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This page is a gem.

This article is about how an average 'teen can archive gems because nothing on the internet is permanent, and less so on the sharty!

Public archive sites

You can submit a URL to these sites and view it later.

If you want to be handheld see: Archiving/ tutorial

DO NOT exclusively use a single 'chive to save webpages. It’s recommended to ‘chive pages via multiple means, otherwise if an archive suddenly disappears or deletes our pages like did, your archive doesn't become lost media. Two citations don't hurt.


Local archiving

Truly nothing on the internet is permanent, not even archive sites. That's why it's important to save stuff (e.g. images, videos, and even entire webpages) to your local hard drive and to preferably make backups. You can use special software for this part.

  • Ctrl+S on your browser - Works fine on Vichan, however may break if the filename is too large.
  • Singlefile extension (Chrome/Firefox) - Good overall. Saves the page as you see it in one .html file. Saves full images if you open them.


  • ArchiveBox allows you to run your own website archiver locally (can also apparently import from browser bookmarks or history).
  • yt-dlp - Download videos from YouTube and many other sites.
  • Hayden - Newgen imageboard archiving software.
  • >he doesn't have a custom-programmed live sharty-compatible vichan archiver >shiggy saving individual threads

Lost archives

There have been three separate incidents in which where the sharty lost access to archives.

The first was when the logwarehouse shut down on June 5, 2023, which caused a massive loss of images from late November 2022 to early June 2023. Though the images of the Log Warehouse were lost, the textual content has been archived and is available as a torrent.

The second time was when the sharty was excluded from the Wayback Machine on December 13th after they were snitched on, unleashing a catastrophic loss of 10,000+ archives, especially ones from the early days of the site. Most of these were only archived on Wayback Machine and are now permanently lost.

The third time was when went down, but you'd expect we wisened up by the third time it happened.


Particularly important threads, like Q&As, are also sometimes archived by moderators on-site on /chive/.

Shinny archive

Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER. was a replacement for now defunct Log Warehouse based on Hayden. While it is fast and simple, it unfortunately lacks any sort of search features. It is also recommended that you archive particularly important threads manually.

4chan archives

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