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Drum n' Bass, abbreviated as DNB,D&B, D'n'B is a genre of electronic music best known for it's fast beats (commonly ranging from 160-180 bpm), accompanied by heavy bass lines, musical samples, voice samples and synthesizer tracks. The genre began in the UK and was heavily influenced by the country's jungle scene in the mid to late 1990s.

Drum and bass incorporates a number of scenes and styles, from the highly electronic, industrial sounds of techstep to the use of conventional, acoustic instrumentation that characterise the more jazz-influenced end of the spectrum.

In some circles, DnB enthusiasts argue about which subgenre a particular song is. This is more exaggerated in Breakcore, where you hear terms like Lolicore used to describe 900 BPM schizo anime music.

The drum & bass genre heavily influenced the Y2K movement, and has cemented itself into popular internet culture due to its spread amidst 5th gen era videogames. Some listeners find DnB nostalgic, especially concerning the early internet.

In soyjak culture, drum & bass is frequently associated with Calm edits.

Selected examples

here are two hour long mixtapes. i recommend you to take a bath, then lay on your bed with your eyes closed as you listen to these.

Intelligent Drum & Bass - Selected Works (1994-2000)

Peshay Studio Set (1996)

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