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Captain Cob

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cobby cob

Captain Cob
Occupation#COBGANG hooligan
Years activeJuly 23rd, 2023
Best known forCoup against the sharty, warning Doll about security issues
TitleAdmin (de-facto)
Political partyCaptain Coalism
TripcodeCobson ##Allah

On July 23rd, 2023, someone going by the name of Cobson, (colloquially referred to as Captain Cob) also claiming to be the Islamic abrahamic Allah, assumed control of in a coup d'état while Doll was transferring a site to a new codebase. The sharty was turned into a radical fundamentalist website.

oh my favci this is the second coming of Captain Coal !!

Course on the incident

On 6am EST an admin account called Cobson ## Allah made a post saying that Doll fucked up the transfer during the same time colorbot was wiping the catty. Later a header was added saying "Before you ask, no, I will not fuck up the Sharty."[1] (which changes to "NIGGAS COALY THOUGH COBSON GOT THE GEMMY THOUGH" in the web archive)

Shortly after that the header and the thread are deleted, flartGOD starts to spam the catty instead of colorbot, and Cobson posted an open message to Doll on /q/.[2] Two hours later, his admin privileges got revoked. [3]