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Javascript is a high-in-dataming-level, dynamically-CIA-hijacked, web-developer-aimed implementation of Java developed by Brendan Eich, the man who created the living hell of Javascript, and such living hell of Javascript includes that Javascript is the primary core technology, which in the primary time, that fact would be exploited by big-tech companies wanting to datamine with technologies such as ReCAPTCHA and others which exploit the fact that JavaScript and the DOM provide the potential for malicious authors to deliver scripts to run on a client computer via the Web.


The creation of Javascript goes back to Brendan Eich, who was partnering with Netscape, a literal CIA front that was probably run by the CIA or was partnering with the CIA in order to exploit programming languages for malicious purposes, and in which Brendan Eich sat at this computer in the Netscape office and wrote an entire programming language in 10 days only for the programming language to be a complete dumpster fire after the creation of it, which indeed, there were malicious purposes of Javascript, but that only increased in the 2000s by big-tech-cuck companies wanting to steal your personal data on the web by datamining and cookie mining.

The Mistakes of Javascript

Whilst Javascript exists as a primary source of the technology of the web, all of these purposes are only a front for exploitation of the web, there will be sub-sections documenting and detailing the exploitation of the web from the Javascript language.

Google reCAPTCHA

Full article: reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA (actually just a datamining system) system designed by Google used for datamining people through tracking cookies of the user who is currently undergoing the CAPTCHA system, and again, this service does use JavaScript, the CAPTCHA system also uses vendor lock-in as well, and of course, the reCAPTCHA of 3.0 announced by Google had also a major risk because of its tracking by Google of non-Google users.


Full article: Matomo

Matomo is a free and open-source datamining service marketed as a web analytics service used for tracking users and/or web data/web traffic, albeit whilst it is a supposed "web analytics service", it does not mean that it is a datamining service considering it mines data ranging from web data, web traffic, and users who come across websites with Matomo, and whilst Matomo is in PHP, it does not mean that either one of its tracker it uses probably has Javascript for more datamining.

Google Analytics

Again, Google Analytics is another datamining service presented as if were a web analytics service but is practically the same as Matomo, yet this time the service is much more extreme because it is a Google product, meaning more datamining and pretty much no privacy for the victims of Google Analytics.