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A range-'nishment is a type of punishment handed down by 4chan moderators. Unlike a normal 'nishment, a range of several IP addresses associated with a user is blocked from posting preemptively. This is needed to 'nish some users whose internet connections assign IP addresses dynamically. A range-'nishment may only apply to certain boards.



There is a popular conspiracy theory claiming that moderators are intentionally trigger-happy when issuing range-'nishments because it will force more posters to purchase a 4chan pass.

The range-'nishment system in general has been criticized because innocent users who happen to share an ISP with rule-breaking posters become 'nished despite having done nothing wrong.

Sometimes entire countries or large swathes of them are range'nished, usually Finland[1][2][3][4] and India,[5][6][7] as part of the temporary extended length global rules to fight spam and build back better. Denmark was range'nished temporarily when a Danish /pol/ user spammed flat earth infographics redpills for several weeks.


They will never range'nish Israel.



Completely prevents posting. OP posts, image/file replies, and text replies are blocked.

Uploading files

Blocks any posts that have a file, which also includes new threads since they require an image/file. Thanks moot.

Creating new threads

Prevents the IP range from creating new OPs. Users of the range can still post images/files in replies to other threads.