded by Croaksalot, currently under Brittanian protection. As the name suggests, there are a lot of croaky bois also known as "frogs."

Dirt City: Dirt city is a colany for Brittania. It was founded by ChuddyChuffy, the servers local 10 year old and is made entirely out of dirt, oak wood and cobblestone.

Cobtown: A small vanilla town founded by Cobby that is currently at the northern end of the Coal Line. Formerly known as Cobtopia, it has watery canals similar to Venice and sports a church, goyslop cafe, TND library, an office building and a mining facility. A community center and brewery are also under construction. CANCELED DUE TO 'CORD ATTACKS

Afric: Afric is an autonomous Brittanian territory in northern Brittania. It is currently under semi-control of a slave named Clucks12 and has some gemmy buildings such as the BBC and the Engine Statue. They used to be named Africa before the Brittanians revoked the rights to the second a in their name.

Cobgorod: Cobgorod is a settlement on Brittanias eastern border. Founded by cobson, they are friendly to newfags and have multiple important buildings. The day after EngineTheCommie became a janny, he built a Brittanian embassy in the region to spread Brittanian architecture even further.

Goyslopetrovsk: Goyslopetrovsk is a relatively small settlement identified by its trad building style, its located next to the brap farm. Founded by a chud named KvasikTarasik19, It has an automated smeltery, a museum, a work-in-progress railway, a gem mine, a hospital, and a lot of other gimmick architecture. There is NO weed farm in there. Meds.

Rapeson's Lair: A vast, underground fortress where the mysterious "Cult of Cob" is said to gather. Nobody can find it (even doe they're supposedly building this above it).

Village Center
Auvergnia Mining Town

Gallic Agrarian State: The Gallic Agrarian State is a federation of 3 villages , originally founded by a chud Griefer .The village was later seized by two players named CobsonHWABAG and Impish , it is identifiable by its dark wood building style, it is located in some random shithole surrounded by dark wood forests, jungle and desert. The population is at ~48 people (villagers) with wooden and stone buildings.12th November 2023 the village was invaded by a Nigger named DED1SHEEP who tought the village was abandoned ,he proceeded to change all signs killed all villagers and made the village a dictatorship named "New Gallia".Homever the regime was short lived since the morning after ,CobsonHWABAG came back and repaired the place,hours later jannies came and respawned the villagers.A second settlement was created on the 13th of November 2023 called "Auvergnia Mining town".On the 16th of November 2023 a third settlement was built named the "Gergovia Farmlands".

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