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This page is about the old official 1.17 Minecraft server, for the unofficial dead 1.16.5 server see Sojacraft Minecraft Server, and for the current server see Soyjak.Party Minecraft Server

Sootcraft was a 1.17 soyjak-themed Minecraft created by Soot, it was intended to be a successor to the older SojaCraft.

Unlike the older server, this one is hosted by Soot rather than a basic free plan meaning the server is up 24/7 without having to manually renew it

Server IP:

The server's world download was lost to time and this was confirmed by soot himself.

How To Escape Spawn

  1. Make sure NiggerSmash1488 (not to be confused with 14nate_higgers88) [1] [Who?] isn't online or else you will get fucked by her sharpness V netherite sword
  2. Get wood
  3. Get stone
  4. Get iron
  5. Mine the diamond blocks you may find

Notable Landmarks

  • The giant lavacast
  • 1488 made out of obsidian
  • Swastika made out of diamonds and obsidian
  • Troonjaks in the nether
  • x0 z0 boat