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This user's favourite soyjak variant is Feraljak.

About Me

Schizo guy that used to regularly contribute to the 'ki. Joined Sharty in late 2022. Fell out during the Soypocalypse, but I do like what Froot is doing. Made a few jaks that (You) might use.

I'm a Christian, but my ways of handling it are unorthodox and inexplicable. This is probably one of the reasons I don't browse sharty as much. It could also be my anhedonia.

I do think you should read the four gospels, or read Gospel of John, then Book of Acts. It could possibly change your life, especially if you're honest in your heart. How grievous is it to forgive others?


Wrote most of what is now the Soydoom article and developed the mod in the months following its cord shutting down.

GEM 'JAKKER AWARD AWARDED BY : Faucismostdisloyalsoldjer (thanks for polishing my page doe)

Some Articles I Created:

Also did some article polishing with varying levels of contributions.

I'm also on the Soysylum Wiki

I'm also on the Booru

I'm also on the Shlog